HI Cupcakers!
welcome another Friday to the channel. Today we’re decorating a cake with the Cars theme. Cars Cake
with Fondant. I love animations movies. And I love decorating family birthdays
to decorate the cakes using these themes. So, since today in Spain Cars 3 starts in the cinema I’ve decided to make this special cake for the channel. Although many of you have seen it
because it started a month ago in America. Even if it got here a little late, it’s still good to inspire us and theme cakes and sweets tables. Let me tell you that the car I
used to decorate the cake is a toy car. And it will be part of the gift for the boy. This helps our job so we don’t have to model small figures and we can center our attention in the decoration of the cake. If you want to see how to make it stay
and watch the video because we start now. Before we start I’ll show you the cakes we’ll be using. For the lower part I have a 20 cm in diameter and 10 cm tall cake. I made this cake with the basic vanilla recipe. And it’s covered and filled with black chocolate ganache. And I covered it with blue fondant. If you want to know how to cover it I’m leaving a
link in the information box to a video where I show you how. I also have a 15 cm in diameter and
10 cm tall cake covered with white fondant. But this cake, is a dummy. I’m doing this because I love cake with more than 1 floor. But since the party the cake is going doesn’t need so much cake the best option is to make a dummy cake. And as you can see I also have a cake base
of 30 cm in diameter covered in black fondant. And in the borders I placed some washi tape. The first thing we’ll do is to prepare the cakes. And the best thing to do is to fix
them with some edible glue or some water. For the dummy cake what I do is
to fix a cake base to the foam core. This way it’ll be easier to
remover the dummy and eat the lower part. After this we start with the decoration. For the mountains I’ll use white, light brown and dark brown fondant. We make a little string with each
of the colors and we roll them together. To get the effect we are looking for we
must repeat this step around 3 to 4 times. Don’t do it anymore or it’ll turn into only one color. So when we we have a design similar
to this we can make a ball and extend it. As you can see this is an easy technique
and helps us to make effects like marble and wood. Now with a knife or a scalpel we cut the shape of the mountains. Here we can make the shapes we want. But remember that we are recreating the Colorado Canyon. And its mountains don’t have soft peaks nor are round. They usually have straight tops. Once we cut them glue them to the lower part of the cake. To get a 3D effect it’s best to glue the
mountains in the back without them overlapping. And them place some smaller mountains in front of them. This way it’ll look like they are in front of the other one. After this, with the excess fondant we’ll make some rocks of different sizes. As you can see they look very pretty with this effect. I’ll use this cutter to make the route 66 sign. Clearly this cutter is not specific for this sign. But we can use it to make the sign we need. After this we give it details with a edible black marker. We also cut some clouds of
different sizes over the white fondant. One thing I recommend is to make different transit signs. And you can make the ones you like most. I’ve chosen to make the narrow road sign. And basically I chose it because
the yellow will look good on the cake. And this sign is yellow because they are like this in the United States. For example if it was in Spain it
would be a white triangle with a red border. But since we are recreating a scene from Colorado. We’ll use elements that helps us recognize the place. Once our signal is ready, we’ll make another easy thing to do, and that is a cactus. As you can see they are very easy to make from a green string. After we make some textures with a rolling marker. To glue these elements we’ll use edible glue or some water. And it will be well glued to the fondant. And here we can recreate the scenery placing the
elements that we’ve done in the way we like the most. You can add more or less elements, it’s up to you. And what you can do is to place them in the front of the cake. The backside won’t be seen as much. So it’s not necessary to be hours and
hours modeling stuff that won’t be seen. The base is a road, that’s why I’ve been
cutting yellow strips to make the division of the lanes. Just like before I’m using yellow because in route 66 they’re like that. If it was another place in the
world they would be white or another color. Once done we’re cutting black and white squares. And as you can see I’ve a metal
ruler that it’s very useful in these cases. I’ll make the squares the same width of the ruler. You can also measure 2×2 cm squares
and cut them with a knife or a pizza cutter. Once cut, we place them in the upper cake. And for this I advise to have the cakes ready beforehand. Since these squares go between the
cakes and they have to fit perfectly. Here we are doing the typical squares flag
used in races when they reach the finish line. We continue like this until the third row. And as you can see there s little extra fondant in the top. Since we started placing the squares in the front, just in the back there is a
small space where a square doesn’t fit. It’s important to keep in mind this detail
because it’s a little complicated to fix this part. For the lower and upper border
I’m making a this red fondant strip. And I place it little by little. This will give it a nice finish and will highlight the flag. Now with black fondant we’re cutting a piece of road. But in a curve so the car looks like it has movement. And in the end I’m cutting it like a
stair so it looks like a piece of road. And this is the end. We fix it in the upper part of the cake
and we place the yellow strips for the lanes. Now we’re making a shield with the name of the boy. I’ve traced the logo in a piece of paper. And I’m tracing it in fondant with a stick. We cut the red fondant in the shape of the logo. And we make horizontal lines. And here I’m using again my metal ruler but
it can be done perfectly with a plastic ruler. After this we make 2 gray strips. But as you can see we make thin
one side so it looks like a long cone. Once we have the 2 cones of the same size
we press the sides to get a triangular shape. So the walls have a diagonal
descent and a point in the upper part. We place it over drawing and we cut it. With the other strip we do the same but in the other side. Once we have the elements we fix the 2 pieces. To give it a touch more realistic I’ll use a silver edible powder. This will give it a very cool metallic touch. I’ll also paint a fine strip that will be the border of the logo. Keep in mind that it’s not only bordering it but
it has some little peaks that we can easily recreate. Once done with cutters we’ll make letters in gray fondant. We use on it the same edible
silver powder and we glue it to the shield. And before glueing them place
them in the shield to see where they go. This way they’ll be centered. Now we are going to cut the piece
we did before to glue it with the logo. Once it’s cut we glue it directly to the cake. And here I recommend to start from the
bottom, because if it’s taller no problem. But if you have no space under then you’ve a problem. Now with another details of the cake. With a little orange fondant we make a cone with a square base. Then we place 2 white strips and we’ll have a traffic cone. Another element easy to do is a cactus, but a different one. For this one we make small green
fondant balls and we press them down a little. As a matter of fact it looks better of the shapes are not perfect. We place a little ball on top of the
other one, so the bigger ones are in the bottom. We add some to the sides and we
place some sticks to fix it to the cake. And we have a very cute cactus, different from the one before. In the upper part we place Lighting McQueen. As you can see it’s a metal car with lots of details. That by the way it’s very difficult
to recreate with fondant at this size. And I’m sure the birthday boy will love it. We place Lighting McQueen in the upper part of the cake. Now with some sticks we make the
holes to place the cactuses we made. We also add the cone and various rocks we made. Now we add some cones in the lower part
of the cake to add color and we’re finished. I love the lower part because it reminds me of the
Grand Canyon in Colorado with all the details we’ve made. In the upper part the squares look great. And as you can see we made the cars
shield with the name of the birthday boy. And the upper part is for the protagonist. Lighting McQueen in route 66. I’m in love with the result of this cake. And now let’s see the Cupcakers that enter today’s hall of fame. If you want to enter you know tag me in your Twitter, Instagram and
Facebook posts showing me your creations. Kibo made the Oreo Cheesecake, a true delight. Paulina made a cold lemon cake, I love this dessert, most of all in the summer. Soledad shows us a Mute cake that looks spectacular. Wendy made a Lemon Cake,
a very good option to fight the heat. And lastly Emy made one of my favorite cakes,
the carrot-cake. Thanks a lot for making my
recipes, and you’re in my hall of fame. Don’t forget to subscribe to the channel and super like the video. See you next Tuesday with a new recipe. See you soon Cupcakers!

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