Unholy Cannoli – Easy Cheater Cannoli – Food Wishes

Unholy Cannoli – Easy Cheater Cannoli – Food Wishes

hello this is chef john from food wishes
comm with unholy cannoli that’s right if you have a friend from southern italy
who’s very proud of their cannoli maybe don’t make this recipe for them in
fact you should probably not even show them the video unless of course you want
to learn some swear words in italian but other than them i think everyone’s gonna
really enjoy this faster easier lighter cheater version for making cannoli
since instead of using the traditional fried dough for the shells we’re gonna
use a simple to make crispy wafer cookie but before we get to those let’s go
ahead and get started by draining some ricotta cheese which is a technically
optional step but time permitting if you can
what we’ll do is transfer our cheese into a fine mesh strainer set over a
bowl and then we’ll pop that into the fridge overnight so that any excess
moisture can drain out which is gonna make the cheese a little richer and a
little firmer so like I said if you have time do that the day before and I think
you’re gonna like these even better and then what we’ll do to make our unholy
cannoli shells is add some all-purpose flour to a mixing bowl along with a
little touch of white sugar we will also want to add in a little pinch of
cinnamon as well as a little touch of freshly grated nutmeg which is so much
better freshly grated we are also gonna want a pinch of salt as well as some
melted butter a couple tablespoons of Marsala wine or if you don’t have that
red wine will work and then last but not least one egg white okay just the white
the oak we’ll screw this up and that’s it we’ll just take a whisk and give this
a mix until we have a very very smooth relatively thin spreadable batter and
basically what we’re doing here is taking the same spices and flavors we’d
use in a traditional cannoli dough that gets deep-fried and we’re using those
and what’s basically a very thin wafer cookie dough so while the texture is
definitely gonna be different we’re hopefully gonna end up with something
that has a similar taste and that’s it once our batter is mixed we’ll simply
set that aside and we will move on to very lightly brush a Silpat lined baking
sheet with a little bit of melted butter okay not too much maybe like a teaspoon
and then once that surface has been lubricated we will transfer out about
two tablespoons of our batter and then in the back of our spoon working from
the center outward we will create a circle about five or six inches across
all right give or take and by the way this recipe should make about six shells
this size but we’re only going to do these in batches of two and you will see
why very soon and then what we’ll do once our batter has been spread out its
transfer that pan into the center of a 375 degree oven for about 10 to 12
minutes until the outside edges and about half of the inside is nicely
golden brown and while our shells are baking what we’ll do is take some
aluminum foil and make a couple molds to help form these and for that all we have
to do is twist up some foil into a cylinder about seven inches long by
about two inches in diameter and don’t worry what these look like as long as
they’re fairly uniform we’re good to go okay so we’ll twist up a couple of those
and we’ll set those aside and we’ll go ahead and pull out our shells which like
I said we want to cook until the outsides and most of the inside is
golden brown in which point we will very quickly but carefully roll these up on
our foil cylinders and eaten up with the seam at the bottom to create a beautiful
cookie tube and we have to move quick here which is why we’re only doing –
because after just a few seconds the cookie hardens which is good news
because it will hold the shape but bad news if we haven’t shaped it yet and if
you have – especially on the second one press down with your spatula to kind of
hold that seam together until it cools you’ll want to go ahead and do that so
this doesn’t spring open oh and for whatever reason you roll too slowly and
that second one hardens up and you can’t roll it just pop that pan back in the
oven for a few minutes and that cookie will soften up again and
that’s it once those are holding their shape we can go ahead and remove the
foil leaving us with this beautiful crispy sweet shell with which to stuff
our sweet cheese filling so I went ahead and did a few more which weren’t perfect
but they were perfect for me and that’s it all we have to do is let those cool
completely at which point they’re ready to fill
speaking of which let’s go ahead and make our sweet cheese filling and for
that we will add our drain ricotta to this mixing bowl along with some
beautifully creamy mascarpone cheese which is just an extra rich Italian
cream cheese and yes regular cream cheese will work and then to that we
will add a whole bunch of freshly grated orange lemon
as well as some fairly finely chopped dark chocolate and then finally before
we stir all this together we’ll drizzle in 1 to 2 teaspoons of honey or whatever
amount makes this filling as sweet as you want
and by the way these days most people use powdered sugar to sweeten this but I
do believe honey was the original sweetener for cannoli and it’s
definitely what I prefer well you go ahead and sweeten this with whatever you
want I mean you are after all the Mick Foley
of your unholy cannoli but no matter what you use I don’t think we want this
too sweet since our shells are already on the sweet side but anyway we’ll go
ahead and mix that up and then start filling our shells and for me the
easiest ways just transfer this into a plastic bag and then cut off one of the
corners and then we’ll just go ahead and squeeze that into one side until that
fills up and starts coming out the end a little bit I know just turn that around
and repeat the process and then once these are filled if you want I think it
looks nice to decorate the ends with some chopped nuts and I’m going with
pistachio because I think they look and taste nice but almonds or hazelnuts or
pine nuts will also work beautifully so use what you want and that’s it are much
easier much lighter much simpler cheater cannoli is done and if you’re like me
and your favorite part of a cannoli is that sweet cheese filling then you are
gonna absolutely love these ok for me that thin crispy cookie is the perfect
delivery system and even though the texture is quite a bit different than
that thicker deep-fried dough we really do get a very similar flavor profile and
in case you’re wondering these do stay crispy for a while but they’re not going
to stay like that for hours or overnight so what you’re gonna want to do is make
your two components and then try to fill these as close to service time as you
can and of course if you wanted to dress these up a bit you could maybe drizzle
some chocolate over or just simply dust them with a little powdered sugar like
I’m doing here which I think looks kind of nice and semi-professional although
if you’ll excuse me for a second there is one little spot of cheese’s bugging
me and needs a nut there we go but anyway that’s it what I’m calling
unholy cannoli and a little bit of a tongue-in-cheek admission that to a real
actual southern Italian can only make her these probably would be considered
an abomination but a very enjoyable and extremely delicious abomination which is
why I really do hope you give these a try soon so please follow the links
below for the ingredient amounts a printable written recipe and much more
info as usual and as always you

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  1. "You are, after all, the Mick Foley of your Unholy Cannoli."
    Chef John, as a guy who grew up watching WWE, THANK YOU.

  2. A little vanilla and/or almond extract with the citrus zest sends me into orbit. Thanks, Chef John, for a brilliant retake on a classic. I'd prefer this thin, crisp, not-fried cookie shell. My mouth is watering, and the anticipation of mouth feel is exquisite. I learned to make fabulous cannoli from a "Brutsay" (family on both sides from Abruzzi) friend, descended from great cooks and bakers, but my preference is to taste traditional and then use any appealing method/ingredients that up the experience. I've collected many simple and delightful ideas from your always enjoyable videos. You're certainly a good friend to many good enthusiasts like myself.

  3. You could use this cookie technique for a lot of different recipes, I think. Would this work as a cone for ice cream maybe?

  4. I'm getting ideas about doing a panettone-flavored version for a really lovely holiday version. Almond and vanilla extract, candied citron and orange peel, crushed almonds, perhaps crushed amaretti sprinkled on the cookie shells before baking. A sensory delight.

  5. I just got off a MEMBERS ONLY chat…and the only thing I want to know is HOW DO YOU BECOME A MEMBER????? I ended up paying $2.79 just to ask that question, but even though Chef John addressed my comment, it apparently wasnt’ clear to him what I was asking!

  6. I don't have a drop of Italian in me but if I was served this as a cannoli I would demand my money back. Im sure the rest of you drones are ga ga about it….

  7. i might just make the filling and stuff that into wonton skins and make sweet rangoon, to serve alongside some spicy crab rangoon. so many ideas. thanks, Chef John.

  8. Chef John, make an okonomyaki episode! The name means “as you like” so even you can’t mess it up! Even with a little shake of cayenne

  9. OOOH! Can't wait to try this! About once every 5 years I make cheater's sfogliatelle using store-bought phyllo dough, cream puff pastry dough to help them puff WAY up and since I find the classic riccota filling a little heavy, I Americanize it by mixing equal parts riccota cream filling, classic French custard cream and slightly sweetened whipped cream. Several people have told me it was the best thing they've ever eaten. I may have to enter the Witness Protection Program, now.

  10. That little spot of cheese? You didn't make it better, Chef John. YOU MADE IT WORSE! It needs a professional pastry restorer. I just hope we're not too late.

  11. These look delicious. Just forget the term cannoli and enjoy them for what they are. I'm a southern Italian and …I'll take a box thanks.

  12. Yes Chef John yes! I have been looking for a lighter and easier version of cannoli for so long.

    God bless you Chef John.
    Cue happy tears…

  13. The only cannolis I've had seemed like they were filled with thick frosting w/ some chocolate chips in it and were kinda disappointing.

  14. Chef John! My food wish is DESSERT SPAGHETTI… that's right sweet vanillaeey pasta with chocolate meatballs, strawberry (or cherry) marinara sauce, possiblity of white chocolate parmesan (I know you don't like white chocolate so you can substitute)…..I literally had a dream of this years ago but just remembered it..I hope you read this and can help me out. Please please please

  15. Hey Chef John I just became a member the other day and now I am leaving ! You ask why ? Well it's because of you greedy ass Live Blog !! Since you like money more than fans and members on your channel I wish you luck you Ass hat !!

  16. I just might make Chef's cookie version. Have only made them a few times before, and I cheated, too. I used filo. Brushed melted butter and sprinkled turbinado sugar with cinnamon and cardamom between the layers, cut into 4-inch squares with a pizza cutter, pressed three or four into each muffin tin cup with all the points offset from each other, or two and two each cup. Baked 8-10 m at 400 dF till light golden. Filled them with my ricotta filling, I like his better. If you try it you can do better than I did, by preventing it from puffing up with parchment paper and weights or old beans in each one. They keep for days. I know, it's sacrilege. I've used filo for samosas and knishes, too. Lazy.

  17. I am Sicilian and have taken 4 decades to perfect my family’s recipe.

    I received the highest praise possible. My grandfather has never said that anyone’s anything could ever beat his older sister’s cooking or baking. I had him try it at Christmas a few years ago. He took a bite and what he said silenced 40 of our relatives by this one statement, “My god they’re better than Giusepina’s!” My response is best said like this, “😧😧😧!”

    This is my greatest accomplishment ever!

    He passed away 1-2 years after this, and is something I never expected to hear, but is my biggest point of pride.

  18. Your videos make me happier, and listening to your teaching voice has pulled me out of panic attacks. Thank you Chef John.

  19. I really wanted to hear the recipe for these cannolis but I literally had to pause the video out of frustration from his sing-songy voice. I have heard other videos but this is astoundingly annoying

  20. “7 inches long and 2 inches in diameter” that’s what she said! That’s what she said. Chef John add that to you joke book!

  21. If you're looking for video suggestions, you should do "Syrki"( сырки), Russian chocolate coated sweet savory cream cheese treats.

  22. What we used to do was make pizzelles and roll them. Right off the press, they’re perfect for rolling and the anise flavor makes a superior tasting shell, in my opinion, without that oily taste from frying. I think it is a lot easier than this and it’ll be much faster.

  23. New subscriber must confess: Whoever is on the moon hears my lol while I watch your videos. Bonus: Watching instills confidence for me to push onward in the home chef endeavors.

  24. I have enjoyed watching many of your videos and my advice is to stop using the phrase "a couple of". "A couple of" means "two" and it's never two in your videos so just say "a few".

  25. Im reminded of Chris Farley doing the Zagat skit. "Ravioli? Holy Cannoli!"

    Also props for the Mick Foley reference 😍

  26. Nooooo… my favorite dessert and you showed me how I can actually make them. Pretty sure I'm ruining my diet tomorrow

  27. How weird! I was watching Babish make Canoli and talk about Chef John when I got the notification to this video 😂

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