The Best of The Good Advice Cupcake Part 3

(bright music) – Are you a snack? Because I just can’t get enough of you! I’m so bloated with love. – Hey, cupcake, you’d look a lot sweeter if you smiled a little. (scratching) (crunch) (giggle) It’s me! (ding) It is very important to dress
for the job that you want. That’s why I wear nothing! Because I don’t want a job. Then you have to do
actual work, (beep) that! I’m the good advice cupcake! Sometimes when life gets you down, (grunt) you gotta grab it by the balls
and make life your bitch. (tense music) Hello! A lot of you have been asking
about my makeup routine, so I’m finally gonna
share my beauty secrets. What you’ll need is one cup of flour and one stick of butter. Step one, you’re gonna take the flour and start highlighting all
the best parts of your face. So like here, and here, and
I’m mean, your whole face is really cute, so
basically the whole thing. Step two, now we’re gonna
take the stick of butter and just rub it all over,
especially around your mouth, (slurping) ’cause it tastes so good. (crunching) And finally, for the most important step to true beauty and inner glow, take a nap. I feel so (beep) pretty. (snoring)

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