Trump Goes Hard – Songify 2016

Trump Goes Hard – Songify 2016

Thank you for sitting down with me. Were you ever bullied? No, I wasn’t Has it happened that somebody has – has done something to you? To wound you? I try and unwound myself I feel like your trying to get out of bounds Mr. Trump, some have suggested that you refuse to release your tax returns because of your extreme privacy concerning your hobbies Yes So can you confirm or deny this list of personal pastimes? Yeah, I guess It’s gonna be a throw down in November Whoever sings the best will be the winner The winner Remember that you can hear the autotrack HERE To vote for president just bang your head against your desk Or argue with your friend or a stranger in the comment of a YouTube video Now have a great day and a great life!

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  1. This one is really in a row with Charlie Sheen's "winning interview" – I go HARD WINNING!

    "I'm on a drug called
    Donald Trump;
    It won me elections,
    If you try it once, you will die!"

    P. S. – I go hard like Vladimir Putin by A.M.G.

  2. Sou um brasileiro que gosta de ficar bêbado ouvindo esse som e o do charlie sheen, já queimei muita comida esquentando distraído aqui

  3. VOTE #Trump2020 or #AdiosAmerica ! #GodBlessTrump

  4. your so good at this now. I'm just trying to Songify my prime minister. Long-time Musician, first-time songifyer. But I have loved your stuff for years. It's not that east to manually do this. I wish you would make an app that allowed me to songify with music that I wrote. So just using FL Studio with New tone. Its working but its limited as is my hardware too. Anyway, just thought I would drop a not to say you are so good. Kudos.

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