We Made A Triple MILO CREPE CAKE! | Eatbook Cooks | EP 14

We Made A Triple MILO CREPE CAKE! | Eatbook Cooks | EP 14

Hi guys! My name is Suphon. Welcome to another episode of Eatbook Cooks. Now today’s going to be a really exciting episode, because we’re actually going to do a So I got the inspiration for this cake from An, the producer, as well as the rest of the Eatbook team. They drink milo almost every day. Breakfast, lunch, you know, all the time you can see them with a cup of Milo in their hands. So this mille crepe actually contains three components that are made from Milo. The first one is actually the mille crepe itself, the second one is the pastry cream, and the last one is the ganache. So yeah! Let’s get started! So we’re first going to start by making the crepe’s batter. It’s divided into two parts: wet and dry mix. For the wet mix, we’re going to use six eggs and Milo from the packet! We’re also going to add a ton of butter here, and it’s going to help give the smooth, velvety mouthfeel to our crepes. Next up, the dry mix actually consists of three simple ingredients. But, just remember that you have to sieve the ingredients through a very fine sieve so you don’t get any lumps in the batter. Once you’re done with both mixes, pour the wet mix into the dry mix and whisk thoroughly. There might still be some lumps at this point, but don’t worry about it, because we’re going to strain it through one last time. Once you’re done with that, Here’s the most tedious part of the cooking process, because you get to literally construct every single layer of this cake. We’ll start by heating up a frying pan on low heat, and pour a quarter cup of batter into it. Give it a light swirl, so that it evens out, and push the edges inside so that they don’t burn. We’re going to wait for the bottom to develop some light browning, before flipping them over. For the crepes, you’re looking to do around 20 layers, but this batter actually accounts for 23-24 layers, so yeah! It’s perfectly fine if you mess three or four layers up. So once all the crepes are cooked, you want to stack them up nicely and put them in the fridge to chill for a bit. We’re actually going to prepare the second most tedious part, and that is the milo cream. Now the milo cream actually gives the crepe cake its softness and most of its flavour. So it’s very important to get this right. We’ll start by whipping cream with a hand mixer. Once the cream has reached soft peak consistency, add in the sugar and Milo powder until you get them to medium to hard peak consistency. That’s when the cream starts to really hold its shape. Now we’re going to start to layer the cake, and this is actually my most favourite part because you get to build it from scratch. We’re going to start by placing a layer of crepe and spread a generous amount of Milo cream all around it. We continue to repeat this step until we reach 20 layers or until you run out of crepes. You want to make sure that you are consistent with the cream as well, if not the layers wouldn’t look as pretty and nice as you want it to be. So now that it’s firm, we’re going to trim it. So we’re going to do this by actually placing a plate on top of it, and then we’ll run a sharp knife all around the edges. The last step is actually the Milo ganache. This gives an additional boost of Milo flavour, and also gives a beautiful and attractive glaze to the cake. We’ll start by heating up some cream and condensed milk until it’s simmering, then pour them into a bowl of chocolate. We will need to wait for a bit before stirring it up together, so that the cream gets to warm the chocolate up. The final touch is to mix in the Milo powder, and to continue stirring until the ganache begins to cool and is slightly firm. This should take around five minutes. When pouring the Milo ganache over the crepe cake, We will then pour the milo ganache all over the crepe cake, and spread it all out evenly. Make sure to cover every inch of the cake with the thick and rich Milo ganache as well. Pop the cake into the fridge for one last time, for at least 30 mins so that the ganache gets to firm up as a final touch We’re gonna replicate what they do for Milo dinosaur and spam a whole lot of Milo powder all over this cake and there, we have it! A Triple Milo Mille Crepe Cake that’s made for Milo lovers Let’s cut it up and see what the office have to say about it Yes and I also love crepe cakes Yes, I love Milo Okay, let’s try our Triple Milo Mille Crepe Triple Milo Mille Crepe? Sounds interesting! May I have a bite? Yes, please! Lame, that was poor Please don’t react to that, that was really poor Oh my god, I’m so excited Look at the layers, so distinct! So beautiful, I really appreciate it It looks damn chio though and it smells damn good actually like I can smell the thickness Wow, the top part has the Milo powder It looks quite legit Hmm! It’s pretty good! I thought it was gonna be much sweeter But it’s actually not too bad It does not have the jelak taste which is very nice Reminds me of a crepe version of Milo dinosaur as you realised that it is concentrated on the top which is nice it has a balanced of a sweet punch then it mellows down with the crepe layers Okay, I’m going to create an earthquake on Internet I’m going to eat it by the layer because the top layer looks so good! Mmm! The top part is the best! It is like a top part of all Milo dinosaur drinks I feel that with that many layers of the crepe you need to put more Milo! Mmm! I really love crepe cakes! So I will gladly finish the entire cake and I really love Milo too so it is a plus point! I have never seen a Milo crepe cake before so good job! Are you gonna sell this? So I can buy the entire box I don’t really eat crepe not like crepe cakes But from my memories This is quite a decent crepe What I think will improve the crepe is like If you have a vanilla ice cream by the side and maybe more of Milo powder some Netflix Perfect evening! How much would you pay for this? If it’s him, he make one I will pay $10! $10 for my brother! No, probably $6 I think $6 is quite reasonable price Anything Suphon make, can sell and everybody loves Suphon in the comment Didn’t you see?! Everybody loves Suphon I also love Suphon cause he feeds me and makes me fat Alright, so it’s nice to know that they like the cake it was quite a laborious task it took almost half a day to do it to do layer by later We gotta wait for the ganache to set as well Once you cut the crepe cake and you show all the layers it shows that the efforts was really worth it When you cook, you can spend many hours doing it When you see your friends and family eating it you know that, it’s worth it it’s food from the heart I hope you guys can try at home Take pictures and show me Thank you for watching this episode of Eatbook Cooks If you like this video don’t forget to check out the other videos over there and of course like, share and subscribe! Thanks! Bye

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  1. I am not bothered about how suphon pronounce certain words. All I care about is how delicate he is when it comes to cooking/baking

  2. I would say the filling is more of just a milo whipped cream instead of a pastry cream. A pastry cream is essentially made out of eggs, milk,flour and sugar.

  3. please do a gluten free ver so that i can eat 🤣😅 on a side note- suphon looks like charlie goh the local actor 😆

  4. Wow this is the yummiest looking recipe EB has made 😍 I wish I could be in the TSL office so Suphon could make me some 😭

  5. Suphon said that milo is the crew's favorite drink and every1 drinks it everyday, but when the cake was given out for people to try i didnt see any milo only mineral water and bubble tea. My question is, does everyone really drink milo everyday and will have one with them?

  6. why not supron be the boss one day
    it 2020 create more cake that we will never taste before supron
    baker lvl 10
    cooking lvl 10
    I confirm will come and support, I know you can success, milo fan
    milo lover lvl 10

  7. yum i love both crepe cakes and milo so both combined in one sounds amazing. so many people in the video pronouncing 'crepe' wrongly though, it was a little triggering to me xD

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