Sweet Pastry Bread Terterook – Armenian Cuisine – Heghineh Cooking Show

Sweet Pastry Bread Terterook – Armenian Cuisine – Heghineh Cooking Show

Sweet Pastry Bread Terterook – Armenian Cuisine – Heghineh Cooking Show

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  1. You took me to my childhood Heghineh jan, I remember my grandma making this and I loved it so much, She was calling it BISHI. And I remember she was letting me helping her,I was Arka, lol.

  2. I love watching this show such good recipes. I love these recipes cuz there's not alot of meat. I'm not vegetarian but I don't eat meat everyday. I love the music too.

  3. Oh my Gosh your son Arkah looks like the young version of
    Michael Phelps and he speaks just like him I can't believe it he's so cute.

  4. Hexine jan zgaci vor huzvecir skzbum nerkayacnelu jamanak. Es el shat huzveci. Gnaci mankutyun. Shat ei uzum imanam baxadratomsy. De en jamanak tatiknery achqachapov en patrastel. Dra hamar im tatikn el konkret chgiter. Shnorhakalutyun. Angleren chem haskanum bayc vochinch

  5. Heghine jan yes el em armatnerov Tavushic.Im tatikn el er patrastum.Da kochvum e SALI.Shat yurot u shat hamer e.

  6. HI Sweet Heghineh…I am from Athens Greece and I love your recipes…You are lovely lady !!! 😘

  7. My grandma from my fathers side is also from Lory region and she used to make this sweet bread. I love it 😉

  8. As usual delighted with you, sweet Heghine jan, wondered with your lovely, adorable children! God bless your family! I'm always very happy to watch your channel! The recipe is very good! Wow, how rich is Armenian cuisine!

  9. It looks like mini Gata!!!!!! Wonderful!!!! Thank you for the great variety of Armenian national recipes and your positive attitude!!!!!

  10. I do want to belong to your family. Mine is SO rotten 🙁
    I enjoy it so very much to see the whole family around the table and although there are some screaming once a while but there's still always love and respect as well. And that's what is missing here in my house.
    Recipe looks really tasty. Would like to make it but too much calories for me. 😀

  11. Please if u can filmed more professional sory to say it wass ugly to scream loudly da special day thank you

  12. Hello from India. We cook a 'Laccha Paratha' which is similar to the bread with petals, as you call it. My mom-in-law usually adds ghee and sugar in it. Didn't know Armenia had a similar recipe. Different cultures, similar recipes!

  13. I love this recipe and I am always looking for a good sweet bread. I was wondering if you can use regular butter or does it have to be clarified butter. You are so good with any kind of dough and I have learned so much from you. I want to thank you for your delicious recipes!!——-Tressa Daigle

  14. o, I have got for your sweet Arqa, play dough recipe from my kids time…. very easy he can make it himself…1 Tb.spoon veg, oil, + 2 Tb, spoon warm water in a bowl, then in another bowl 2 Tb. spoon flour + 1 Tb.spoon salt…. if you like colouring add this to the oil bowl and mix well then add flour to it and kneed well until the right consistency.needed you can add some more flour to your desire…. that's it. you can keep it for a long time in a air-tight plastic in the fridge!!! I hope little Arqa & Beg will be happy with this .. LOL ..

  15. Hexine jan im gyuxi tatin el er sarqum,sali ein asum,erbemn xozi halecrac yuxov er patrastum,shat hamex er😢

  16. Heghineh this is very close to the indian ghee parathas sweet as well savoury.Glad i came across your vedio have watched most if your recipes ..will be making something soon.

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