Thomas Train Birthday Cake HOW TO COOK THAT Ann Reardon 3D fondant

Thomas Train Birthday Cake HOW TO COOK THAT Ann Reardon 3D fondant

Welcome to How To Cook That
I am Ann Reardon Today we are making a 3D train cake. I have
shown you how to make the face before and have had lots and lots of requests or people
begging fro help can you please show us how to make the whole train cake, so here it is. Firstly we are going to make the red fondant
details You can get the template for these and the
recipe for the cake and all the fondant quantities all those little details from the website I will put a link in the description below this video. Cut out the strips for the front and the back
of your train. When I need bright coloured fondant like this I buy it pre-coloured because
otherwise you can tend to get pink instead of red if you are trying to mix it yourself. To make the little bumps at the front and
the back roll a thick snake of red trim it to size and then push it into shape by flattening
each side, use a ruler to make sure it is straight and put it into place in the centre
of the red strips. Then take the template for the side red strip
and roll out some fondant fairly thickly for this because this strip sticks out from the
side of the cake a little bit. And trim around the template and then flip it over and cut
a second one. Next roll out some blue fondant and cut out
the shapes for the side of the cake making sure that you have two of everything and with
the odd shape make sure you flipped it over when you are cutting the second one so the
shape is facing the right way on each side of the cake. Roll out some red and place the blue pieces
on top. Using a pizza cutter and a knife cut around it leaving an even border of red the
whole way around each piece . You want these details to dry out so they
need to made a few days ahead, but if you want to be organized you can make them up
to a month before you need to make the cake.. Then to make the dome roll a fat snake and
then using the template trim it to size. If the knife has squashed when you cut it then
just roll it a little bit to round it out out again. We are making it taller than it
needs to be so we can push it into the cake. For our wheels roll out some blue fondant
and cut out 6 circles in the size shown. Then cut out the centre using a smaller cutter. You do this using something round and cut
around it with a knife but you might find it easier to buy a circle cutter set, I’ll
link to the one that I used for this cake in the description below. Take a knife and trim off an edge of the inner
circles Then roll out some more fondant and cut out
another 6 circles. And then cut some really thin strips of blue.
Trim them to the length shown and then place two across each other so that it splits it
into quarters, then put anther two in each gap so you have a total of 6 strips going
across your circle. Then take a tiny circle cutter I am using the end of a piping tip
and trim out that centre circle where all the excess pieces have built up in high. Then
cut another circle of blue and place it in the centre of the wheel. Then I used a drinking
straw cut another circle and place that on top right in the centre. Take the ring that we cut out just a moment
ago, place that over the spokes and then little semi circle just on one side of the wheel. Repeat that until you have six wheels. Roll out some yellow, if your fondant is sticking
to the rolling pin add a little spray oil and rub it onto your rolling pin and try again. Cut around the number 1 using the template
you will need one of those for each side. Then place these onto some red fondant and
cut around them leaving a little border of red. Find all the parts of the template that say
cut from black and cut those out. Roll a skinny snake of black and cut to the length shown. Then roll a fat snake and cut it to the length
for the funnel, cut a strip of black and wrap it around one end using a tiny bit of water
to make it stick. Then set that aside to dry. Place your black rectangles onto some yellow
fondant and cut around them and leave them to dry too. Roll a thin snake of yellow and
cut them to the same length and round them on the ends. These will go at the front of
the train. Now to make our bumpers, roll some red fondant
out thickly and using a straw cut some cylinders. Put a tiny bit of water on the red rectangle
that we made earlier and add the cylinder onto that and then take one of your black
circles and put them on top. And repeat that on the other piece. Again using a tiny amount of water add the
number 1 to the sides of your train. Then cut another two circles from black, place
them on some yellow fondant and cut around them using a knife or a circle cutter if you
have one so that you have a yellow border. I already have a detailed video showing the
face as I said so I’ll link to that one here, it is an older video but it still explains
it simply if you follow the method for making it you’ll find it really quite easy to do. So now you have all of your details made ahead
and you can just leave those uncovered to dry. Leave them for a few days and they should
be dried out after that and then you can store them in an airtight container with baking
paper underneath them until you are ready to use them. Now to assemble your cake. You will need frosting,
a strong cake board, some cooled simple syrup which is just half a cup of water and half
a cup of sugar boiled until the sugar is dissolved. And your cakes I am using two and a half quantities
of the rich chocolate cake the recipe and details for the cake and frosting, videos
of how to make them all all of that is on the website Place a small amount of frosting on the board
to stop the cake slipping when you move it. Cut around your template and add the first
layer of cake, cover it in frosting. Add the next layer, some simple syrup which helps
keep the cake moist and then add more frosting. Continue to stack up the cake up layers up.
Use off cuts from layers you have already done to make one of your layers. And then
look at the side of your cake and check that you are up to the top of the rounded section. Fold your cutting template to the length from
the back of the train to the end of the part that it sticking up.
And cut more cake to this size. And stack that on top
Put your template in front again and fold it to the width of the remaining section.
Using off cuts cut two more layers of cake and add them to the very top. You should now have what looks like a strange
set of steps. Place your template against the cake and using
a sharp serrated knife cut around the template. If you don’t trust your cutting ability to
cut straight you can print two templates and put one on either side of the cake to guide
you when you are cutting it. To make the rounded part in the centre cut
out circles of cake and trim off one side. So you just have a small semi circle Sandwich
those together with buttercream and add them to the middle of the cake. Then use your circle
cutter to remove some cake from the next layer down so that you have room to add two more
complete circles in front of that. Don’t add them to the cake yet just join them to each
other with buttercream and check that they fit. Cover the whole cake in frosting then look
at it from the front round off a little bit for the roof, you can do that before you add
the frosting I just forgot. Cover the circles of cake in frosting too.
Then clean up your work area and put the cake int he fridge for about an hour the frosting
to firm up. Roll out a long piece of black fondant and
cut a strip. You can roll it up to make it easier to move. Then unroll it as you wrap
it around the base of the cake. Repeat that with a strip of red. Now add some grey to the front of the cake,
use a fondant smoother to push it into place. Next roll out a large piece of blue fondant
and drape it over the entire cake. Use your fingers gently smooth it in around the shape
of the cake. lifting and lowering it on the sids to smooth out any pleats. I often get asked in the comments if I make
this cake for someone how much should I charge them for it. I suggest that you look up 3D
cakes at stores local to see how much they are charging in the area near you because
it is very different in country to country. Where I live detailed thomas cakes in this
size sell for just under $500. Use your fondant smoother to smooth out the
sides and then feel for where the top of the red fondant is and then trim it off in a straight
line along the edge. Next make some thin snakes of red fondant,
you can do that either by rolling them or using a fondant extruder, I will ink to where
i got this one in the description below. Trim them to the right length and place them
over the top of the rounded part of the train. To add the blue dome take something round
and cut out a circle out, I am using the back of a piping tip. And then push the dome in
until it is the right height. Trim the very top of each wheel, and then
add a little water to the side of the cake and put your wheels in place. Then add the
red side piece over the top. Add the front piece to the front of the train
and the back to the other side. Measure the distance between the back of the
train and the bumper and cut a strip of grey to go over the top of that area. Add a little water to the top of the red on
the sides of the train and place a thin strip of grey over the top there. Next add all of your side details that we
made earlier. This is where making the details ahead makes getting the cake together a breeze
when you are making it the day before the party. Roll out an extra strip of grey and add it
over the front to make it nice and smooth. Then add a strip of black and the strange
shaped black details that we made earlier should just go around that rounded smooth
section at the front. Roll out some more black, cut a strip and
wrap it around the circle of cake that we covered in frosting earlier. And the add the
face to the front of that just leave that to one side for the moment so the fondant
can stick to that buttercream really well. Cut a rectangle of black and place it across
the on top for the roof section. Place a strip of black across the top of the back section
and then I’ve just cut little bits of black fondant to look like coal you could put lollies
in the back here or whatever you are wanting in the back of your train. Finally add the face to the front of the cake
Cut out a circle from the top and poke in the funnel into the top. One question I get asked a lot is what do
you do with all of these cakes once they are finished? If you keep watching I will show
you where this one ended up. Others I either give away on instagram – so make sure you
follow howtocookthat if you live locally and others I just cut up and freeze for school
lunches. This particular thomas cake was a birthday
present for one of my little boys good friends. Thanks for watching, add all of your requests
in the comments below and subscribe to howtocookthat for more cakes, chocolate and desserts there
is a new video every Friday. Have a great week

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  1. 500 dollars for a birthday cake?! Are you selling to the rich and famous. Maybe for wedding cake that would be reasonable but never any other time.

  2. Ann,

    I am so excited to make this cake for my son's 3rd birthday. I am in the states and I'm having trouble matching the pan size. Would a 9X15 work? What depth?

    Thank you for the help!

  3. About how many people does this cake feed? And also, would this type of cake work if I made it as a tres leches cake?

  4. Please I am in need of the thomos template and no longer able to find it on the website. How can I purchase this? also I have tried thr links listed below and none worked. Thanks

  5. hi i have purchased the template from your website but i was wondering if you could help me with ingredient quantities for a vanilla cake rather then the chocolate please i would be extremely grateful for any help

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  7. my mom makes cakes to and she only charges 5 to 10 dollars for every cake unless it is a wedding cake then it is only 15 to 25 dollars. And it is like that in any country.

  8. Really enjoyed this tutorial. What are the dimensions for this cake? And Thomas' face? Just want an idea of how big the cake will actually be.
    Thanks in advance

  9. Hello I bought the template and the transaction was successful but I could not download it. Not sure what happened??? Can you please email it to me?

  10. Made this cake for my sons second birthday today and everyone loved it! Thank you so much for the tutorial!!! This is the second one of your cakes I’ve attempted and I couldn’t have done it without your videos and templates! Thank you thank you!!! We had one happy little boy today!

  11. Hi! Ive just bought and printed out the templates and im going to make this for my Thomas crazy son's 3rd birthday! He will be so excited! Just one question – what happened to the ganache??? I didnt see you using it anywhere – just saw buttercream frosting. Have i missed anything??

  12. My son loves watching your cakes. But for his birthday, wants “Thomas & Friends Doughnuts”. Any recommendations on how we might do that?

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