Tarta fría de yogur y frutas | Postre sin horno | Quiero Cupcakes!

Tarta fría de yogur y frutas | Postre sin horno | Quiero Cupcakes!

Hi cupcakers! Today I want to show you how
to make a cold yogurt tart. It’s an easy tart ideal for hot days. You can also combine it with fruits
for a delicious contrast in taste. I encourage you to make it. For the crust we’ll need cookies and butter. And for the yogurt mousse we’ll need: Greek yogurt, cream, milk, sugar and unflavored gelatin sheets. Before we start I want to show you the
pan I’ll be using to make this tart. It’s a silicone springform pan
23 cm in diameter. I recommend using this kind of pan, so
when you unmold your tart it stays perfect. Let’s start placing the cookies inside a zip bag. With a rolling pin or with a blunt object
we’re going to crush the cookies. The zip bag helps us by not making a mess. And the dish towel prevents us
from damaging the table. Once crushed. We use a rolling pin to crush
them into smaller pieces. After that, we move the cookie
crumbs into a bowl. And we take the butter to melt. You can melt it in the microwave
or in a small cooking pot. Do it the way it’s easier for you. Once melted, pour it over the cookie crumbs. Blend all the crumbs with the butter well. This way we will make a dough
with the cookie crumbs. Pour this mix into the pan. And with a scraper
smooth the surface. You can also press down with a
spatula or with a flat object. The idea is to press the crumbs together
to make the crust for our tart. Let’s take it to the fridge to set
while we continue with the recipe. Now let’s make the yogurt mousse. First, in a bowl with cold water
we add all the gelatin sheets. Make sure all the gelatin
sheets are completely wet and submerged in the water. We let them hydrate for 5 minutes. After this we heat the milk. And now we wring each of the gelatin sheets
and dip them into the hot milk. Wring them well, so you don’t add
water to the milk. You will see how they instantly dissolve. We put aside the milk while
we do the whipped cream. In the mixer with a cold bowl,
we add the also cold cream. And with the globe mixer we mix
at medium speed for 2 minutes. It’s important that everything is cold. This way the whipped cream will be ready faster and
the final consistency will be perfect. After 2 minutes it will be half done. It’s time to sprinkle the sugar. Blend for 2 more minutes and
the whipped cream will be ready. In other countries cream is called nata. What’s important is that the
cream has more than 35% of fat. If the fat percentage is lower the
final result won’t be so firm. Let’s put the whipped cream aside
while we prepare the yogurt. Let’s add to the Greek yogurt
the milk with the gelatin. And blend well so the mix cools down. Once blended we add half of the yogurt mix to the whipped cream. And with a scraper we mix them
making circular movements. This way we keep the air of the whipped cream
and the mix will be very light. Once mixed, we add
the rest of the yogurt. And we keep mixing everything
with circular movements. In a couple of minutes we’ll
have a light and creamy mix. And now, we pour the mousse we
just did into the pan with the crust. To level the tart, we move the pan a little,
and smooth the surface with a scraper. We put it in the fridge and we let
it cool for a minimum of 6 hours. After the tart is done we
prepare the final presentation. I use a fruit peeler to shave
a little bit of dark chocolate. These shavings will give a nice contrast to the
presentation and will highlight the color of the fruits. Once we have enough chocolate we sprinkle it
over the surface without fully covering it. Over the chocolate you can place
the fruit you like the most. In my case, first I will place some cherries. I’ve also found raspberries. I love this fruit for it’s sour taste
and it’s deep red color. And to top them I’ll
place some blueberries. This is another fruit that I
love to use in my desserts. Once done, only thing left to do
is to unmold the tart. Irresistible right? And as you can see it’s perfectly curdled. You can perfectly see the layers.
The crust, the Greek yogurt, the chocolate shavings and the fruits. I’m going to cut a piece so that
you can see how it looks. Let’s slice a good piece and dish it. This tart has it all. I love the crunchiness of the cookies, also
the contrast of the yogurt with the berries. For me, it’s a great dessert,
and very easy to make. Also you serve it fresh out of the fridge. So it’s a real delight to eat it in summer. Remember that you can decorate it with other fruits,
for example strawberries, peach, kiwi, pineapple. Any fruit you like to eat with yogurt. If you liked the video let me know
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a new video recipe. See you soon cupcakers!

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  1. Hola! Me encantan tus vídeos pero me facinaria que intentara postres veganos, soy vegana y tiene mucho que no pruebo un rico postre

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