winnie the pooh bear cake how to with icing / no fondant

Hi everyone thanks for watching my video today i want to show you how
to make the lovely pooh bear cake thanks in advance for liking,
sharing and commenting my video this will be the result for the winnie pooh cake we need
a 3 layers flan cake have a look to my other videos
to see how to make this flan cake for this cake i print out this template i will upload this to my facebook site later place now the template on to the cake and cut it out don’t be afraid that you have to much cut outs
i will show you in other videos what you can do with them
and i already have the rose cake video which i
made from cut outs you can put them into the freezer if you like now put two layers aside and use only one layer to get a 3D effect lets cout out some
parts from the template the left leg the left arm and both ears lets start here and place the template on top of the the first layer
and cut also the leg now go on with the arm cut it and cut it out also from the cake and finally same with the ears now place the first layer onto a cake plate use baking paper under the cake
to keep the plate clean spread now cake cream on top if u like put some fruits on top as well make it smooth now place the second cake layer make the sides also smooth now spread again cake cream
excepting the ears part the legs and the arm there we will use whipped cream later again some fruits make it smooth again also the sides and place the last layer that one without the leg, arm and ears make the sids smooth again to keep the right form now lets use whipped cream i used ready powder
which i mixed with cold milk and
i got it from the supermarket you can see the description at the backside now we add yellow food colour i like the icing colors from wilton i allways order them from internet ? just a little is enough to get it colored now spread the yellow whipping cream make it smooth to make the arm and the shirt a little higher cut it first out from the template and make a new layer from the cut outs so lets do i seperate the template into three parts
as i dont have a cake which fits the size ok thats it now place them to the right place and cover it wit cake cream now refrigerate it at least for two hours after cooling we draw the lines by using a toothpick
and watching to the template i start here with the eyebrows now we can start to decorate and we need a piping
syringe with a star nozzle and a nozzle like
this one with this one you can make wide lines now fill the piping syringe with black whipping cream and use this nozzle to make lines draw the lines now go on with the lines also at the sides now use red whipping cream with the wide lines nozzle and make here the line now change the nozzle and use the star one and decorate the shirt to see the black lines better lets draw them again decorate the tongue fill the piping syringe with yellow whipping cream
and use the star nozzle and decorate the rest of the cake now i do the black lines again and also make the mouth black the cake is done hope you enjoyed it thanks again for watching so hope to see you in my next video…
byeeeeee 🙂

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