Topper SIRENA SIN MOLDE para Cupcakes y Tartas | by MARIELLY

Topper SIRENA SIN MOLDE para Cupcakes y Tartas | by MARIELLY

Hi, I’m Marielly and welcome to
Ponquecitos and Cakes, today we are going to make a mermaid topper The carnival has arrived and it is the ideal time to this tutorial full of fantasy and
color, as is the siren, in it you I’m going to teach how to do this kind of
decoration without using any type of mold subscribe to the channel and activate the campaign to receive notification of all my videos this type of figure is going to serve us so much for the carnival as for any
time of year since the sirens is a theme that will serve for the summer,
for girls parties and lately it’s within the trends so let’s go with the tutorial How to make a Mermaid Topper for
cakes and cupcakes without using molds to perform this modeling we need
very few materials among them are the modeling paste, a roller, a
esaca, a scalpel or knife, skewers or lollipop sticks, dyes
food, airbrush or paint brushes modeling the figure to perform the
You can directly use the paste model commercial, if not then
can use fondant with cmc or tilosa and a little cornstarch and my favorite is the
mix 50 percent of flower paste with 50 percent fondant and this is going to
make it harden very quickly in our figure, we take a portion of
the modeling dough and we make a churrito of the thickness of the siren, flattening one of its ends against the table, this will be the basis we calculate half and we sharpen the
center towards the end that has the the opposite end what flattened in an angle with the roll help, without pressing in
excess a scalpel or knife we ​​cut in two
parts and with your fingers we open and give shape to the fin, with a metal stem
or plastic we make the texture gently with lines from the center towards
the outside, if you do not have this type of tool, a tooth stick
It will allow to make the same texture we cut in half one end of a
drinking straw and with this crescent moon we mark the texture of fish scale
intercalating position between ones and others to make a more beautiful effect,
we apply a little water on the skewer or lollipop stick to place the
stick it is important to do it in the form of screw in this way we are going to
deform the figure, once ready we let it dry it is important that it is not
in a very hot place and away from moisture and that will take between 6 to 12
hours depending on the temperature environment that is in your city coloring with brushes, we dilute our coloring either with water or some kind of liquor
white, you can also use coloring food powder and apply with the
help of a brush a soft layer of color to be this type of paint
transparent, we can apply a color over another and achieve in this way a
I degraded, applying so many layers of color as intensity you want
we can also use a paste as a base of modeling dyed a color for
intensify this tone with the diluted dye thus achieving a gradient in a
single tonality airbrush coloring with the airbrush you can use the
airbrush coloring but if not what you can
use diluted gel dye with some kind of liquor or with water, to
paint faded shoot your airbrush a distance of about 15 centimeters
figure and get closer to the areas what do you want with more intensity,
you can superimpose one color over another and so achieve a gradient, I used blue
pink and lilac Sparkles and glitters to give this special texture
We use silver or gold dye and the way to apply it is in dry, the food coloring powder is ideal for this finish, we can apply it in a single area or in the whole figure You can also use a frosty tone
to resemble the brightness of a fish and we got some beautiful figures,
completely edible I hope you liked the tutorial today and if so, remember to give a like and Share with your friends, subscribe to
channel and activate the bell so that receive notification of all my
videos what not inside anything with a recipe bye!

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  1. Meee encanta! Amoo tu felicidad me inspiraa a seguir aprendiendo cada ves mas!! 💜🎀🎀 te quieroo mucho chula!!

  2. Meee encanta! Amoo tu felicidad me inspiraa a seguir aprendiendo cada ves mas!! 💜🎀🎀 te quieroo mucho chula!!

  3. Meee encanta! Amoo tu felicidad me inspiraa a seguir aprendiendo cada ves mas!! 💜🎀🎀 te quieroo mucho chula!!

  4. Ahhhh Siii hola mariely. Que gusto que estés de regreso ya te extrañaba jijiji …están súper bellos los cupcakes .👍👍👍👍👍 saludo s desde NY guapa muchas Gracias por compartir tus recetas y tu tiempo con nosotros.

  5. WOW!! Te salió hermoso😍me encanta❤, que bien que los materiales son fáciles, así podré intentarlo cuando quiera sorprender a alguien 😊😋😋 gracias, sigue con esa gran energía 😊

  6. Me encantan todos tus videos Mariellly siempre muy buenos además me gusta que nos das tips de como hacerlos 👏🏼👏🏼🙌🏻

  7. Hola marielly espero te sigas recuperando para que pronto estés de regreso se extraña tus recetas y tu buena vibra .

  8. Buscando como hacer toppers de Sirena sin molde,encontré este vídeo sin duda es la mejor explicación que he visto!!👌👏👏👋❤

  9. Hola Marielly. Tengo que hacer una torta estilo mexicano para un cumpleaños y me gustaria saber con que material me conviene hacer las decoraciones. Pasta de goma esta bien? Saludos desde Argentina 😃

  10. Hola 😃qué buenos tips gracias por compartir 😘justo lo que necesitaba ya que no tengo un molde de silicona😏

  11. hola me gustaria que me comparta la masa de la cola de sirena,por favor estan hermosas gracias,saludos de mexico

  12. Me encanta como explicas todo,además sos super alegre y simpática!!!Asi da gusto aprender!!!!
    Soy nueva suscriptora😍

  13. Muchas gracias por el tutorial, me va a venir muy bien para la tarta que tengo que entregar el sábado ☺️☺️👏👏


  15. Mucha gracias por el vídeo está muy bien explicado …logré hacer mi cola de sirena para un pastel …gracias mil amo tus vídeos. Saludos desde Veracruz,ver. México

  16. Hola!!! soy de Cordoba,Argentina,busque en un monton de cotillones el molde y me cobraban una locuraaa!! Lo compre y hoy veo tu tutorialll FELICITACIONES!!! Muy claro y facil.Abrazo

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