Vegan Soft Frosted Sugar Cookies

Vegan Soft Frosted Sugar Cookies

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  1. I made these last week, sooooo gooooood! I replaced the vegan shortening with coconut oil since I didn't have any and just kept them in the fridge. Will def make these again, might even add lemon extract to the icing 😀

  2. You are encouraging us to eat sweet and unhealthy food (that's why I hardly have any teeth left)😂. I probably won't make them because it always goes wrong when I bake. I would eat them if you baked them for me but I only want my future wife to bake them for me so you would have to marry me first😆.

  3. Ok.. here I go again, gaining ten pounds during the holidays because of vegan youtubers with all their delicious recipes. Thanks a lot! 😠 😆😂😘

  4. Oh my goodness, you've made my day. These were my downfall before I went vegan. I miss them so much……..Thank you for posting this and making them vegan.

  5. As others have stated, this came at the right time planning for christmas (^.^). Oh! and btw. The vanilla and almond extract are they purely for flavoring or is there some other magic going on? Both the vanilla and almond extract are quite pricey. I don't mind buying them, but could you for instance add vanilla, vanilla bean? and some extra milk instead?. Hope you understand the weird question.

  6. These look so good! This might be a dumb question but is there a difference between vegan butter and margarine? Love your videos!

  7. These look amazing. Going to try them with my daughter. Do be careful with the cooking spray. I’d spray it over the sink. If you spray it out in the open it makes for a slippery walking path.

  8. I just wanted to send you a thank-you note for your cookbook. I appreciate the fact that the recipes are straightforward and use easy-to-find ingredients. I've already tried the "Chocolate-Chip Granola Bars" and "Creamy Rose Linguine" recipes, and they were delicious. But my favorite, so far, is the "Silky Chocolate Fudge" recipe. It is the BEST vegan fudge I have ever tasted! I wish you continued sucess for your Youtube channel and am looking forward to any future "Fuss-Free Vegan" cookbooks. CHEERS!

  9. Hey sweetie good job on the cookies but don't forget white sugar isn't vegan it's whitened with animal bone char…I know… I'm sorry don't feel bad… They don't tell u,.. Also gummy bears and marshmallows are made from gel from animal bones but they have vegan versions of all these at whole foods…. You can Google all of this!!! Guess what though? If you like candy sour patch kids are vegan! Yay!

  10. Nice recipe. May bring these to the office party 🙂

    If you're using sprinkles, make sure to check the ingredients – many contain confectioner's glaze (also called shellac) which comes from insects, and some even use egg whites.

  11. Thinking of baking these and using peppermint extract instead of vanilla, dying them half red half green for frosting and sprinkling them with some candy cane for christmas!

  12. Hi Sam. I was just wondering where you got your cranberry colored shirt you are wearing in this video? I love your shirt and I was interested in getting one just like it. Hard to find this beautiful color.

  13. Hi Sam, just last week I realized you’re Canadian. ❤️
    And last night I baked these cookies and they are the best sugar cookies I’ve ever baked. Thank you so much. I baked 3 full trays and they only lasted for a couple of hours at work. Big hit!!!!!

  14. Well you've definitely got my sub! These Lofthouse cookies are something my husband and I have missed SO badly since becoming vegan! Now time to surprise my husband with these! Thanks! 🌷

  15. These look fantastic! Looking forward to making them. Can you share the brand/color of your lipstick? Its so pretty. 😍

  16. You mentioned using white sugar. They use bone char (from animals) to whiten raw sugar when processing. Therefore, you haven't used any animal products in the ingredients, but you used an ingredient that was processed with animal bones. Thus, one can't really consider the cookies to be vegan, right? I use raw cane sugar (no bone char used). Just as good as white sugar. Please correct me if I am wrong about your white sugar. Thanks.

  17. Hi Sam,

    Thanks as always for the inspiration! Y're one of the vegan influencers on my blog Allie's cozy kitchen. I can't wait to make these! Keep up the amazing work! I'm going to create a link back to your site. Please give Chickpea a pet for me.

  18. I made these and got the seal of approval from my picky sister that they tasted just like the store ones. I added less almond extract than instructed because my family is quite taste sensitive to almond but they were to die for! We have half the batch in the freezer so we didn't overdose ourselves on sugar 😛

  19. I did some for Easter and it was sooooo good 😍😍😍❤️❤️❤️ thank you so much for the recipe 😋😋

  20. Thanks for actually telling us the ingredients!!! I hate it when people don’t but they make a video 😭😢


    Hi!, I'm your average middle schooler, and I have a passion for baking! when my sister graduated from preschool, I made these cookies for her and she LOVED THEM! Thank you for helping me to make my sister's day! 🙂
    (you got yourself a new subscriber) 😉

  22. I’m the only one in my family who is vegan and we have a Christmas party every year and everyone is gonna be eating their cookies and candy so I want to make these cookies so I can’t eat some sweetness too.😊

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