Wilton Decorating Airbrush Techniques | Baking & Treats | Michaels

Wilton Decorating Airbrush Techniques | Baking & Treats | Michaels

Hello, I’m Emily and I work in the
decorating room here at Wilton. Today I’m going to show you three techniques that
you can use with the Wilton Airbrush, available only at Michaels. First we’re going to add some color and sheen to these hydrangea blossoms. Squeeze a couple of drops of blue Airbrush color into the color cup. First turn on the air pump. Then pull the airflow
lever to spray color. Completely cover the flowers by spraying in a
steady back and forth motion. Next we’re going to use the airbrush over Wilton
Stick and Stay stencils to create a pretty pattern that we can then use to
decorate a cookie. On white fondant that has been rolled out one-sixteenth of an
inch, apply the stencil and then spray on a medium speed with pink Airbrush color. To add a little extra shading, spray some purple to a few
sections of the stencil. Allow the color to dry for about a minute. Then peel off
the stencil and you’re left with a great design. Use a round cutter to cut out the
pattern and attach it to a cookie using a little piping gel. Lastly I’m gonna
show you an easy way to make clouds or mountains for your cake. Take a soft
paper towel and gently tear it into random wavy strips or pieces. Use different
pieces to create different shapes. Repeat with the next color, pink. And now you
have a lovely cloudy sunset. Now wasn’t that easy? There are tons of fun things
you can do with the Wilton Airbrush and Airbrush colors, available exclusively at
Michaels. Try it on fondant, buttercream gumpaste or royal icing.

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  1. The one thing I don't like is that the machine vibrates too much and I have to make sure it's not too close to the edge of the table.

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