The EASIEST 12 Layer CHOCOLATE CAKE – Moist Chocolate Cake Recipe EASY

The EASIEST 12 Layer CHOCOLATE CAKE – Moist Chocolate Cake Recipe EASY

hey guys today we’re making a very
special cake it’s a new chocolate cake recipe with a new frosting recipe and a new
layering technique do not be intimidated by all those layers I promise you it’s super
easy not mention amazingly delicious so the cake we’re making today is a
chocolate sponge cake we’re using a sponge cake because sponge cakes have a
sturdier structure than butter cakes I have an entire video dedicated to cake
science and I’ll leave it in the description box below to my egg yolks
I’ve added the melted butter and whole milk and you want to give these a quick
mix just until they’re combined go ahead and add the dry ingredients which I have
sifted prior to filming this video you always want to save dry ingredients
especially if you’re using cocoa powder and if you’re making sponge cakes mix
these ingredients together making sure to not over mix the batter sponge cakes
have very little fat content so it’s crucial you do not over mix the dry
ingredients if you’re new to my channel make sure to subscribe and click the
bell I post new videos every week set this aside and in this other bowl I have
some egg whites I’m adding a few drops of lemon juice this will stabilize your
egg whites or you can use cream of tartar you’re going to whip these up and
once they start to become foamy you can start adding the sugar a few tablespoons
at a time continue mixing the egg whites will start to incorporate lots of air
quadruple in volume and once they become glossy and reach stiff peaks the
meringue is ready you’re going to fold it into your cake batter I do like to
initially add three big dollops of the meringue with a whisk this will loosen
the mixture and it’ll be easier to fold in the remaining egg whites using a
spatula pour the cake batter into baking sheets lined with parchment paper sponge
cakes as I said have very little fat content so you do want to make sure you
grease the parchment paper as well so they don’t stick we’re using two
different size baking sheets today one pan will be slightly bigger than the
other because we will be cutting out for cake sponges from the bigger sheet and
two from the smaller sheet you’ll see what I mean by this in just a moment
just keep in mind that the bigger sheet pan will obviously need more cake
batter bake the cakes in a preheated oven at 170 degrees Celsius or 340
Fahrenheit for around 10 to 12 minutes now because we’re baking both cakes
together one cake may be done before the other so check them after 10 minutes if
they need more time bake them longer just to give you an idea my smaller cake
baked for exactly 10 minutes and the bigger one for 12 allow the cakes to
cool completely release them from their pan with the help of a spatula and cut
the smaller cake and – and the bigger one in four pieces do not stress if some
cake strips are bigger than others because we will be trimming away the
edges later on now if you’ve seen my cake science video you know that sponge
cakes have delicate flavors compared to butter cakes so this cake needs a rich
and decadent frosting the frosting we’re making today is a new type of ganache
which I’ve never shown you guys you’re going to heat up some cream and in this
other bowl I have some good-quality dark chocolate I also have some cocoa powder
and we’re also going to add some butter the cocoa powder besides adding a deeper
chocolate flavor it will also help thicken this frosting allow the cream to
come to a simmer but do not let it boil and pour it over the chocolate love to
stand for around 30 seconds and then start the hot cream will melt the
chocolate and butter and bloom the cocoa powder now because this frosting has a
higher cream to chocolate ratio than other ganache recipes it will take more
time to set up so do not panic if after an hour it’s still quite runny
you can pop this in the fridge to speed things up however do keep an eye on is
because ganache goes completely firm in the fridge what I prefer to do and my
advice to you is to make the frosting the day before cover it and leave it on
my kitchen counter overnight and I will write more tips for you guys in the
description box and I highly recommend you read those tips this is how
beautiful and creamy and smooth this frosting will become it really is the
star of this recipe now let’s talk for a moment okay what I love about this cake
is that you don’t need any special pan molta may get all you need is a basic
cookie sheet and assembling it is super easy anybody can make this cake guys the
presentation will look beautiful but there’s really little effort required
I’m really drive to convince you guys to make it because it’s so amazing now a
few tips you don’t want to refrigerate this cake as I said ganache will sack
completely in the fridge and we absolutely do not want that for a sponge
cake once you get to the last layer take a hot spatula or a hot cake scraper and
smooth the top this will give your cake a beautiful shine but if you want to
enhance that beautiful shine even more you can brush the top of some chocolate
syrup and I’ve shown you how to make chocolate syrup in the past now because
we made this cake without a mold to get a beautiful clean presentation you’re
going to cut the sides with a hot knife this isn’t necessary but if you’re
making this cake for a party or a special occasion you might want to do
that and know those cuts did not go to waste guys every single bit of that cake
was eaten that day how incredible guys does this look you’ve seen how easy it
was to achieve only stunning layers not only do I think this cake looks so
beautiful but it’s so comforting I really hope you’ll make this one for
your friends and family they will love it

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  1. Hello Emma can u talk little lower u talk too fast I want to try to make it but can’t understand n follow n thanks for sharing like the cake u make 👍

  2. What I absolutely love about your videos is that you explain everything so thoroughly that by the time the video ends I have no questions. Amazing content and great recipes!

  3. Is it possible to make this cake with sugar and four substitutes? I've recently been diagnosed with diabetes but I'm also the baker for my family gatherings. I'd like to make something a little healthier for myself and my family.

  4. Your desserts always look amazing and you always say they're easy. I'm a cook, lol but I only cook for my family but when it comes to baking desserts, I'm terrible. I tried so many times and I'm not good at all. The only thing I can bake that's sweet is a flan. 😩 Your cakes always look beautiful effortlessly.

  5. Hi Emma!! At the beginning of your video you said you were going to add butter and milk to your egg yolks but I saw there were a little bit of egg whites… where they supposed to be there and if so how much should I put? Please answer me!! Or do you have a cooking blog with the recipe?

  6. Hi Emma! I would like to try this cake but may I ask if I can mix some gelatine to the frosting? I live in a very hot country so it might easily melt. If yes, will the taste differ? Thanks!

  7. How did you manage to get the frosting between the layers so even? I always notice the perfect layers on tv, videos and ads, but no one, NOT ONE, baker that I've ever seen, includes the instructions in their tutorials on how to achieve that pristine, unified look. It's appears "simple" watching a pro do it but I'd would bet a million bucks, (if I had it) a regular person attempting to make this recipe in their own home for the first time, it want look like that once its finished and cut.

  8. Your recipes are simply amazing.. You make it seem so easy.. Quite impressed.. Just wondering if there is any eggless cake recipe on your channel.?

  9. Great recipe Emma…. I made it for my nephews birthday and everyone was crazy about it. . Used 55 '/' chocolate and used liquide creme …i put a little bit of syrup on the genoise to balance the bitterness of the chocolate … and made multiple genoise … ..PS: the milk and butter have to be warm to be blended correctly….. thanxxx

  10. Hey, can we use Dutch processed cocoa powder in this recipe. If not what changes do we need to make for it. Can u pls reply

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