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  1. if it i were on youtube, i would squeeze a lime. seems a little classier than pouring it from a milk jug.

  2. yah what zannabbyx123 said. If it's a virgin drink anyone could drink it. But if it's not a virgin drink then don't. Plus can't you guys read that he used pinapple juice, lime juice, cream coconut and ice. Do you see any liquor ingredients then its okay. Plus it tastes great I tried a virgin one and it showed me the world of a new taste. Better then soda pop.

  3. What?! no way, something SO delicious was this easy to make all along??! if only i would have known…now i need to go buy myself a blender =)

  4. This is a virgin pina colada, so there's no rum. And most chain restaurants/bars like this don't serve fresh fruit in their frozen drinks, unfortunately.

  5. bring me two pina coladas I gotta have 1 for each hand lets all set sail with captian morgan and will never leave dry land. and troubles I forgot um I beried um in the sand so bring me 2 pina coladas and say good bye to your good time at land

  6. no, actually anything drink that has the word "virgin" means that the person ordering hasn't gotten laid yet (sarcasm)!!!!

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