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  1. hi GMM, i recommend you to choose top 10 foods in GMM , like will it throwbacks and rate it. after than those foods can be featured on the other version of ur video which u can remake it via the expensive version

  2. Rhett it's time to tame the beard man! I bought my husband a heated beard straightener and its looks incredible! Maybe give that a try?😜🙏🙏

  3. We’re you two ever in a series called Epic Rap Battles Of History in Nerd vs Geek and Artists vs The Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles

  4. When Rhett was hyping himself up i felt like his eyes were following me no matter where i was looking he was watching lol

  5. I’ll admit I’ve definitely made grilled cheese ramen before. Basically the same way. The cheese mixes with the broth and makes the weirdest most delicious thing ever.

  6. I think it's awesome how 'will it' is almost so sacred that Rhett and Link always do whatever they can to keep the final rounds down. I feel so bad when Link regurgitates the food back up but still tries to power through it. 😅

  7. I love how passing qualifications of a “will it” food has changed over time to “do we really like it?” where it used to just be “is it edible in any way?”
    they’ve come so far <3 lol

  8. Can we talk about Rhett’s hair-line? It’s not bad because he hair line reminds me of Vegetas hair line, And that’s good!

  9. Is it just me or does it seem like they do get along like they use to like the myth buster guys where they hated each other but stayed together for the show?

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