Wegmans Gluten-Free Gingerbread Cakes

Wegmans Gluten-Free Gingerbread Cakes

When you think
of gingerbread, you probably think
of the holidays. Today, we’re gonna make
an easy gingerbread from a vanilla cake mix that
just happens to be gluten free. I’ve preheated my oven
to 350 degrees. To the bowl of your mixer,
first place the vanilla cake mix in. Next, I’ll be adding
two teaspoons of ginger, one teaspoon of cinnamon,
and half a teaspoon of cloves, one tablespoon of molasses,
half a teaspoon of maple syrup, and four tablespoons of butter. You can melt the butter
on the stove or in the microwave, whatever’s easier for you. Put the bowl on your mixer. You wanna mix this
for 30 seconds to one minute. The mixture will look crumbly
when it’s ready. Use the paddle attachment. Okay, that looks good. Next, we’ll be adding one egg. I prefer to crack my egg
into a small bowl because if any of the shells fall in,
you don’t want that to get into your mix. Add your egg. Next, we have
two-thirds cup of milk. Put about half of that milk in and turn your mixer back on, slow speed, until the mixture looks
smooth and kind of homogenous. Okay, that looks good now. Next, we wanna scrape the bowl so you get anything that’s stuck
to the inside of the bowl down into the mix again. Turn your mixer back on
and add the second half of your milk. You’re gonna mix this
till it’s smooth now. That looks nice and smooth. So, now we’ll take
the bowl off the mixer. And we’re going to scoop
our cakes into the mold. I like to use a scoop. It’s easy to portion
and it’s a little bit neater, I think. Fill your molds about
three-quarters of the way full. Now, I’ll put these in my
350 degree oven for 18-20 minutes. Now you wanna check
the cake to make sure it’s done. I like to use a toothpick. When you poke the cake
and the toothpick comes out clean, that’s when you know it’s ready. I like to use a cooling rack
when I pull my baked goods out of the oven. The air can get underneath
and your cakes will cool a little bit quicker that way. In about 20 minutes,
we’ll be able to flip the cakes out of the pan. Okay, so it’s been about 20 minutes. Now we’re going to flip these
out of the pan. Place a sheet pan over,
just flip. Remove your baking pan. Oh, you can see how some of this
is bubbled up over the edge. That’s okay. So just take a paring knife
and go ahead and trim some of that away. Makes a nice little snack
while you’re in the middle of your project. Okay, one last little trim
and we’re all done. Your family will be fighting
over the scraps from these. To finish them,
we’ll just dust them using a sifter with a little bit
of confectioner’s sugar. Looks like snow, doesn’t it? I hope you give this recipe a try. These gluten free gingerbread
are delicious!

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  1. This recipe was delicious and loved by all who tried it. I did have a terrible time getting them out of the mold. Is there a secret?

  2. Per Patty, the mold will release the cakes if it is sprayed generously with food release spray. Another way to get good relults is to rub the mold with shortening and then dust with flour. – Thanks for watching, Wegmans

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