Where to eat in Ottawa 🍁 Le Germain Hotel, Rowan Restaurant, Fairouz

Where to eat in Ottawa 🍁 Le Germain Hotel, Rowan Restaurant, Fairouz

(metal tapping) – Ooh, do you like my yellow socks? Hello my friends, welcome back to Ottawa. We’re here for the weekend. A glamorous weekend starting
with a fancy dinner outing. Actually, make it two. Most likely a spa tomorrow morning, but then first and foremost a stress test of the sleeping facilities
at Le Germain Hotel. Yep! My people are taking over
la capitale nationale (the capital) and I’m here to prove to the world that they have the most comfortable bed. I mean, come and check this out. Look at this.
(quirky music) It’s a cloud-like heavenly cocoon. And the pillow. Really fluffy pillow, haaah hooo! (quirky music) It’s going to be a good
night of sleep ahead. But more than just the bed
this room is pretty epic. Can I just show you have
magnificent this room is? That’s the bed. This is the shower. (upbeat hip hop music) For context, this is the bed and this middle unit is the shower. Yep. This thing is like a walk-in closet. Oh shoot.
(water dripping) Ooh, I think these are heating floors. Or is it in my head? Okay (sighs). (upbeat hip hop music) (upbeat hip hop music) I should stop because I’ll ruin my dinner. (upbeat hip hop music) (upbeat hip hop music) Huh? Also, nothing gets left behind. (lively jazz music) Hello Friends! (pedestrians chattering)
(lively jazz music) (restaurant goers laughing) – [Staff] Right this way. – Thank you! (lively hip hop music) Wow! (restaurant goers chatting) – So I’m the fussy one. When we walked in we got, like, the best table in the restaurant
but then Isaw the bar. The bar is always the
best place in the house. I mean, it’s Dan and us tonight. – True, true. – [Man] How is this Turkish Breakfast? I’m making one of these right now. So, we use maple syrup. It has a bit of a spice to it. (lively hip hop music)
(restaurant goers chattering) – Fig, fee? – [Man] Fig. – Fig (laughter). (relaxing bass music)
(restaurant goes chattering) Are you supposed to eat this? – [Wait Staff] you can for sure. I like to eat it. It’s kind of a choose
your own adventure thing. – Oh. Ooh! – Compliments from the kitchen. We’ve got our fresh cumin, potatoes. – [An] Mmm. – [Wait Staff] Well it’s a Muhammara. It’s a roasted red pepper based dip. – Pardon my reach. I’m just gonna sneak
in our Judi Artichoke. It’s chopped with harissa. It’s a red pepper based sauce. – [An] Yum! – Thank you.
– Thank you. (upbeat hip hop music) Oh, this thing has garlic. Pomegranate and garlic is– – Don’t speak with your mouth full. (restaurant goers chattering)
(goofy slow drum music) – Pomegranate and garlic is
a freakin’ delicious mix. (restaurant goers chattering)
(goofy slow drum music) – It’s very good. – [An] Do you ever smile? – No. (upbeat hip hop music) – [Wait Staff explains dish] (mumbles). – Whew! Oh. (upbeat hip hop music) Get some foam before it de-foamed. (upbeat hip hop music)
(restaurant goers chattering) It has a little bit of cumin, doesn’t it? (upbeat hip hop music)
(restaurant goers chattering) – That is very good. – Does it have a little
bit of cumin in it? – [Wait Staff] Yeah. – Ha! (bell ringing) Yeah (laughter)!
– See, good palate – All right.
– Wow! What is that? – This is the Herbed Rabbit. – [An] Whoa. – So we serve that with a red chermoula. The red sauce you see there. Underneath the rabbit is moghrabieh, a moroccan form of couscous. And on top are pickled shallots
and toasted barberries. Hope you enjoy.
– Thank you. – [Man] Thank you. – [An] Are you still hungry? – Yeah. (cheerful techno music) – Hey! (cheerful techno music) That’s a fast breakfast. (cheerful techno music) (An groaning) (cheerful techno music) Would you like some coffee? (cheerful techno music) You have saliva on your lips. Actually, I think it’s toothpaste. (popping notification tone) (cheerful guitar music) (An exhaling deeply) (silverware clinking) What? Mm. I had a delightful sleep. (An humming) But we’re about to get even more relaxed because we’re heading to the largest Nordic spa in North America, Nordik Spa. I mean, their branding is on point, right? They don’t allow for filming inside, so I’m gonna put some B roll and probably just copy and
paste my face on it. Enjoy. (speaking foreign language) – Our first pool. – Why don’t you jump into it? I think this is the cold section. (Man laughing jokingly) (calming piano music) (car engine revving) Whoa, that was relaxing, eeeeeee. So on top of all the
bath, and the waterfalls, they have this Kalla Treatment. It’s literally this gigantic salt bath where you just lay down and float. They claim that if you meditate there for 45 minutes it’s the equivalent of your muscles sleeping for three hours. So, I’m a spaghetti right now. Ooh, yes! That’s where we’re going. (quirky high energy music) (popping notification tone)
(quirky high energy music) – [Immanuel] What we’re gonna get, right? – [Man] What food we’re gonna get. (quirky high energy music) (upbeat rhythmic hip hop music) – Here it is, the Albarino for you! – [Immanuel] All right, well. – [Man] So what’s special about this wine? – So– – Apparently Sophie
Trudeau’s favorite wine or one of her favorite wines ’cause I would supposed that a First Lady would have multiple favorite wines, right? – [Man] But do you approve? – Yeah. I mean, I still want my citizenship. (Man laughing) (upbeat rhythmic hip hop music) A bit of context. We have our two friends tonight for our second fancy dinner in Ottawa. He just took out his glasses,
he’s ready for presentations. – I am. I’m very excited about tonight. I’m excited about the meal.
– Ohh! – My name’s Immanuel and
I’m originally from Toronto. (Man laughing) (upbeat rhythmic hip hop music) – [Man] And nothing for you (laughter). – [Trevor] We have a red
and green color scheme. Happy Christmas! – [Together] Ohhh! – [Wait Staff] Tuna Tataki,
you’ve got your olive. (upbeat rhythmic hip hop music) – [Man] She’s a hand model again? Take two, take two, take two. (upbeat rhythmic hip hop music) – [Immanuel] Is it bomb? – Ooh! The center is, like, buttery. Smooth! – [Man] Yeah, try the carrots, they’re sweet but pickled. – [Trevor] Yep. – [An] Oh, they’re good, aren’t they? – Sweet and savory. (upbeat rhythmic hip hop music) – Mm. – Oh, this is really good. – [Immanuel] Also they’re sauces. (upbeat rhythmic hip hop music) – Oh!
– Ooh! – [Wait Staff] Oh yes! – [An] Those look amazing! Thank you.
– Wow, that’s a– – Wow!
– Oh my goodness! – The peace, the resistance
are right here gentlemen. – [Man] Yeah, good luck eating that– – [Immanuel] Wow. – [Trevor] It looks like a storyboard, it looks like something you’d see out of– – [Man] Look at the size
of that Yorkshire pudding. Mm, oh my God.
– Wow. – [Man] Mm-hmm, it’s shredded beef surrounded by pork. – Mm. – [Man] And this gravy is… (upbeat rhythmic hip hop music) – Yum. (upbeat rhythmic hip hop music) (popping notification tone) (upbeat rhythmic hip hop music) Whoa! – I love that too. (upbeat rhythmic hip hop music) (popping notification tone) This sauce is amazing. – [Man] The one you had before. – Mm, it’s unbelievable. This sauce is incredible. (boots lightly stepping) (door unlocking) – Well, this is it Ottawa. This has been an extremely
filling and delicious 48 hours. So, as always, I’ll link all the places we’ve visited below in
the description box. Let me know in the comments below which dish or restaurant
looked the most appetizing. And if you’re new to this
channel (sucks teeth) don’t forget to subscribe for more food and double chin adventures. Bye!

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    You are the best!!!!

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