Taak/Chaas Recipe (Sweet & Masala both) | Buttermilk – Indian Cold Drink – ENGLISH Sub-titles

Namaste Today I’m making”homemade buttermilk” In marathi its called “Taak” These are its required Ingredients 250 gm Curd Salt Rock salt or Sendha namak Cumin seeds Black pepper 2 Green chilli Coriander leaves Mint leaves and I’ve taken this a cup of Milk from this I’ll show you how to prepare Curd home-made Its Curd and this is Milk in small quantity I’ll show you how to make Curd take 1/2 tsp of Curd and mix it in this milk and afterwards cover it with lid keep it for overnight and in morning, it will become Curd if you want sweet curd, then keep it for 1 night and if we’ve to make Buttermilk from this if today at night we set this milk, then tomorrow’s night it will get ready for Buttermilk like this we make home-make Curd first I’ll how you how to make Simple salty buttermilk and afterwards I’ll make Masala Buttermilk I’ll take half quantity of Curd from this 250 gm to prepare Salty Buttermilk Coriander leaves Mint leaves Salt Rock salt as per our taste we can increase amount of Curd, salt Now I’ll add 1 glass of water in this I’ve added Curd, Coriander leaves, mint leaves, Salt, Rock salt and Cumin seeds 1/2 tsp Cumin seeds we’ll not add green chilli and black pepper in this Simple Salty Buttermilk Now we’ll grind it in mixer after grinding in mixer Our Simple Salty Buttermilk is ready now Now I’ll make Masala Buttermilk Add this remaining Curd in grinder now we’ll add same ingredients as before Salt Rock salt Rock salt is must to prepare Buttermilk 1/2 tsp Cumin seeds 3-4 Mint leaves Coriander leaves we’ll make a glass of Buttermilk, so I’ve taken ingredients in lesser quantity in additionn to all this ingredients we’ll add 1 Green chilli 5-6 Black pepper In 1 glass of Buttermilk, 5-6 black pepper is enough If 2-3 glass of buttermilk we’ll make, then 10-12 black pepper have to be taken Now in this 1 glass of Water I’ll add Now I’ll grind it in mixer it will be little spicy as it is Masala Buttermilk after grinding Masala Buttermilk is ready now I’ve shown how to make Curd also This are 2 types of Buttermilk Simple Salty Buttermilk Masala Buttermilk Both Buttermilk are healthy drink served in hot summer. from 250 gm Curd, we’ve made 2 glass of Buttermilk Thank you for watching

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