Vegan Choc Chip Cookie Recipe | Bake Vegan Stuff with Sara Kidd

Vegan Choc Chip Cookie Recipe | Bake Vegan Stuff with Sara Kidd

(music warbling) (gentle music) – Hello, welcome back to the show. So today was meant to be the pre-launch of our epic vegan baking book. However, we are stuck trying
to find some cheaper options for shipping around the world, so we’re delayed by a few days. So stay tuned ’cause
it’ll be out very soon. And I was gonna make
some gluten-free brownies from the recipe book today, but instead I just thought I’d show you how to whip up some epic
vegan chocolate chip cookies, those ones that you get in the bakery that are really crispy on the outside and soft and gooey in the middle. And I’m gonna share with you my secret recipe on how to achieve that. So let’s get in the kitchen,
let’s get baking, baby. (tape player clicks) So you’re gonna find the recipe in the description down below, which is also going to include all the measurements for this recipe. To get started, the first
thing we’re gonna do is cream our butter
and our sugar together. So I’ve got some vegan butter. You can also use margarine
from your local supermarket. Just gonna pop that in there. And then I’ve got some white sugar. Now, if you’re in the US, make sure you’re using
organic white sugar. And I’ve also got some brown sugar. Gonna beat these two
together on a low speed until they’re really nice and creamy. Okay, now that that’s really
nicely creamed together, we’re gonna add in our vanilla extract and our flaxseed egg, and we’re just gonna cream those together. Okay, now that that’s all
really nicely creamed together, we’re gonna move on to the next step. So now I have another large mixing bowl, a sieve and a whisk, and I’m going to mix all my
dry ingredients together. So I’ve got some plain all-purpose flour, I’ve got some corn starch or corn flour, I’ve got some salt, and I’ve got some baking
soda and some baking powder. And I’m just gonna give those
ingredients a quick mix. So we’ve got our wet
and our dry ingredients ready to be mixed together, and there’s a few ways you can do this. You can use your hand mixer and mix them together on a very low speed, you can use your hands,
or you can use a spoon. So I’m just gonna use a spoon
today to mix them together. So I’m just gonna pour
my flour into my butter. Now, I’ve also got a few
tablespoons of soy milk on the side just in case my batter’s a little bit dry and it’s not coming together. (bright music) Mixing it with the spoon was
taking a little bit long, so I decided to pop on some
gloves and use my hands, and I’ve just brought it into a gorgeous cookie dough ball like this. Now, next up you wanna add
in your chocolate chips and anything else you like to have in your chocolate chip cookies. So you can also add things
like nuts, peanut butter, marshmallows, lollies, whatever you like. This is a really easy recipe to make different types of
variations with, so go nuts. Now, I love chocolate chip cookies with a lot of chocolate chips, so I’ve literally got 500 grams of chocolate chips here to
go into my cookie dough. Now, I’m just gonna pop
in about half of that. (cat meows) And I’m just gonna mix
them through the dough. Oh my God, look at this
cookie dough, it’s amazing. There’s so many chocolate chips in here. Ah, this is gonna taste so great. Okay, now we’re ready to
move on to the next step. So what you wanna do is,
you’ve preheated your oven and you’ve lined a couple of baking trays with some baking paper. Now, you are gonna need a few trays ’cause these are really big cookies. And the best way to
achieve that perfect cookie where they’re all the same
size is to weigh them. So I’ve got my kitchen scales here, and I’m gonna weigh my
cookies to 90 grams each. So my cookie ball is exactly 90 grams, and I’ve rolled it into a perfect ball. Now, here’s your chance to
add extra chocolate chips, if you want, just on the outside. I usually just do it on the
top and just push them in. And here’s my secret tip
to get that crispy outside. What you wanna do is you wanna
get some vegan breadcrumbs. Now, make sure you check your bread crumbs when you buy them in the supermarket, ’cause sometimes they contain
fish and milk products, so just check the back. And all I’m gonna do is just pop my cookie into my bread crumbs, completely cover it, and voila, that’s how we’re gonna get
that gorgeous crispy outside and that really nice, soft, gooey center. So I’m just gonna pop
that on my baking tray and repeat the process. (music warbling) Gonna pop these into my preheated oven, and you’re going to fit around
four cookies per baking tray. And you wanna bake them for
around 15 to 18 minutes. You’ll know that they’re ready when they are nice and golden-brown and the tops are slightly firm. So let’s pop these in the oven. (clock ticking) My gosh, I’ve just taken
them out of the oven and they’re glorious. That gorgeous cookie smell, oh my God, I just love it, it’s one
of my favorite smells. Now I’m gonna allow these
to cool down a little bit before I remove them from their tray, because they’re still quite delicate. And they just look amazing. Now, as you can see, they’re just covered in chocolate chips. They’ve got that gorgeous crispy outside, and you know that center’s
gonna be so beautiful and gooey. And you know what you can
do before you eat these, after they cool down, if you
want that chocolate to melt, you can also pop them in the
microwave for a few seconds, just to heat up that inside
and make it extra gooey. Oh, it’s so divine. So really hope you enjoyed this episode. Let me know if you have
any comments down below, and I’ll see you next week
with something else amazing. (music warbling)
– Oh yeah.

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  1. Looks super delicious, definitely going to try it out:) But… Why do you have to use gloves for mixing the dough? Hurts to see the unnecessary plastic waste

  2. One of your friend’s is promoting your book on r/vegan. I just discovered your website, channel, book, and I must say: your recipes are so BEAUTIFUL!! The production/photography is gorgeous and best of all, it’s all vegan. Thanks for being an awesome person, and letting vegans enjoy decadent and lovely treats ❤️🌱 can’t wait to try your recipes and get the book!

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