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I everyone and welcome to the last of Nicko’s Kitchen’s Australia Day special and today we’re going to go out with a BANG we’re making Tim Tam Cake Pops,
so much fun – so let’s get started! Tim Tam Cake Pops so easy to do and they are going to taste delicious! let me tell you Now we’re going to use the food processor for this. ok? And it’s the easiest way to do
it you can get food processors now they’re so cheap to buy. And the first thing that we’re going to be adding in is some Philadelphia cream cheese at room temperature. And the star ingredient of course is
going to be Tim Tams. Argueably Australia’s favorite biscuit or cookie. It’s a chocolate
coated biscuit as we call them here in Australia. You can get all different types. I’m using the original type here. And you can get them all around the world, you can get them and they are sold, so you just have to find them in one of those world markets or something like that, I’m sure you will pick them up. And all I’m doing is just popping them straight in. Just breaking them in half Then I’m going to give it a pulse a couple of times. litter it. So this is the mixture that we’re after, just
like that nice and smooth, creamy. And now we can start shaping our cake pops. So guys, I’ve just got a plate with some baking paper on it. And using clean hands I’m just gonna roll
these into ball shapes and just place them on the baking paper and just keep repeating that
process with the mixture that you have. And all I need you to do now is pop your balls into the freezer – the Tim Tam ones I’m talking about. And I want you to pop them in there for about a half an hour just to chill. Ok and we want them to firm up. So guys, I’ve just brought them out of the freezer and it’s very important: what
will happen once you put them in their initially they’ll get a little flat spot on the bottom so what I want you to do is
just again mix them, roll them into those ball shapes. It’ll be a little bit harder this time, because they’ve almost sort of set if you like in the freezer but we’re just going to roll them around and recreate that ball shape. Now repeat that process with the balls that you have and pop them back in the freezer for another five minutes. What we are going to do now is insert these cake pop sticks now if you don’t have these you can buy these at a cake store, cake decorating store or kitchen shop. But if you can’t get your hands on them, just use a normal skewer. uh… that you would use for kebab
or something like that will do just fine and all I’m going to do is just straight down. Now what I’ve got here guys is some melted chocolate, I’ve just got some of those chocolate chips pop them in the microwave for about a
minute and I’ve just let the chocolate cool for about five minutes so it’s not that real intense heat when it comes out of the microwave. And I’m just going to grab one of the balls here and just dip it in, okay, bring it back up and just let the excess chocolate just drip off. Just keep repeating that process and then we can decorate them and then stick them in the freezer
just for five minutes just to chill. So there you have it guys. There’s my Tim Tam cake pops. Really simple to do, fun and you can save these up for dessert
on Australia day. Everyone can get stuck in. Just pick it up. pop it and you go and just go for broke and they will be so delicious. Now let’s get eating them, shall we? So we’re going to give one of these cake pops a try. i love these, I love the Tim Tams in them let’s go! Oh yeah. Ohohoh! you know what? Some people go “It’s not really a cake pop because it’s not a cake” But it’s like a cheesecake pop. Because it’s like that Tim Tam cheesecake thing meeting up and that chocolate crust on the outside. It’s like a choc bomb. If you were in Australia you would know what a choc bomb is, that crunch when you go through that is amazing the flavor of that is just sensational. So I hope you enjoyed these Tim Tam cake pop as much as I did, whole lot of fun. And they do look fantastic on any Australia day table, let me tell you! All the ingredients are below for it so check it out. You have a fantastic Australia day. We live in one of the best countries in the world, no doubt about that so wherever you are whatever you’re doing on Australia day enjoy, be safe take care and I’ll see you this coming
Monday for another budget meals recipe so until then – goodbye!

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