Waffle Birthday Cake by The Cake Boss | Fast Cakes Ep06

Waffle Birthday Cake by The Cake Boss | Fast Cakes Ep06

Hi, I’m Buddy Valastro, and you’re watching Fast Cakes, where we make cakes at the speed of life. Today, we’re making one of my favorite cakes. It’s a waffle cake. Our ingredients is cake batter, sprinkles, confetti, of course cherry on top, we have a little bit of fresh whipped cream, and chocolate ganache, baby. Whoo-whoo So first thing gonna do here is I’m gonna take my cake batter batter, batter, batter, and I’m gonna throw in some rainbow sprinkles. And the rainbow sprinkles are gonna give it a little bit of texture, but a lot a lot of fun color. Something my kids love, something to really just jazz up your waffle cakes, waffle cakes. Now we gotta spray our waffle iron. Badda bing, badda boom. Next thing, I bet you didn’t know this, but four scoops make the perfect waffle, okay? So one Two Three and a four. Okay, badda bing, badda boom. Okay, set it and forget it! Boom! All right now we’re gonna check our waffle here and flip it over.. ahhhh! That’s it a waffle cake baby! Now what we’re gonna do is we’re gonna stick it through a waffle. We’re gonna go up, uh-uh-uh gently. Ohhhhh! Almost lost that one! So I’m gonna make two more, I’m gonna let them cool, and I’m gonna show you how to put them together. Alright guys, we got three waffles made and this is how we put them together. So let them cool. I put them on top of a plate here. I’m gonna take my whip cream, oh yeah, baby, just sugar and heavy cream keeping it old school. So I’m gonna put a little bit of the whipped cream inside, I’m gonna hit it with a little bit the chocolate syrup, because who doesn’t like that? That’s good even if you’re by yourself. We’re gonna pile on the confetti. Oh yeah, I’ll put the next layer on go nice and easy, and I’m just going back and forth, and again you can use store-bought icing, you can use whipped cream, you could use anything your heart desires, chocolate mousse. Just gonna pour a little bit more on there Ohhhhh, yeah. Look at that, going. You can put syrup, you could put chocolate fudge, you can put caramel. You name it! Top it off with this guy right there The thing I love about using a waffle to bake is that you can use cake batter, cookie batter. If you haven’t made a chocolate chip cookie waffle, then you haven’t lived yet. Chocolate syrup all over it, Chocolate sprinkles, and cherry on top. BAM waffle cakes, baby! Now that’s a waffle birthday cake baby! Thanks for watching and tell us in the comments what kind of fast cake you want to see next? Alright guys. Go ahead and subscribe to our page. I’m waiting, go ahead. Do it.

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  1. How about a vanilla bean cake with vanilla bean pudding in the cake with vanilla bean icing and vanilla bean ice cream to go with it?
    Chocolate syrup, a hand full of slivered almonds and cherries on the ice cream.
    That's what my wife dream is for our wedding.

  2. Would love for u to make me a birthday cake from the avengers infinity war. Love u buddy best cake maker ever

  3. always had trouble with overflow on waffle iron! the ice cream scoop thing really helped out. Brownie cake for dinner tonight!

  4. Oh wow. I'm glad I found this channel. I used to watch Cake Boss all the time back when I had cable. It inspired me to make a few fondant-covered layer cakes for my kids' birthdays. This is an awesome idea, putting cake batter on a waffle iron. I've tried brownie batter and cookie dough, but never cake batter.

  5. Buddy, Please come back on Netflix or Amazon Prime! Or even one of the WSKG channels. (We only have HDTV channels + Netflix & amazon prime). We miss you. You're so funny, down to earth & Talented! We don't want to see any other cake shows! Thank you & God bless you & your family. ❤🙏

  6. Buddy : if you haven’t made chocolate chip cookie waffle then you haven’t lived yet

    Me : does that mean I haven’t lived yet 😱😱😱

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