Zetta Marie’s Patisserie: The Story of Successful Deaf Pastry Chef!

Hi, I am Rosetta
and this is my sign name. I am the owner of Zetta
Marie’s Patisserie. I specialize in
European bakery and here’s all of my 3 degrees. I own this bakery that I operate
in the basement of my home. I remember when my mom asked me
what I wanted to be and what I wanted to do when I grow up. I told my mom,
“I don’t know. I’m deaf. I don’t know.” She
lost it. She was like, “No! You can be
whatever you want to be. Not because you’re only
deaf, no. You can succeed. You can do anything that a
normal hearing person can do!” So, I thought a lot
about it and said, “Fine. I want to cook and go to a
culinary school.” My mom said, “Fine. Go to a culinary
school!” And then the rest is… history as you can see. I’m making a Strawberry
shortcake so… it’s something special and
everyone seems to love it. It’s a very popular dessert. The goal is that everyone has,
as is my favorite thing to say, an orgasmic experience once
you take a bite of my cake. That’s what I’m looking
forward to…seeing everyone have that experience and
say that it tastes SO GOOD. I’d always enjoyed baking
with my grandma…growing up we always baked together. I realized that baking was
really my thing, my passion because I just enjoyed it. When I bake, I don’t
think about anything else. I mean…it keeps my
problems on the outside. I bake with love. That’s all I can say. That’s my dream, my
passion…I don’t think about anything else. My favorite color, as
you can see, is purple. See all this? I can’t help it. For a long time, many people
always tell me I wouldn’t be successful. I won’t make it. Whether it was because I’m
deaf or black or a female. So, I just took
all that in stride. I said, “Fine” and decided
to take their negativity and turn it into a positive for me. It kept me
motivated and kept going. I’ve succeeded. I made it. Eventually, I want
to open and expand. I want to own my own restaurant,
a resort and a hotel that provides easy access
for all deaf people. That’s my goal.
Staying hopeful! Soon! Happy birthday to YOU! It’s his birthday. They’ve decided to have an early
celebration for his birthday. Thumbs up. Delicious!
Better than all the others. It’s GOOD. I like it! Healthy! Thumbs up…ehh…just kidding! Thumbs up! I want to tell
you…You CAN DO IT! You can succeed!
You WILL make it! You CAN do it.
Look at me. I own a business! See? Captioned by www.DPAN.com

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