The “Cake Boss” Shows Us ~Exactly~ How to Ice a Naked Cake | Rachael Ray Show

The “Cake Boss” Shows Us ~Exactly~ How to Ice a Naked Cake | Rachael Ray Show

I’m gonna show you how to do a naked cake. And when I heard the term naked cake, at first when I saw ’em, I was a little bit of a hater, I ain’t gonna lie, I was a little bit like, ugh, because for me, being a perfectionist, I was like, aw that’s like somebody like Rachael who don’t know how to make a cake and ice it smooth. (audience laughing)
It’s like a cheat. (laughing) No, I thought it was like a cop-out, I thought it was a cheat, ’cause all you gotta do is- I can hear you! (laughing) But, after I made one, That’s okay Buddy, I’ll go cry in my 24 cookbooks. (audience applauding)
Amen. Got me there, got me there. But the more I started to do it, and I’m big enough to admit when I’m wrong, Does this mean we have to watch you do this naked, or does the cake stay naked? What the heck is a naked cake? If you think it’s funner to do it naked, it’s whatever you like. I don’t think I oughta be naked on TV right now, but… That’s a trend! Yeah, you probably don’t wanna see me naked, so don’t worry.
(laughs) Naked baker. Maybe 20 years ago, but you know. (laughing) So what I’m gonna do is, I’m gonna put some icing in. I’m gonna add another layer here, okay? And then I’m gonna add one more, just tell me to go fast, you know I can go fast. I’ll get that later. (laughing) Show off a little. He is the fastest cake decorator I’ve ever seen in my life, it’s crazy. One time we timed you, what was it? You did a cake in like less than a minute or something? Something like that, depends, you know, you turn it on when you have to, alright? (laughing) So now what we’re gonna do is, we’re gonna keep this kind of un-iced. So I’m gonna put a little bit of icing on it, like a smidge, and it’s almost what I would call dirty iced, and what I mean by dirty iced is, people call it crumb coat, And I’ll tell ya, I invented that term, dirty iced, because- It looks like it’s wearing dirty underwear rather than being completely naked? No, it had cake crumbs in it, So it looked unperfect, because being a perfectionist, And this is the one you didn’t let me do? Probably the only one I could ever master in life, is the one that’s supposed to look jacked up, right? Yeah, a little bit, a little bit. So basically we smooth it out, and then, just need a little bit more right here, to get this on there, got one little spot, alright, and then you just kinda keep it- So it really is like, you put a negligee on the cake. You put a negligee on the cake, it’s kinda see through. So wait, what do we do with these things? And then we’re gonna put some berries on top. You wanna put some berries, here you go. Yeah, I think I’m just gonna do this one. Oh you wanna pull that one out? Oh, look! (audience cheering) Bada bing bada boom.
Who says I can’t bake? (audience applauding) What’s nice about the naked cake is, just placing the fruit and having that eye of detail, when I did it for the first time, I have a new respect for it. So I actually like it now, I started out not liking it, but it’s actually harder.
You’ve come to love it. I’ve come to love it. (audience applauding)

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  1. Gostaria das receitas culinária comida não tenho visto mais na tv por favo eu amo os bolos quem não ama mais eu gostaria de asisti as comida qual o horario

  2. i think naked is good for people who like a little of frosting, but not too much. my mom would appreciate that haha

  3. That's a semi-naked cake, not naked. Naked only has icing in the creases and NONE one the sides of the actual cake. But I love cake boss so he can do what he wants. Lol

  4. the shade that came from her when he said she didn't know how to bake and smoothly ice a cake, lol. good for her bc he's a bit on the arrogant side.

  5. I realize that Buddy is the “Cake Boss” and all but, Rachael, that is NOT a “Naked Cake”! He added way too much frosting around the outside and then neglected to perform the KEY step…using a frosting scraper to remove excess frosting, allowing the cake to show through in spots. If he tries to market that finished product as a “Naked Cake” in his bakery, he is going to have some pretty disappointed customers!

  6. Crying in my 24 cook books because men always like to degrade and belittle women! She’s well known all over the world but she can’t “ice a cake” 😪 bye buddy

  7. Had naked cake for my granddaughter's birthday today and I am not a fan the best part of the cake is the frosting and there isn't any!!!

  8. Wonderful Show!!! Happy Summer Season 😘😘😘…. A lovely cake ❤❤ Thank-you 💜 so much … Best Regards from Egypt 🌷

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