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hello this is chef john from food wishes
comma with yorkshire pudding that’s right as a child growing up I loved
pudding so it was a little bit of a shock to me when I came across Yorkshire
pudding mostly because it wasn’t pudding but then I learned how the British
people call almost everything pudding including sometimes even actual pudding
but anyway while not the sweet dessert it might sound like this savory pastry
cooked in rendered beef fat is incredibly delicious and super simple to
make so with that let’s go ahead and get started with a very basic batter which
will begin with four large eggs and what we’ll do here is toss in a nice big
pinch of salt and then whisk these vigorously for a few minutes until we
have something that’s light in color and very frothy and hopefully looking a
little something like this and then what we’ll do once that’s been accomplished
is stop and add our flour just regular all-purpose flour plus some whole milk
and then we will continue whisking until the mixture is extremely smooth and lump
free and yes you can definitely use a blender for this but then you’ll have to
clean it plus you don’t get the exercise from stirring manually which according
to my calculations will burn as many calories as one of these Yorkshire
puddings contains although I should mention I’m basing that on no facts or
actual studies or tests but simply on feelings which apparently these days is
all you need but either way like I said we’re gonna
mix this until completely smooth and lump free and what you should be ending
up with is a very very thin batter that will just barely coat the back of a
spoon and by the way if you do this and you
see little chunks of flour on the back of the spoon keep whisking and that’s it
once our batter is done we can go ahead and transfer that into some kind of
portable container at which point we have a little bit of controversy okay
some folks say you can use this straightaway while others insist it must
be refrigerated before you use it which i think is probably not a bad idea
although truth be told I have tried it both ways and didn’t notice a huge
difference and then once that set we can move on to the next step which is to
cook a prime rib or any kind of fatty beef for that matter since traditionally
it’s these drippings in which we cook our Yorkshire pudding
and what I did was strain that into a bowl and once refrigerated it’s gonna
look like this are a very light in color and quite hard and firm and then if
we’re now using it fresh right after we roast our beef what we’ll have to do is
go ahead and warm this up which I did in the microwave to get it back to its
liquefied form at which point we can use that and whatever Pam we’re going to use
for this which for me is just gonna be this basic muffin tin and how much
exactly depends on who you talk to all right some people think like a teaspoon
is fine while others will fill this like a quarter of the way up all right
personally I go with about a tablespoon but suit yourself
I mean you are after all the Bojo of which way to go but I will say that the
more fat you use the more flavorful these are not to mention the exteriors
are gonna get a little crispier and then besides just spooning some of that in we
will also take our finger and grease the sides on top as well
which reminds me try to use a nonstick muffin pan for this okay I actually
don’t have one and I’m not sure why but the nonstick are a little safer as these
can tend to stick a little bit at the bottom although it’s usually not too bad
and you can fairly easily pry them out but I thought I’d mention it anyway just
in case you have a nonstick and then what we’ll do as soon as those are
greased is go ahead and transfer those into the center of a 400 degree oven for
about 10 to 15 minutes or until our rendered beef fat is smoking hot and
know we didn’t forget to put the batter in all right one of the secrets to
Yorkshire pudding is to add the batter into the really hot fat so as soon as
that comes out we’ll go ahead and pour our batter in as quickly as possible by
the way which is why I’m not gonna have time to change the camera angle and
we’re gonna fill these just about past halfway and then once those are filled
we’ll go ahead and add whatever else we have left and distribute it here and
there wherever we think it’s needed but don’t take too long
like I’m doing here because we really do want to get these back in the oven as
soon as we can which is the last and final step so once those are set we’ll
go ahead and transfer those back into the center of our 400 degree oven for
about 25 minutes or so or until beautifully browned and extremely puffed
at which point we will immediately take a knife
and poke a hole in the top of each one to release the steam okay some of them
are gonna form a natural event but for the ones we don’t we will make sure we
poke a hole to release the steam otherwise what will happen is he’s cool
as a vacuum will form and they will kind of get sucked in and shrunken down which
they will sort of anyway but by poking that hole and releasing the steam they
will not collapse as much and that’s it we’re gonna want to serve these as soon
as we can and I’ll go ahead and taste one of the smaller or less impressive
looking ones they did as predicted stick a little bit at the bottom and by the
way if you use a spoon you could get that loose in like two seconds but if
you want it to take much longer go ahead and use the point of a small knife but
anyway I got it loose in torreón fur taste and these really do have such an
interesting texture since the outside is kind of crusty and
crispy while the inside stays more tender and custardy and yes this was way
too hot to eat but I did it anyway and you really do want to serve these as
fast as you can okay traditionally right next to your meat smothered in whatever
gravy or sauce you’re using which because I’m doing this on a different
day I did not have but wish I did but anyway I went ahead and toss those in a
basket so I could take some pictures of course placing the best-looking ones on
top and then went in for another taste because even plane these are very very
good so that is your basic Yorkshire pudding cooked in a muffin tin but if
you want you could do the exact same procedure but use a larger popover pan
like this with twice as much batter in it which will give us the same product
only much larger and more impressive looking so if you do have one of these
popover pans that’s a great way to go oh and by the way just for fun I ended up
cooking one more batch in the popover pan but I did not poke the holes to
release the steam and as you can see after just a few minutes that vacuum
created inside while these cool pulls everything in word into a much denser
more compact pudding okay it’s sort of similar I guess to what happens in space
with a black hole or as they call it in Britain black pudding but anyway just a
little bonus footage in case that happens to you and it really won’t
affect the flavor you’ll just lose that beautiful cavity inside speaking of
which if you have any of these things left over
especially the bigger versions they are perfect to open up and fill with some
kind of beautiful meat salad in my case some cubed up leftover prime rib that I
dressed with some mayonnaise and sour cream and horseradish and chive and
black pepper and a little pinch of salt and there was one other thing oh yeah
touch of cayenne and I went ahead and finished that off with a little black
pepper and that my friends was just a magnificent sandwich like experience and
by sandwich I think I mean pudding but anyway that’s it my take on Yorkshire
pudding whether you’re roasted and prime rib for the holidays and want to give
these a try with the rendered fat or do them with some kind of equally delicious
fats I still really do hope you give these a try soon so head over to food
which is calm for all the ingredient amounts of more info as usual and as
always enjoy you

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