The Truth About Costco’s Frozen Yogurt

The Truth About Costco’s Frozen Yogurt

Though Costco’s food court menu has gone through
plenty of changes over the years, its frozen yogurt still remains. It’s plenty tasty on its own, but there are
ways to make it even better. Here’s what you need to know to get the most
out of Costco’s cold dessert. Sometimes it’s nice to change things up, and
at Costco you can do exactly that by enjoying a sweet treat that you won’t find on the menu. The next time you’re at the food court, order
a vanilla frozen yogurt and a soda. Then head over to the fountain drinks and
fill your soda cup about three quarters of the way with root beer. Spoon in as much frozen yogurt as the cup
can handle and then slowly top it off with a bit more root beer. For about $2, you’ve just made yourself a
classic root beer float! And if you have a shopping companion, or if
you just really like root beer floats, you can then top off the now-half-empty frozen
yogurt cup with more root beer. If you’re not a fan of root beer, you can
press the orange soda button for an orange creamsicle float. Or can you keep it simple with a Coke float,
or test out your creativity with another selection. The bottom line is, you get to enjoy your
frozen yogurt and drink it, too. Add this off-menu item to your must list for
your next Costco trip! Costco introduced the frozen yogurt and churro
combination to its menu in March 2019. But it’s a pairing that customers have already
been creating themselves for quite some time. If you haven’t tried this popular combo yet,
it’s worth the little extra. For only $1 more, you can go ahead and add
that churro to your frozen yogurt. Lightly covered in cinnamon and sugar, this
crunchy-on-the-outside, warm-on-the-inside treat makes the perfect dipping tool to scrape
up every last bit of vanilla goodness. But before you bolt out the door to devour
this sugary sensation, be sure to check your watch. For the freshest churro to go along with your
frozen yogurt order, lunch time is probably your safest bet. Lines may be longer at that time of day, but
longer lines means that menu items are regularly being made and haven’t been sitting out waiting
for you to arrive. And you probably won’t feel guilty about shelling
out the extra dollar as that freshness hits the sweet spot on your taste buds. “Ah! That hit the spot.” Costco has dropped the vanilla chocolate swirl
from its fro-yo menu, but that hasn’t left customers without options when it comes to
combining flavors. A new acai blend was introduced as part of
the store’s healthy menu additions to take chocolate’s place. So if you
miss the two-tone frozen yogurt that used to fill your dish, you’re in luck, as you
can now order a vanilla acai swirl. Since the acai mix is also served up like
frozen yogurt in the soft serve machine for just $2.99 in most locations, you can enjoy
this superfood combination to your heart’s content. Found in the South American rainforest, acai
berries are known to add an extra punch to your daily diet. These tiny berries are filled with fiber,
antioxidants, and omega-3 fatty acids. Now you don’t have to feel guilty when you
eat every last spoonful of your vanilla acai swirl. Just think of all the nutrients, instead of
calories and sugar, that you’re feeding your body! And for those of you who are ecologically
conscious, you’ll be happy to know that the acai mix Costco uses is certified organic
and fair trade. “Organic, huh?” “It’s good for you.” “I love that!” A swirl of vanilla in a cup may not be enough
to satisfy a craving. But before you head down the street to the
local ice cream shop to shell out the big bucks for some fancy treat, try making one
of your own right in the Costco food court. All you have to do is raid your home pantry
of all the toppings you love and bring them with you on your next shopping trip. This is a strategy that can both save you
money and ensure variety as you bring toppings like candy and flavored syrup into the mix. If you feel a little guilty smuggling in outside
items, you could always peruse the Costco aisles first and buy any toppings that catch
your eye. It may not seem as scandalous when you’re
pulling out items that can be found on your receipt, and also you should have plenty of
these ingredients left over to bring along for your next fro-you trip. Either way, if you’re looking to enjoy a good
sundae on a budget, this is a great workaround. Have you ever reached for your freshly served
frozen yogurt only to find a giant hole in the middle? You may even be able to actually see the bottom
of the cup. A part of you probably wants to get back in
line for a replacement, but don’t do it. That hole in the center isn’t a mistake. It’s supposed to be there. Employees are actually trained to serve it
that way, and the reason all comes down to looks. According to one Costco employee who posted
on Reddit, frozen yogurt is sold by weight,12 ounces specifically. But if employees just filled the cup solidly
with 12 ounces, it wouldn’t look full. So they swirl the frozen yogurt around the
outsides of the cup so that you think you’re getting more than you really are. Don’t worry though, because no matter the
size of the hole in the cup, you’re not getting ripped off. Since frozen yogurt is served by weight, you’ll
get the full 12 ounces no matter what. Plus, the hole can actually be a bit of a
lifesaver. If your fro-yo starts to melt as you slowly
peruse the aisles, it’ll just fill in that hole in the middle, rather than dripping down
the sides of your cup. Check out one of our newest videos right here! Plus, even more Mashed videos about your favorite
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