The WINE LOVER’s Loire Valley Guide! – Finding the Source of Cabernet Franc & Chenin Blanc! (France)

The WINE LOVER’s Loire Valley Guide! – Finding the Source of Cabernet Franc & Chenin Blanc! (France)

…there I tasted a vertical line up of
wines going back all the way to 1911 yes a 109-year-old wine, an absolutely
incredible experience I will tell you a lot more in just a minute. What is up
guys? This is Julien the French winemaking a who makes one videos here on YouTube
is here on YouTube in wine videos saying this is episode number two of a wine
trip I made a few months ago down the Loire River Valley of France today I’m
taking you to discover absolute gems of French red and once there you should
absolutely know about so first we’ll go involve a where some
of the best sherry brown wines are made in the world kind of the homeland of
shannon blonde they make some still white wines and delicious sparkling
wines there and will also go in Cabernet from country red wines in Bordeaux to be
specific where we learn how incredibly aged worthy and fascinating the red
wines of the Loire Valley can be they are quite affordable too for the quality
that they offer so this is a video for those looking for affordable gems and
absolutely underrated wine I’ll also be meeting with local
winemakers so we really get deep and understand what those wines are all
about they two of my trip down the vineyards
of the Loire Valley around the area of two and so that is near the city of two
and I’ve come from the Sauvignon Blanc of Sancerre that I explored
yesterday down into Chenin Blanc wine country soChenin Blanc is one of those
extremely typical grapes that you find in the Loire Valley so I’ve come here to
this family estate that has been established since 1700 to hear this well
1702 so well over 300 years now Chenin Blanc it’s a grape variety that is not
all that well understood including myself I haven’t really got my head
around Shannon brown and all the different styles of wines that it makes. I have come here to meet with Pauline who
is a young winemaker that has inherited the family tradition of making Chenin Blanc wines to meet her talk to her and try to get my head around and taking you
with me Pauline Dumanche owner and winemaker here
at the Clos de L’Epinay in the heart of Vouray. So Pauline has been taking over slowly
gradually from her father since 2016 so she’s learning from her father taking
all the tradition what makes shrine emblem so suited and
so special for this place you know it’s very specific grapes and
they really like lemon stone on a clay it’s exactly the sole like we have here
lime stone like this yeah yeah yeah you were telling me before that Chenin Blanc just loves limestone even more than any other gray even more than Chardonnay
yes exactly it’s for that you have all not all but 95% of the Chenin Blanc in the
Loire Valley in France. Limestone also allows Chenin Blanc to ripen a
different levels making different styles of wines so tell us about the different
styles of wines that you have here in Vouvray I was introducing already a
little bit that you make some sparkling wines and still alliance or different
sweetness levels each year we can produce sparkling still wine also and in
the still one kind of dry made them dry sweets on very sweet wine we can do the
rest later light Arvest to produce very sweet wine
if we have the good weather when you pick only the the wines are gonna be
crisp and dry and yes refresh automatically we all times start to have
the artist for the sparkling because we don’t need a lot of sugar at the
beginning and after the dry um we wait sometimes one or two days to produce
Madame dry for the very sweet we need to wait more yeah somewhat in the German
style I mean the Germans do do it similarly with maturing waves gradually
leave them out in the vineyards for longer and
longer and that results in richer richer wines with very different more sickness
as well I would remember and take away two
things that the sparkling wines are very precise they have a lot of molarity a
lot of freshness more expressive fruitier than in some other areas like
in champagne and a bit further down in somya as well so opulent generous very
yummy sparkling wines that are definitely worth exploring and then the
still wines it’s a fascinating world navigating
across the different sweetness levels but what remains in the wines made from
Shannon belong here in Vouvray is the precision the finesse of the aromatic
expression so after voulez I went down the river
further down to taste and learn more about the red wines made from Cabernet
Franc into N so again this is near the city and around the city of to it’s kind
of in the center of the longer River hours higher up in Sancerre with Episode
one I’ll go further down in Episode three I was kind of in the center now
for a background and where I’m coming from with cabin – I’ve loved coming –
for a very long time in that sense I made some as a winemaker
in Bordeaux of course but I also made some fantastic wines from Cabernet Franc
in Tuscany and in Australia it’s an amazing rate that somewhat has got the
power and the concentration the tenants of Cabernet Sauvignon but with more
acidity to the palate it’s got some floral notes of violet in more finish
overall you have to know that Cabernet Fong is the backbone of some of the best
wines in Bordeaux and other places but also in Bordeaux namely some of the best
wines in saint-emilion Donna for example Chateau Cheval Blanc or
Chateau ozone and those are some of the most expensive wines in the world so
some pedigree here anyhow what I learnt it boggled with this amazingly friendly
vineyard on that I met one girl that is called Philip Booker of domain de la
module in Boca is that Cabernet for wines from the law or not only
excellently fine Fujian spicy but they are also incredibly age worthy with
Phillipe in the stunning underground cellar drug purely into the limestone
rock oh and you have to know that in this area virtually every winery has an
underground limestone cellar those not only highlight that here vines grow on
the limestone rock itself but they also provide a perfect conditions to refine
and mature the wines wines are simply more subtle and more elegant when you
taste them when they have been matured made or aged in these
mid and cold case so we tasted bottles from the 2018 vintage nothing
spectacular there but all the way back to 1911 though through 1976 1971 64 and
59 and they were all good and surprisingly fresh and viable because of
their acidity and the vibrancy of the red berry characters even the 1911 wine
was you know mind-blowing ly absolutely still looking red and fresh and vibrant
in its color it was spicy with deepest was earthy but still fruity too as well
in that 1911 wine you could still taste the grapes this wine was made from some
109 years ago I mean only wine allows you to travel back in time in such a way
and only those really really fine wines in this tasting demonstrated for me that
these wines from the lower age pretty much just as well as the wines from
Bordeaux needless to say that this is for such fraction of the price
so yes it’s the less prestigious in fancy the value for money is just
absolutely outstanding in Bulgaria and many of the cup francs that you can find
folder from the lower I’ll definitely worth looking into it now of course
needless to say that visiting the area is also worth considering as it’s so
beautiful you see in the next episode that there are loads of stunning shadows
I mean proper castles and things to do in the area as well it’s not only about
wine it’s about the culture and having fun and exploring history and landscapes
anyhow back to our story next I met with Denis Gombe another local
wine grower another local vinny all who gave me some more insights and secrets
about the local wines and why the terroir is so special in Bogle so here we are in the part of the river
the wrong rivets a very long region area in France with many different wines and
here we are in the heart of the river where we make only red wine from
carnival and so we are for many for operations here is bocalee just close
together is a sanic rat burger in the other side of the river we have Shino
and a little bit further we have so much shopping and we all make some red wine
from cabana from so in Boca we have two different special terroir we have the
Bravo’s the old bed of the river where we make some fruity red easy to drink
and a little bit up to this Jaguar we are on the limestone’s
what we choreography Fuu where we make have you read to edge for a little bit
for longer so there is this kind of health side with a bit of a divide with
two different soils very damaged two different types of red wine very
important for this area we have the caves dug in the lime stones so we not
need any air-conditioning we have the the same temperatures a time a good
humidity as well so we have the the Aging in bowels or in in the clay pots
we have the always the good conditions we like to separate with my brother so
different terroir and – – ever is a good aging
according to cetera so it’s why we we edge the wines from super ballsy in tank
and the wines from the from the line from Zahira in the bowels of tables I’m
Stan makes it so that the wine that grows on limestone ages on limestone and
that was that for me today in this episode number two or my road trip down
to our valley if you haven’t watched episode one about son sale in the
homeland of Sauvignon Blanc well go and watch it right now other thing it’s
absolutely worth it I talked to people that have been growing vines for
generations and generations talking about the humble origins of Sauvignon
Blanc wine in France absolutely fascinating I think or at least I
thought it was absolutely fascinating now if you’ve enjoyed this video to give
me a little support please share it with your fellow wine loving friends who
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support my work as well in the next episode I’ll take you further down the
dwelle river to learn more about the sparkling wines of swimming or the
Shannara wines of Anjou so we’re going to go deep deeper into Shannon blog and
finding some outstanding wines to explore and we’ll also taste the
delicious crisp and dry whites of miscarry I will see you soon in the
wonderful world of wine oh happy to 6 for the support guys Cheers supporting has been taking over so this
is a pudding bullfight oh and you have to know that too

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  1. You're the man! Thanks for taking us on this trip! Super cool. I went to a few vineyards here in florida. I made a few videos on it but I would love to go to France

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  3. LOVE wines from the Loire! Especially Vouvray and Anjou. Julien, I am loving your videos! I will definitely be expanding my palate AND cellar to reds and sparkling wines from here, as well.

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