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Hello Everyone! Welcome to my channel Craving something sweet? Well i have a perfect recipe for you craving Today we are going to make Vanilla Cupcakes So, if you wan’t to learn how to make Vanilla cupcakes keep watching this video Make sure that the eggs are at room temperature I am using a hand mixer But if you do not have one, no problem you guys can use a fork or a whisk also Instead of ground sugar, you can also use regular sugar It’s just that it takes a more time to dissolve Add the sugar little by little Instead of oil you can also use 1/2 cup butter Sifting prevents it from forming clumps and it helps the flour to aerate which makes it more light and fluffy I am using silicone cupcake moulds you don’t need to grease these moulds and the cupcakes come out of the moulds very easily But if you are using regular cupcake tins make sure you grease them well with oil or butter before adding the cupcake batter Also make sure that you only fill around 3/4 of the cupcake moulds with the batter because they will rise once they are baked Recipe of white chocolate ganache is in the description box below

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