Unbaked Danette Cake I COLLABORATION VIDEO I كيكة الدانيت الباردة بقوام كريمي و طعم و لا أروع

Unbaked Danette Cake I COLLABORATION VIDEO I كيكة الدانيت الباردة بقوام كريمي و طعم و لا أروع

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  1. The links to their channels:
    Cooking with Lisa channel:
    Yummy it! Food channel:
    For Collaboration videos contact me on my email you can find it in “About” on my channel😄

  2. Hi Abir, first of all I'll like to say thank you so so much doing this collaboration video with me. I really do appreciate it. Second of all your danette cake really looks amazing and so chocolately! My son would enjoy this for sure. Great video my friend and much love to you!!! 🥰🤗🥰

  3. Wow, this looks amazing. How did you know I love dark chocolate? What is Danette? Is it like Nutella? I love everything about this cake..the crust looks amazing and the filling is very soft, chocolatey and very satisfying. It doesn't look too sweet, so I can definitely eat a big slice with a cup of latte! This would be very dangerous in our house, my husband would eat the whole thing after I grab my slice LOL. I love your style of baking, it's very detailed and easy to follow. The results always looks fantastic…this will for sure be played many times on our playlist. Thank you so much for the wonderful and sweet shout out, it made us very happy (hubby and I watched together). Congrats on your first awesome collaboration with Lisa, she's wonderful and I love her channel as well. Can't wait to see what she's cooking in this collab. Excellent job! Hope you have a wonderful day! 💋😍👍LIKE #7

  4. Love the collab you two 👏🏽👏🏽☺️ 😋Another amazingly delicious and yummy dessert my friend. Excellent preparation👌🏽 Thanks for sharing💐

  5. Super like & Absolutely Amazing good looking cake .. 😍 Liked ur collaboration too .. Thanks for sharing 👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻

  6. Very Nice video my friend … and great idea …… Thanks a lot for this very colorful Unbaked Danette Cake recipe ….. Hello from PARIS – FRANCE my friend ! ! ! ! 🍄💖🍚🍄💖💖🍚🍄💖🍚😍🍄💖🍚🍎

  7. ⚜️🥀⚜️ New friend, Hello

    ⚜️🥀⚜️ Amazing wow very nice cake recipe 👌 very nice video

    ⚜️🥀⚜️ Keep sharing

    ⚜️🥀⚜️A big big like

    ⚜️🥀⚜️Have a wonderful time

  8. Maine ap ke chanel ko subscribe kar diya please ap bhi mere channel ko subscribe kar
    Dijye ak dusre ki madad karenge to hamra chanel jarur grow hoga 🙏

  9. It looks very delicious
    I was hungry (laughs)
    It ’s a good video.
    I subscribed to the channel.
    I'll go play again 💨
    If you like it, please come and visit us.

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