The Killer Bride | Episode 1 | August 12, 2019 (With Eng Subs)

Help! Hurry! Gotcha! You can’t refuse me, Belinda. – Help!
– I am Armando dela Cuesta! No woman humiliates me
and gets away with it! – Why are you doing this?!
– Even if she’s a dela Torre! Enough, please! Let go of me! Let me go! Have mercy! No! Have mercy! That fateful night broke
the peace in Las Espadas… Enough! …and started the feud between the dela Torres
and the dela Cuestas. This isn’t your territory! Bring us the man who
violated Ma’am Belinda! Or else you will all pay! You’re not allowed here! A feud that will last
for years… …and claim the life of
another dela Torre. Vito! Vito! Camila dela Torre. Vito! This is the story of her
life and death. Together with my
operations vice-president, Timothy Smith, I am officially announcing
the partnership between my company and the company that supplies the best-tasting
bananas in Asia, or may I say, the world? Dela Torre Brand International! Jacobo, will you say a few words? Sure! Pa. Let me. Let him have this honor. Thank you very much! Thank you. Please take your seats. On behalf of my family,
I want to thank Mr. Samuel Anderson and Mr. Timothy Smith. Welcome to Las Espadas! I wonder what the dela Cuestas
are thinking right now. – Welcome to our family.
– They’re not even here. – You made the perfect choice…
– As if they’d show up. Their mortal enemy beat them
to a prestigious deal. …work hard for the plantation. Am I right, Las Espadas? Hello, hello. Lower the volume! The dela Torres just closed a
huge partnership deal! Ma… They may have gotten the deal, but it doesn’t mean they’ve won. Javier, they always win! I know our business
is doing well, but no matter what we do, we couldn’t beat the
dela Torres! And now, they just closed
a deal with South Africa! Ma, relax. How can I relax?! Let’s just put it
this way: Maybe it’s for
the better. How could it be better?! Actually, Ma, the whole deal seems
a bit off to me. Mr. Anderson’s assistant,
Timothy Smith… …seems like a shady person. Okay. If you say so. You know how much I trust you and your knowledge in business. You saved us after
your father died. Bro, what’s up? How was the gig? Jam-packed! Nice! I can’t wait for you to get
a record deal! You know, Ma, I’ve always
wanted to boast to my friends that my brother is a
famous musician. Javier, don’t encourage him! You know, you should be helping
your brother with the business! And maybe, if you were helping, we would have beaten
the dela Torres! I offered to help. Ma. I was the one who told him to
not cancel his gig. You should watch him perform. He’s actually good. Honestly, he’s very good! I don’t care! What will his music
contribute to our family? Javier, just stop tolerating
your irresponsible brother! Bro. Don’t take it personally. You know how Mama is. She’s obsessed with
beating the dela Torres. Okay? Catch it! Come, Buboy! Come on, Buboy.
Let us catch you. We don’t have enough
for our feast. Behave now. Agnes, I’ll make it go there. Catch it, okay? Buboy! There’s Camila! Goodness! Camila! – Hooray!
– Hooray! Camila! Nanay! – Goodness!
– I caught Buboy! Agnes, hold him. Look at you. You’re all dirty The visitors are here! What? They’ve arrived? Yes! Sorry, everyone! I need to go! See you later, Buboy! Let’s go! For this week,
I only wore purple. And it worked!
We got a South African deal! Our business will
continue to grow. Thanks for your advice, Ornusa. Don’t mention it. Thank you, Nanny. This is the best banana cake
I’ve ever tasted. Is this your recipe? Yes, sir. I came up with it
when I was twelve. Oh yeah? – It’s great!
– I think… I’ve tasted better. Hey, Samuel. Do you wanna go to the
baile with me later? Baile de mascaras, sir. It’s a dance during
the yearly festival. Are you going? Me? No. But I’ll be going. Tatiana. Stop it! “Banana Princess
gets in a brawl” Ornusa. Get me my rose quartz.
Hurry! That’s right. Calm down. Hold that whenever
you need to calm down. Can I borrow Camila
for a second? Excuse us. Are there enough drinks
for everyone? Yes, Tita, there’s
enough for everyone. – Are you sure?
– Yes, I made sure of it. There’s still some left. Has Tito Felipe tried it?
Not yet? Excuse me. Tito, I brought you
some cake. I baked it. Honey, I was just
asking Camila if there are enough
drinks for everyone. Pardon my wife. She has always been
a worrywart. Relax. Everything will be fine. – Tito.
– Taste it. Please have some. It’s delicious, honey. That is the best cake
I’ve ever tasted! – Tatiana.
– Tita. Not so loud.
It’s embarrassing. Of course. He wasn’t talking
about your cake, hello? And again, Camila, stop calling me ‘tita’. How many times do
I have to tell you that I’m only three years
older than you? Tatiana, I’m only eight years
older than Camila. Should I tell her to
stop calling me ‘tita’? Well… You do look more mature. Excuse me. Tita. You know what, Camila? If you really want him,
give him a motive. Are you talking about
Mr. Anderson? You got it all wrong.
He’s not my type. He’s young, rich,
and handsome. Don’t be so choosey. Unless you already
have a boyfriend that we don’t know about. Tita Tatiana, please
stop joking. I better call Lolo
and Tito Luciano before this conversation
gets too personal. Please try the cake, Tito.
I swear, it’s delicious! Excuse me. You can’t inherit
my position yet, Luciano. “You’re not ready yet.” Is that what you’re
going to say? How long will you
make me wait, Pa? Until you learn
how to be resourceful. Isn’t that clear to you yet? How did you think we closed
the deal with Samuel Anderson? It certainly wasn’t
because of you. You couldn’t even give
a simple speech earlier. So… Is this about Camila again? Renato’s been dead
for years, Pa! Do I also have to live
in his daughter’s shadow? That girl is more clever
than you’ll ever be. Are you saying you want Camila
to inherit your position? If that will ensure the future
of everything I worked for, then yes! Pa… You praise that girl like she wasn’t a product
of Renato’s betrayal. Pa, Renato betrayed us! Your favorite son betrayed you! He chose an insurgent
over his own family! Shut up! We’ve lost a lot of money
to those rebels! They burned many of
our plantations and harassed our men! They tried to take down
our business many times! And one of them is the mother of that beloved
granddaughter of yours! I’m telling you, Pa. Camila will betray you someday. Mark my words! Tito, Lolo… Mr. Anderson and the
others are hungry. Come on, let’s eat. Tito Luciano. I set aside some crabs for you. I know you like crab fat. What about me, dear? Do you have anything for me? Of course, Lolo.
How could I forget you? I bought a new bottle of
your favorite massage oil. Later, I’ll give you
and Lola a massage. I know it’s been a busy day, so I’m sure you’re exhausted. You know, dear… I don’t know what
I’d do without you. Delilah. Ready? Let’s go. Come on. I heard that’s the tree
where they found Belinda dela Torre’s remains. Wasn’t she raped and killed
by the Dela Cuestas? They say she could not
rest in peace, and that you can hear her
ghost crying in the chapel. You know, I want to hit
your uncle Luciano… …on the face. But how can I protect you, if I can’t be seen
next to you? We’ve been hiding our
relationship for years, Camila. It’s not like we’re doing
anything wrong. Maybe it’s time we told
our families about us. Are you serious? Let’s meet
the day after tomorrow. That’s when I’ll find out
if we can already face Lolo. Be careful. Thank you. I’ll see you then. Stop it! Let go of me! I said let go of me! – Come on, stop fighting back.
– Stop it! – Agnes?
– Stop resisting! Camila! Let go of me! Hey! What was that for?! – Go ahead!
– What’s your problem?! You should be ashamed
of yourself! You’re harassing her! What are you talking about? Your friend was flirting
with me all night, and when I gave her attention, she said no to me! She’s so confusing! Aren’t you a married man
with a kid? You really should be
ashamed of yourself! I’m not married anymore! How did you know that?! Kuya! Are you okay? Bro, don’t go near her. She’s dangerous. Stop it, Kuya. Tell that to her! She’s holding a knife! Don’t talk to Camila like that! What’s going on with you
and that Dela Torre? Vito… I love her, Kuya. Camila! Tito. – Tito, I can explain–
– No need. Did you think I didn’t know
what you were doing? I had you followed every night. I know you’re betraying us
to be with that Dela Cuesta. Tito… Let’s go. She’s not coming with you! Vito, I’ll be fine. Camila! Let her go, Vito. I love her. She’s a Dela Torre! Do you know the trouble
you’re getting yourself into? So all this time, you’ve
been making a fool of us! Pa, what did I tell you? She’d betray us,
just like what Renato did! But she’s far worse! She got involved with
a Dela Cuesta! Vito is a good man. He had nothing to do with
what his family did to ours back then. Vito is nothing like them. I was there… …when they brought home
Belinda’s body. They didn’t just violate her. Even in her death,
they denied her justice. The Dela Cuestas never
paid for their sins. They even had the nerve
to twist the story and bad-mouth her. Lolo… Please forgive me. I know you’re hurting
because of me. But I’m telling you,
Vito is a good man. Please give him a chance. Camila, you promised me… …that unlike your father, you’d never let me down. Sir, Vito dela Cuesta is here.
He wants to see Ma’am Camila. Papa. Vito dela Cuesta is here. What?! How dare he come here?! How brave of him! Let’s teach him a lesson. – Don’t let her out.
– But, Tito… – Just stay here!
– Wait! Tito! What are you going
to do with Vito?! Camila! – Sir, don’t make a scene here.
– Let me see Camila! – Where is she?
– Let him in. What do you want? Where’s Camila?
What did you do to her? Do you really think
we’d hurt Camila? We’re just protecting
her from you! Sir Jacobo… Please believe me. I love your granddaughter. – I will never hurt her.
– Vito! – Camila!
– Vito! – Stay away from her!
– Don’t hurt him! – Be careful!
– Tito Felipe! – Stop!
– Camila! – Vito!
– Camila! Come on! I dare you to come at me! – Camila!
– Don’t! Move over, Camila! I’m pregnant! I’m pregnant. Lolo, I’m pregnant. If you kill Vito,
you’ll kill us too! I’m sorry, Lolo. All my life, I was a good
granddaughter and niece. How long will you make me pay
for my parents’ sins? How long must I keep
pleasing you just to make you love me? You have no right to
talk to us like that. We gave you everything! But you never loved me
unconditionally! Such an ingrate! Lolo, we’ll just leave. If you can’t accept us, Vito and I will go
far away from here. You’re choosing that man
over us?! No, Lolo! You know that I don’t want
to be away from you! I don’t want to leave
Las Espadas! I want you to meet my child. I want to be with you
as I build my own family! But how can I do that
if you can’t accept Vito? Lolo, I don’t want to part
from you because I love you! – I love you so much!
– Then stop this, Camila! If you’re telling the truth,
stop this nonsense! Lola, I love Vito! I love Vito, but I also
love you, Lolo. I don’t want to leave! Lolo, I’m sorry. Lolo! Lolo! Don’t forget to give Lolo
his medicine, okay? I’ve already made lists of those he should take
in the morning and those he should take
at night. Nanny? Do you think I made
the wrong decision? You better leave while
they are still allowing you. I’m worried they might
change their mind and things would take
a turn for the worse. Ever since your father died and you, as a young girl,
were left in my care, I’ve treated you like
my own daughter. That’s why… But I want you to be happy. If there is one person
who deserves to be happy… It’s you. I’m no longer surprised! You never cared
for this family! You may have
gone to business school, but what did you do after?! All you thought about was
your music and your art! That’s because
all you care about is yourself! But this?! A Dela Torre girlfriend? Did you know that this is the most painful thing
you could ever do to me?! I’m not doing this
to hurt you, Ma. I love Camila, Ma!
I really do! And you think I’m going to
let you be with her?! Vito! You know exactly what
they did to your father! You were there!
How can you do this?! That was an accident, Ma!
There was no proof that they had something to do with
what happened to me and Dad! I don’t need any proof
to know that that is a family of devils! Just by being with that woman, you’ve already trampled
all over your father’s memory! If Dad were here today,
I think he’d understand. How I wish that you– That what, Ma?! That I had died
instead of Dad?! Is that it?! – Bro…
– Am I right?! Bro, stop. That’s not what Mom
was trying to say! We need you here! We both know that you are already enough
for this family, Kuya. Vito, think about
what you want to happen! You are giving everything up just for that woman?! I will turn my back on
the whole world for Camila. Camila… I tried talking to Papa, but… That’s okay, Tita. If you ever need anything– Alice! Take care of yourself. You know you’re making
a huge mistake, right?! I promise you, you will regret
this decision of yours! When you choose love, you’ll always end up
regretting it! The driver will take you
anywhere you want to go. Now, go. Don’t make this harder for Mama
and Papa than it already is. Camila! Papa… She was just about to leave. I’ve done this to
your father before. I disowned him. And because of that, I was
separated from him for years. And when he came back, we were no longer able to
make up for lost time because he died shortly after. It is one of
my biggest regrets. And I will not be able
to handle it if it were to happen again. Lo?! Lo! Don’t leave, dear. It will not be easy for me
to accept Vito dela Cuesta. But I would rather
endure that than let you
walk out of our lives. Vito?! Vito?! Vito?! Help!

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