Tronco de Navidad Red Velvet | Roll Cake | Quiero Cupcakes!

Tronco de Navidad Red Velvet | Roll Cake | Quiero Cupcakes!

Hi Cupcakers!
Welcome another Friday to the channel. Today we’ll make a Christmas log
that’s perfect for the holidays. We’ll make it with a red velvet cake, with
buttercream and covered in white chocolate. I know some of you know this cake like a brazo de gitanos. niño envuelto or brazo de reina. If there’s a name I don’t know please
leave a comment so I know it too. This cake is kind of particular. Since it has to be spongy and flexible. But don’t worry I tell you all you need to know about it. I’ll also show you how to decorate it with a realistic look. It’s not difficult at all, we’ll only need a fork and a stick. If you want to see how to make it stay,
because the recipe starts now. For the cake we’ll need:
eggs, all purpose flour, sugar, vanilla extract, red dye and powdered cocoa. Let’s separate the yolks and the whites. Let’s beat the whites for 5 minutes or until they foam. Now add the sugar and keep beating until it turns firm. Now put aside for later use. In another bowl beat the yolks with the rest of the sugar. beat at medium speed for 10 minutes. The yolks will turn creamy too. They double in size and turn more white. Once they are whipped, add the vanilla extract and mix. Now let’s add the red dye. You can also use liquid dye. But you’ll need more and it might
modify the consistency of your mix. That’s why it’s better to use gel or paste dyes. Once you have the right tone add the whipped whites. Add them little by little with circular movements. As you can see this dough has no
baking soda or baking powder. So the trick of getting a soft cake is to mix the whites slowly. Once it’s mixed, add the flour and the cocoa with a colander. Sift the ingredients and mix with circular movements. The cocoa I’m using is sugar free
and it has an intense taste. So with little quantity we get a great chocolate taste. if you can’t find it you can use other
powdered cocoa, like Nesquik. But keep in mind that this way the taste
will be less and you’ll need more sugar. Once there is no flour visible, we’ll prepare the pan. Let’s place a sheet of baking paper over
the tray where we’ll bake the cake. I’m using a 48 by 28 cm tray. Now let’s spread the cake all over the tray. I don’t recommend pouring the dough in the center and
spreading it to the sides, because the dough is very dense. So it’s best not to manipulated too
much so it doesn’t lose the air. You can make it in a bigger or smaller tray. Keep in mind that depending on
the tray we will have to modify the quantity of ingredients so the
cake will have the adequate size. Once the dough is spread, take it to a pre-heated oven at
180°C with heat on top and on the bottom with no fan. Since the cake is so thing
we must keep watch at the oven. Because it will bake in very little time.
For me it was around 10 minutes. Once out of the oven let it cool on the
tray over a cooling rack for 10 minutes. Then remove the cooling rack and
place a baking paper over the cake. Flip the cake with decision. Carefully detach the cake from the baking paper. That’s why this paper is so useful for these cakes. Once this is done, we’ll roll it keeping
the side we just detached on the inside. The cake is a little hot, so it’s perfect to roll. We must roll it before it cools down. This way it will cool down once it has the definite shape. If we roll it when it’s cold, it will break. We let it cool down while rolled. Now we’ll do the ganache to cover it, we’ll need: Cream with at least 35% of fat and white chocolate. heat the cream until it almost boils, you can do
it in the microwave or in a saucepan. Now pour it over the chocolate and let it
rest for 1 minute so the chocolate melts. With a spatula stir until the chocolate
and the cream make a sauce. Cover the ganache with plastic wrap
so that it touches the ganache. In a way that it touches the surface. This way the ganache won’t get dry. Now we can let it cool down at room temperature. Now we’ll prepare the filling, we’ll need: icing sugar, unsalted butter and cream cheese. Place the room temperature butter in the
mixer and mix at high speed for 5 minutes. This way the butter will be creamier and
it will lose its intense buttery taste. After this add the icing sugar. Sift it before adding it with a colander. This way we make sure our cream will have no lumps. Beat for 5 minutes at high speed. For this kind of cream the sugar has to be very thin. This way we won’t feel the sugar crystals. Check that all is well mixed. Sometimes there can be ingredients
that have not mixed in the bottom. Now we add the just out of the
fridge and cold cream cheese. And mix at high speed for 2 minutes. Now our filling is ready. For me, this is the best way to
accompany the red velvet cake. But you can fill it with any buttercream that you’d like. Now unroll the cake and put syrup on the inside. To make the syrup just put on a saucepan
the ingredients that are on the screen. Once the sugar dissolves, turn off the stove,
let it cool and the syrup is ready. Once the cake has the syrup, we fill it
with the buttercream we just made. The way I’m doing it it’s super easy. This way we only have to make strips with a pastry bag. This way we make sure that the filling has
the same thickness all over the cake. if your buttercream is very soft, I
recommend to put it inside the fridge for 10 minutes so it hardens. When done we roll the cake. The best way to do it is to use the
baking paper and not press too much. Otherwise the filling will come out on the sides. Once the cake is rolled up, put it in the
fridge for 30 minutes before cutting it. After this the filling will have more consistency. And we’ll be able to cut the
cake without losing its shape. With a sharp knife let’s cut one of the sides. And then let’s make a diagonal cut, and it must be a big piece because it’s the
piece we’ll place over the log. We’ll also cut the other side but
this time in a straight manner. Now over a rectangular tray place a
baking paper and over it put the log. On the side we place the piece we cutted straight. With the filling it will set to the body of the log. Cover the log with some ganache
to fix the diagonal piece. And we place the diagonal cutted piece facing down. Now comes the fun part. Now cover the log with the white chocolate ganache. Cover all the places of the log, except for
the places where you can see the filling. This will not be the final cover, you can
still see the red color from the cake, But once we do this layer take the log to the fridge for 20 minutes so it hardens. After this, we place another layer over the log. And this time the log will be totally covered. So we keep placing the rest of the ganache. Now take the log to the fridge
so the final layer can harden. This way, when we take it out we
can make the details to the log. With a little stick we make circles this way in the log. Then with a fork, we make the details of the cortex. You’ll see the fork makes a great deal of detail on the log. Little by little our log will look more natural. Once done, pass the fork a second time. Always making sure that the fork
goes over the same lines. This way it gives the log a more irregular
look and more rugged look to the cortex. Once done, we take it to the fridge
again for 15 minutes so it hardens. Once out of the fridge, with a spatula go under the log. This way we can detach the baking paper. For the final decorations I’ll use some
mint leaves and some raspberries. You can also use fondant decorations
or use edible decorations. But I like the mint and raspberry
option because it looks more natural. Once done, sprinkle icing sugar over the log. This way it will have a snowy look that I love. And our log is ready. Remember that since it has cream cheese it
must remain in the fridge until it’s served. Although this one won’t last long since it looks so delicious. If you liked the recipe hit the like button and share
the link so your friends and family can see it. Maybe they’ll bake it for you, who knows. Subscribe to the channel
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See you next Tuesday with another new Christmas recipe. See you soon Cupcakers!

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  1. Porque en algunos canales dicen que el queso crema nunca debe ser recien salido del refrigerador? Y aca pame dice que debe ser recien 🙁

  2. Hola Pam, deseo comprarme bandejas para hacer esta receta cuál es la mejor para esta cantidad de ingredientes, soy principiante en repostería 40×38 altura 3.5cm,30×28 altura 5, 32×31 altura 5 , 40×30 altura 6 y otro altura 3.5 es importante la altura para hacer la génoise o brazo brazo gitano o pionono ?

  3. Me encntan tu tutoriales…. yo hice el tronco pero con bizcocho de vainilla… pregunto si quiero darle sabor a fresa, agregando fresa y jalea de fresa a la butter cream para el relleno debo agregarle algo más para que no se pierda la consistencia..?? y adonde te mando la imagen del tronco de navidad de chocolate negro??

  4. Consejo si hacen esta receta la crema no ajusta con las cantidades que da, asi que hagan un poco más agregando 150gr de mantequilla y queso para el azúcar utilizaran 300gr.

  5. Hola Pam, gracias por compartir tantas recetas y trucos. Podrías recomendarme otro tipo de relleno, que no sea de chocolate blanco y turrón ni de queso crema? Gracias 🙂

  6. Hola espero estés bien porfaa haz para esta navidad un arrollado o brazo de zanahoria relleno de lustre queso crema porfa desde Costa Rica un abrazo te bendigo

  7. Se ve riquísima, la prepararé para Navidad, ya he preparado varias tortas tuyas y me han quedado muy ricas además de cupcakes… bendiciones Pam

  8. Me gusta mucho, en la receta dice que la bandeja es de 48×28 cm, no encuentro ninguna de esa medida, si la bandeja es distinta, hay que modificar cantidades?

  9. Si se usa solo queso mascarpone, se usa la misma cantidad que de queso crema y de mantequilla? O necesita la mantequilla?
    Saludos 🤘🏻😁🤘🏻

  10. Muchas gracias.Pam! Tus tutoriales són fantàsticos
    Podria preparar.el brazo gitano.con.un dia de antelación?
    Feliz Navidad 😘

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