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  1. Awesome! I love all of your content! 💯 Been a fan since 2013/14 if I remember correctly. God bless 🙏 from Southern California.

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  3. I hope this case gets solved. Harris sounds like a nice guy whose life was deeply effected by his father's violence and rejection. Sad. BTW, cougars (mountain lions) are solitary creatures and do not hunt in packs. Most rattle snake bites are not fatal.

  4. He seemed so nice and so passionate about his sports career.
    He was a sensitive guy it seemed he took things to heart and wanted to make things right by his family espacially as he changed careers he probably felt they wanted him to continue in his basketball career.
    So it could be suicide or foul play. I'm leaning more to foul play though.
    I hope he is still being searched for.
    God bless him and his family🙏

  5. I think its possible that he fell while hiking around the creek. Had to take a leak and on his way up he fell. On the road that long, balance issues make it highly probable.

    What do you all think?

  6. depression is harsh , his gf tried so much for him , yet no matter the love you received , the though of disapearing stays

  7. I absolutely admire the care and compassion that you all inject into these episodes. I cannot for the life of me fathom why any episode (and I've watched them all) would be demonetized. I hope that doesn't detract from the wonderful work you do – hoping that one of these poor souls (if not all) can be found/be at peace some day. Thanks again.

  8. Oh man you guys, this video was so wonderfully done, and the last tribute to Rico you wrote was beautiful. Unfortunately I believe it was suicide, the human spirit can be so fragile. What a strong life he led.

  9. You and Nexpo,Scare Theater should collab on a hour case or a video.that would be really awesome for that to happen hopefully it will happen plz do that would probably go viral

  10. Meth users suffer hallucinations when coming down off the drug. He may have wandered off in the woods to relieve himself, leaving his bag while doing so. Then became disoriented and panicked. Possibly injuring himself leaving him subject to animal attack. Especially if blood was involved.

  11. Poor lad. Just had enough of the shit life kept throwing at him. Some people just have enough and want to dissappear. Although if he went into the woods the likely hood is he wasn't gonna come out alive.

  12. Cougars are solo, they don't hunt in packs. They don't do anything in packs, they have large territories they never cross over into other than when they're looking to mate. They would never even be near each other let alone cooperated to kill or carry off prey…so it's highly unlikely he was carried off by a single cougar. Although if he was killed by a single one, cougars often cover up their leftover food so they can come back later and eat more.

  13. My normie theory: Rico was intoxicated and wondered away from his car. That area of California is known for coyotes, which would explain why he seemingly disappeared.

  14. Great video I feel for him for I know drug addiction hopefully if he had to meet his end it was quick and painless and now with god

  15. Kudos to the comprehensive and objective research you have done with this case! After watching this, I am certain of this man’s fate. He chose to leave the earth…and it wasn’t an accident. He told his girl he was going to the mountains so he could get some rest. He told her he wanted to find a place in the mountains to sleep. And that’s exactly what he did.

  16. I'm guessing he sat down on the Guardrail and put down his bag to rest after walking from his car, then he fell over into the river and drowned. He was carried down river because they didn't report him missing right away. About 54% of all Americans can't swim, being tired from lack of sleep and tired from walking doesn't help.

  17. You did a fantastic job on this video as always.
    I so love how much empathy you put into your words and work. You have such an awesome narrative voice!! Good job!

    I really hope one day something is found with Rico.

  18. Whether he started a new life, or ended his life: I hope that his turmoil has ended, and that he's found the peace that he deserves! My thoughts and prayers also go out to his family, friends and loved ones: may all of you find peace!

  19. I admire the compassion you have shown when speaking about his addiction. You are ABSOLUTELY right. Although some folks may live lives that are high risk, they are still individuals that not only have people who care for them, they also care for others even if they are in the throws of their lifestyles. In fact, sometimes the love they have for others, along with disappointment with their own choices, can cause them to sink deeper and deeper into their lifestyle.
    They deserve their cases to be worked just as hard as any other. God does not see "throw away" people and for us to toss them, forget them or simply dismiss it because"they should have know better" make us self-righteous fools. So, thank you for your contribution to my faith in humanity. It seems so rare these days.

  20. My heart goes out to every soul struggling with addiction. It's so easy to judge addicts until someone close to you is diagnosed with addiction. Odds are the addict is in mental anguish and wishes deep down that they could stop. You could never inflict more pain upon an addict than they inflict upon themselves. Rest assured, nothing is more painful than living a life not of your true nature.. to be loving, to be kind, to be generous and honest. They need unconditional love to recover, not harsh judgment. Nobody is beyond redemption.

  21. So sad , he really tried to better himself. Pity he had such a looser of a father .most likely a breakdown I feel .
    Excellent video as always

  22. Thank you for covering this case. I’ve been following it for a few years. So sad and I feel so bad for Rico. The lifelong effects of childhood abuse are real and tragic. It’s heartbreaking how he kept trying to find closure with family and this probably led to a breakdown. I sense foul play, but he would definitely be difficult to overpower. If he succumbed to the elements you’d think he’d be found. An animal attack would definitely leave evidence. So strange. I think your theory is most likely, and thank you for your thorough and compassionate presentation.

  23. I would say suicide or at a stretch he was an addict perhaps he owed money that could explain the things he had to take care of

  24. Perhaps the physical damage done to him by the baseball bat injury aided in his confusion of falling into an isolated place where he died. Either way, some of his troubles were preventable. It’s a sad story.

  25. I love all your channel thank u for everything im a subscriber top5s since 2014 .. Please can u make a cold case about ((candace hiltz))

  26. Lack of sleep can cause mental break downs along with suspected alcohol use seems to really give credence to him killing himself

  27. Highways and ppl with car trouble equal a missing person in so many cases. He met with the wrong person. The car is always found and the authorities always say they wanted a new life. No. Too many have disappeared this way. Someone took their life. Killers stalk highways, long back roads, farmland and woods. They hope your car breaks down. Rico hung his bag on a guard rail with his phone because he met someone.

  28. He fell asleep waiting on the overpass (because he knew that was the most likely route for passers-by) for someone to give him a lift and jump start his car and was picked up by a killer. The backpack and jumper leads corroborate, he was woken up groggy and led into a vehicle, they said they had his stuff, then they took him to be killed. Most likely a white supremacist group, not an angry fan.

  29. If you want to look further into this, which I'm sure you do, let's look at the other evidence. The sightings are dismissed, unless perhaps he escaped from his captors and avoided any passers-by in case they were his former captors looking for him, still more likely they saw bigfoot, nobody calls the police when they see a man standing by the side of the road so if there were multiple it was because of hysteria from the news reports. His attitude in his car was one of a man spending a last night of freedom, ready to walk away from his past. His mother. He just wanted one night on the road before he went to live with his wife, who he trusted, but he still had mother issues. He had a drink, then another, it's what us alcoholics do. He ran out of energy and looked for help and was picked up by a killer. You Americans have to do something about the killers in your state. The hills have eyes and white hoods.

  30. I just read a case about a Navy veteran who was found dead in his apartment and apparently has been dead for 3 years. It's crazy! I guess his apartment had an automatic withdrawal month to month lease. And the reason they found him is he wasn't using his water.🤯 But how does something that long go on unnoticed? His truck had dust on it and a bunch of different tickets.

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