TARTA FRÍA DE PIÑA COLADA | Postre sin horno | Quiero Cupcakes!

TARTA FRÍA DE PIÑA COLADA | Postre sin horno | Quiero Cupcakes!

Hi Cupcakers!
Welcome another Friday to the channel. Today we’re making a Piña Colada cold cake. Piña Colada Cold Cake. I continue with my oven strike
so we continue with fresh recipes. And nothing says cool and delicious as Piña Colada. No doubt it reminds me of summer, hot, beach,
vacations and all delicious and positive things. And the best way to stay positive is with
a cold cake with all the taste of Piña Colada. But, this cake is apt for all ages because it has no rum Although you can add some, I’ll tell you during the video. If you want to know how to make this delicious cake,
stay and watch the video because the recipe starts now. To make the base of the cake we’ll need: Maria cookies, I’m using the puffed
ones, but you can use the normal ones. Unsalted butter, powdered coconut. And for this recipe I won’t be using
pineapple syrup but the pineapple juice itself. I’ll use the juice that comes with the pineapple. So we won’t have to buy pineapple juice. We start by adding the pineapple juice
to the coconut, stir well so it’s covered. Once it’s mixed, put it aside so the coconut can hydrate. Now let’s crush the cookies. As you can see I’m using a food processor so
they’re very thin, and also because it’s faster. But also you can do it in a blender
or with a little bag and a rolling pin. And I’m using puffed cookies. Since I discovered them I love
them for desserts because of its texture. I recommend them 100%. Once the cookies are crushed take
the butter to the microwave to melt it. Once melted, pour it over the cookies. Also add the coconut that was hydrating in the pineapple juice. Stir well. And we’ll have it ready to make a
coconut and pineapple base, delicious, I’ll use a spring-form pan made
out of silicone with a 23 cm in diameter. And you know I’m using it a lot to make cold cakes. So we place all the cookies and we press them
with a spatula or with a glass with a straight bottom. Now that’s well pressed we have a firm and even base. Now take it to the fridge while we continue with the recipe. For the next part we’ll need pineapple. Like I told you I’m using the juice that comes with the pineapple. So it’s best to drain it well before using it. We’ll also need the sugar. Cream with at least 35% of fat. Powdered coconut and unflavored powdered gelatin. Coconut milk and more pineapple juice from the can. Boil in a pot the pineapple juice. This step is very important. Because pineapple has an enzyme called
bromelain that does not let gelatin get hard. So when we boil it we destroy the
bromelain and we won’t have problems with the gelatin. So we let it boil for 1 or 2
minutes so it does not evaporates too much. We remove it from the stove and we let it cool down. Once it’s cold we pour the
pineapple juice over the powdered gelatin. Stir and let it rest for 10 minutes so the gelatin hydrates. Meanwhile pour the very cold cream in an ample bowl. Mix at high speed for 2 minutes. After this it’ll be ready to whip. It’s time to add half the sugar to the recipe. Keep beating for 2 minutes more until the cream is whipped. Remember that for the cream to be whipped faster is best for the bowl and the mixer whisks to be cold as well. Once we have the cream ready put it
aside while we continue with the recipe. Now in a mixer add the well drained pineapple
with the coconut milk and the rest of the sugar. Crush it until you have a thin mix without lumps. And if you want you can add the
rum at this stage, it’ll be delicious. But remember that in this case
the cake won’t be apt for all public. Now we have our gelatin hydrated. So we take it to the microwave to
heat for a couple of seconds and melt. Once it’s completely liquid we
can add it to our mix in the blender. Pour the pineapple and coconut mix over the whipped cream. And mix with circular movements. This way we’ll keep the air in the cream
and we’ll have a spongie texture for the cake, Once we have it incorporated
we’ll add the coconut and mix again. As you can see it makes the texture change a bit. So if you see some lumps in the mix don’t worry, it’s the coconut. And the truth is it gives great taste to the combination. Once we mix it well, we take out the pan
from the fridge and we pour the mix we just did. Smooth the surface. And once it’s smooth take it to the fridge for an
hour so it hardens and we can finish the upper part. For this layer we’ll need:
pineapple jelly, unflavored powdered gelatin, cold water and coconut paste. We start by hydrating the gelatin with the water for 10 minutes. Then we heat it in a microwave so it becomes liquid. Now add the pineapple to the
coconut paste and the gelatin we just melted. Stir until it’s all well mixed. And let me tell you that the coconut paste is optional,
but we can give the icing a coconut touch. And if you can’t find it you can use essence or extract. Once it’s mixed, take out the cake from the fridge, put the jelly over it and spread it. Now we take the cake to the fridge
for a minimum of 4 hours so it hardens. Or if you want you can leave it overnight. Once it’s totally hardened we can unmold it and decorate it. For it like always I recommend to slide a knife on the walls of the pan with a little water. This way we detach the cake from the walls of the pan. Now we can unmold the cake and see how it turned out. If you see fit you can use a spatula to smooth the sides. And leave our cake polished. For the decoration we’ll do something easy but flashy. So we add some whipped cream or Chantilly
cream with a pastry bag with the 2D nozzle from Wilton. And make some pompadours on the border of the cake. Interleave cherries in syrup in the
cream pompadours with some pineapple pieces. And now just add some coconut shavings in a
circle close to the border, leaving the center uncovered. And the cake is ready, I think that
it’s very pretty, and it looks irresistible. To keep it fresh you must keep it
in the fridge until you’ll serve it. Let me show you a slice. Besides being soft, the base is loose and it does not crumble. As you can see the slice is cute, with the fruit on top. And the flavor is incredible, it’s
very delicious, so I recommend tasting it. Now let’s see the Cupcakers
that will enter today’s hall of fame. If you want it tag me in your Twitter,
Instagram or Facebook pictures with your creations. Today we’re doing a fondant cake special. We start with Montserrat that
did a Minion cake and it looks pretty. Sebus did the Minion cake for his sister, and it looks super cool. Maribel celebrated her grandson’s
first birthday with this precious Minion cake. I love that you make this cake. Alexandra sends us her version of the
hamburger cake, It looks realistic and tempting. Laura did the cars cake with all the details of the tutorial. And for last Mini did the Frozen cake,
a classic for birthday parties. Thanks so much for making my recipes,
you’re all in my hall of fame. Don’t forget to subscribe to the
channel and to super Like the video. See you next Friday with a new recipe.
See you soon Cupcakers!

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