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  1. Grapes are phylogenetically closer to roses than roses are to broccoli, so that point was given incorrectly. Doesn't matter, but just saying

  2. I literally thought Manson family before Link said it and after directly after Rhett insinuated, " a family of things". Lol.

  3. Hey Rhett, u said u like rose flavor stuff, have u tried Wild Irish Rose. It's a rose flavored red wine. It's actually the only wine I like drinking for the fact that it tastes like roses

  4. The new helmet design is pretty smart. The crossed pipes seem to be there to stop backwash therefore saving rhett from herpies

  5. okay i don’t know what they’re doing differently this year, but these first few episodes have honestly been some of the best in recent history

  6. The most I've ever laughed watching this show is Rhett softly uttering "oh my gosh, oh Lord", while Link violently retches into a bucket, while they're attached at the head.

  7. "You are a subpar human" – says the man who doesn't like tomatoes, marshmallows, lemon flavoured things, coconut, oreos, cotton candy, bananas, turkey, minty stuff, pretzels, salt & vinegar, cherry flavoured things, or eggs benedict.
    Who is the subpar human?

  8. anyone also thinking this season is really funny so far (not to say the others weren't funny)? their comedy feels so natural and more mature

  9. I just realised I have been watching you guys for a quarter of my life 4 years I remember the first video I watched and I thought your accents were so wired but now they’re just normal

  10. This is the first GMM I’ve watching in probably 3 years. I stopped watching when they changed the show format. Kinda nice to revisit and see the old tasting helmets and not much has changed

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