Vegan Shortbread Cookie Recipe using 4 Ingredients | Bake Vegan Stuff with Sara Kidd

Vegan Shortbread Cookie Recipe using 4 Ingredients | Bake Vegan Stuff with Sara Kidd

– Hello, how are you. If this is your first
time watching my channel and you love baking, especially vegan baking, make sure you subscribe and give this video a thumbs up. That way more people are gonna be baking it vegan with us. This episode I’m showing you how to make the easiest
vegan shortbread cookies. Oh my God, look at how just
cute these cookies are. They are so delicious. And it only takes four ingredients to make and about ten minutes to whip up and pop them in the oven. So let’s get in the kitchen and let’s get baking. (upbeat music) Okay, to whip up these shortbread cookies all you’re gonna need is a mix master with a paddle attachment, you’re going to need
300 grams of plain flour that’s been sifted, you’re going to need
80 grams of icing sugar that’s also been sifted, and if you’re in America, make sure you’re using
organic icing sugar. And you’re going to need
250 grams of vegan butter or a simple margarine that you get from the supermarket and make sure it’s salted because if it’s not salted you just wanna add a tiny pinch
of salt to the recipe and the last thing you need is a teaspoon of almond flavoring. So I’m just gonna put my
butter into my mix master and beat it for a few minutes to make it nice and light and fluffy. Okay now what we’re gonna do is we’re just gonna add in our icing sugar. And we’re just gonna beat that for a few minutes until
it creams together nicely. So you’re going to wanna
pause it halfway through and just scrape down the sides. Okay so that’s creamed together perfectly. Now we just wanna add
in our almond flavoring and just give it a quick mix for a minute. Okay, now we can add in our
300 grams of plain flour. I’m gonna mix that together on a low speed until it just starts to
come together as a dough. But you do wanna stop it halfway through and just scape the bottom if sometimes you find your mix master doesn’t quite get the batter on the bottom and mix it into the rest
of your ingredients. With shortbread the trick is to work out whether or not your dough is too sticky or too dry. So I ended up adding an
extra 20 grams of flour to this mixture. Now you may not have to. It is always good to have some extra flour on hand. Now as you can see it’s
come together as a dough and the trick is to know if it’s too sticky or not and the way to do that is to simply just touch your dough with your hands and if it’s not coming up on
your fingers, it’s perfect. But you still want it to be really quite wet and dense and very delicate. And that’s what’s gonna
give your shortbread that gorgeous crumbly texture. So now what we wanna do is I’m gonna roll it into a ball and spread it out on a bread board and cut them up with my cookie cutter. So what you’re gonna need now is always have some extra flour on hand. You’re gonna need a rolling pin and your cookie cutters. So what we’re gonna do
is roll out our dough. Now make sure you flour
down your rolling pin and you’re gonna roll it out to about four millimeters or
about half a centimeter. And I just wanna keep adding flour to the top of your dough just so your rolling pin doesn’t stick. All this dough is just gorgeous, these cookies are going to be divine. Okay now that my dough is all rolled out, I’ve got a baking tray lined with some baking paper ready to go and I’m gonna cut my cookies
out into heart shapes. Now you can cut them into
whatever shapes you like. I just think these are super cute. Now this recipe will make around two dozen cookies depending on size. Now another little trick is if you find it really hard to get your cookies off the tray or your dough is still
really, really delicate and you wanna make your
life a little bit easier, you can just pop the dough in the fridge for about half an hour and that will firm it up a little bit. So I’ve got a little spatula here and I’m just gonna use that to help remove the cookies from the board and I’m just gonna pop them on my tray. This dough is very delicate so just take your time and be gentle when you’re moving your cookies from your board to your baking tray. Okay so now that this tray is full I’m gonna pop it in
the oven for 25 minutes or until my cookies are nice and light and golden brown. They’re still gonna be very pale though, so just keep an eye on them. I find 25 minutes exactly
works perfectly for me. So I’ve just taken my
cookies out of the oven and they’re perfect. Now as you can see they’ve
kept their shape really well and they’re just slightly browned around the edges, but they’re still very pale and this batch took
about 24 minutes to bake so just keep an eye on your cookies when it reaches the 20 minute mark. And my last tip is to cook them on the top rack of your oven. What I’ve found is when I
cook them on the top rack they seem to cook more evenly and don’t brown too quickly. So now you can decorate your cookies with some vegan royal icing
or some vegan chocolate or even some buttercream or you can just eat them as they are. They’re really, really delicious with just a cup of tea or a hot cocoa. So make sure you tune in next week for another vegan baking adventure and if you have any questions, pop them down below. And of course tell me how you went when you baked this recipe, I’d love to hear from you. And I’ll see you next week for another vegan making adventure. Bye for now.

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  1. This looks great! Can't wait to try. If you don't have a stand mixer would an electric beater work? Or better to do it by hand? Thanks!

  2. These look fantastic. I should probably make some now!!!
    I would love to see a royal icing recpie from you, please.
    Ive tried your 100s and 1000 cookies recepie before, turned out great.
    I just need this icing problem sorted. Im terrified of royal icing actually!!!

  3. so tempting and delicious cookies…how many tempreture oven and which tempreture preheat oven with time please

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