Vegan Chocolate Snack Shakes

Vegan Chocolate Snack Shakes

Hey there, it’s Audrey. If you’re new here,
I make some of the best and easiest and most delicious vegan recipes around, and today we are talking chocolate snack shakes. Now, I call them snack shakes
because I don’t want to confuse them with dessert shakes. Very different. Snack shakes are something you could have every day. They’re delicious, they have
healthier ingredients, but yet this one is chocolatey and it still satisfies
those sweet cravings. So simple to make, and you’re not going to
believe one of the star ingredients. You would never guess it in a million years. We’re going to start
with our non-dairy milk. I use almond or cashew, but you can
use any type that you like. Now this recipe makes two really big servings. Cocoa powder going in. Now for that mystery ingredient. Black beans. Now this is where we’re going to get some
protein, fiber, B vitamins, tons of nutrients, but the great news is you will
never know they’re there, just so long as you don’t use any salted black beans. If you use canned beans, make sure there is zero salt in the ingredients. They’re going to blend right in. You’re going to get all the nutrients of
beans without even tasting them. And if you don’t have black beans around,
white beans work as well. Now for some sweetness, we’re going to use dates. I like to use about four in this recipe. but you can do more or less depending on the
sweetness level that you prefer. The next thing we’re adding is two bananas. Banana adds a nice creaminess to the
shake, nice thickness . Now usually what I’ll do is I’ll freeze my
bananas ahead of time. Just be sure you peel them first. And then you can store them either in a
ziploc bag or a storage container. Break it up into pieces.
Throw those in there. Finally, we need some ice. You always want to make your ice the ingredient furthest away from your blades. Your blender will thank you,
it’ll be much easier to blend, just trust me on that. And that’s it! This is a great snack to serve to kids. You can add some spinach
or a greens powder. If there’s any sort of vitamin that you’re trying to mix in
there, if you don’t live in a sunny area and you need a little extra vitamin D,
sometimes I’ll get the little drops and I’ll have those in there. But this is a really great basic recipe for this awesome chocolate shake. ::BLENDER NOISES:: OK, you want it completely smooth so
you don’t see any dates or beans. Everything is completely mixed in and
looks as gorgeous as this does. If you like more ice,
you can always add more ice, especially if it’s a warmer day outside. And I will say sometimes when we
feel like mixing up the breakfast routine in our house or if we’re in a
hurry or if anybody’s being extra picky like my son Jack tends to be, this is breakfast. It’s nutritious, it’s delicious
and you can feel good about it. Alright, I’m going to go for it. Mmm, that’s really, really good. I like adding just some mini
chocolate chips to the top sometimes, creates that extra little chocolaty
bonus, so tasty. To find the full recipe on how to make
these chocolatey snack shakes, jump on Audrey Dunham com. Thank you very much for joining me today Please like and share this video and tag
any friend who might like a chocolate snack shake. if you decide to try this recipe, please let
me know what you think in the comments below. I always love
hearing from you. Thanks again for joining me I will see you next time. I often like to peel and then freeze bananas and then that way when you throw
them in the blender, they add a really rich creamy…. blah-la-lal-lal-la… hey there… No. ::LAUGHTER:: I did that that one time. I went “Aloha”
for that Hawaiian cookie I’m like, I’m never doing that again! What am I thinking? OK.

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  1. Yummy 😋 i really like this recipe i have made it so many times ❤️🤩 it is so easy and delicious 👍🏻

  2. Black beans, damn. Don't know why I'd never thought of that for a shake or smoothie. Used to make these brownies with black beans instead of dairy and eggs and the texture was melt-in-your-mouth amazing. Gooey inside, crispy outside and it didn't take much at all to be awesomely sweet. This reminds me I need to play more with black beans in chocolate-based recipes.

    Think ill give this shake a try this weekend. Looks and sounds awesome. I love dates, but I wonder if subbing with a little monkfruit would work well for the sweetener.

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