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  1. … Jesus is returning soon, the antichrist will use an "extraterrestrial "invasion to bring in NWO and abductions will be a cover up for the rapture. This is the end times deception Jesus was warning us about.

  2. Satomi Kōrogi should voice The Good Advice Cupcake in the Japanese version and rename her "Michiko Okino" (沖野道子 Okino Michiko).

  3. Advice-
    When you want to get revenge on ur ex pop ONLY TWO of his tires if you pop three insurance will cover it.

    Ur welcm

  4. Mom: what do you want for christmas?
    Me: a cupcake
    Mom: well that's simple…. what kind of cupcake?
    Me: the good advise cupcake!!
    Mom: ……. enternal silence

  5. {__/}
    ( • o•)
    / >🍩 Thanks cupcake for the advice. I don't have any cupcake but I have a donut, so… want some donat?.

    ( • – •)
    🍩< Sike you cant have it…

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