Type 5 – Tiramisu Exclusive (Enneagram Cupcakes)

Type 5 – Tiramisu Exclusive (Enneagram Cupcakes)

Five is very cerebral Probably the most heady on all of the Enneagram The ability to compartmentalize things so Fives are going to withdraw and
create space from the world and people. Because the fear is being invaded on… Fives are also wanting to be the expert Typically wanting to be the expert in a particular subject
to learn everything there is to know about that subject. Fives are Observant and Scholarly (Type 5 Cupcake) This is a tiramisu cupcake Tiramisu is our gesture at the sophisticated
perhaps even a little guarded quality
of the five. We have the symbol of the brain there because they are living in the head space. Brilliant! This is my cupcake mine…

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  1. Hi BenAmi, I have watched your video but I do not understand much about my type, can you explain it more pls? Thanks

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