VLOG with RUSSIAN GIRL – Russian pastries – Russian bazaar in Seattle | CC

VLOG with RUSSIAN GIRL – Russian pastries – Russian bazaar in Seattle | CC

what there was a loaf! Here, as I understand it, vodka. And we go for piroshki -Hello! -Hi! And you have the piroshki? -Pirozhki Sold “under the clock” (the clock hanging on the wall). And if you want to eat – here is borscht, dumplings, Kebab. It’s buying here. -OK! -Pastries … – There, yeah. Thank you so much! -On The street from us there wine, vodka, snacks. -I already got them!) Friends, look what I’ll show you. These bells. Exactly them ringing you have just heard. We came to the tea house. Misha excited about tea. Now we’ll drink tea. And eat the russian tea cookies. There are several different teas. Here. Sergei took the “Nostalgia”, I took the “Saint Valentine”. Let’s see what awaits us. It’s very cute. The feeling that it is someone’s home. Double decker. Here a samovar. Very good! We sitting there, so very cute. Sunflowers. Very good. All very pleasant.

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  1. are russian knows how to speak english? i am really curiuos to know more ob what the russian lifes are. just asking 🙂 thank yoi

  2. you should show more your bsby in videos. maybe there is a lot of words we can lear hearing you and him 🙂 i am sure!

  3. Russians: a beautiful, strong and intelligent people, with a long history of heroic (and often misunderstood and underappreciated) struggles and of brilliant contributions to every field of human achievement, from science and technology to art and literature. They deserve to be as wealthy as the western europeans are

  4. Just saw this video since I only recently subscribed to your channel. My favorite pastry would be the zefir, especially the chocolate coated ones. Love all your videos, when you have time please share some more.

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