Surviving a Cold | Pregnancy Update Week 30 | Mommy and Me

Surviving a Cold | Pregnancy Update Week 30 | Mommy and Me

You’re back. This is Mommy and Me. I’m Mandi.
We’re on week 30. This is all about surviving a cold while pregnant. I’m
Mandi. I’m Dan. Subscribe to BuzzChomp. Woo. It’s cold and flu season. Someone in your life
is bound to get a cold and you’re probably going to pick it up. So
surviving a cold while pregnant. Just know that there are some things and some
medication and things like that that you cannot take when you’re pregnant.
So arming yourself with the right knowledge to fight a cold and not get
super super rundown and super sick is what you need to do when you’re pregnant.
I had a cold a couple weeks ago and honestly I thought I would not get it
because my daughter got it first then my husband and honestly my daughter was
like coughing and sneezing all over me for like five days and then I got it. I
thought I’d like let it go. I thought I had pushed past it, but I had not. The
absolute worst thing about a cold for me is the congestion. That just drags me
down and drags me down. Good news here is you can take a decongestant. Zap it out
of you. I also also highly highly recommend
especially if you’re all stuffed up buy a neti pot. I love my neti pot. It’s perfect
especially when you’re like very very congested. It’s gonna really help. it’s
gonna relieve that sinus pressure. Using the neti pot, using it regularly really
really helps really helps. If you get a fever, you can also take tylenol ,which is
really really good especially if you get the cold or you have a fever, you have
body aches and you’re super super sore. Just remember not to overdo it on any of
these. Just follow the guidelines. Sometimes I personally like want to do
things like you know take two decongestants or you know take two advil
and then a couple hours later take another two advil even prior
to the time of like you should do it because I always think Oh it’ll whip it
out of me which it does when I’m like in normal shape, but not while you’re
pregnant. This is a no brainer, but drink a lot of water. Drink a lot of water and tea.
Like really tea is your best friend. Tea with lemon
and I use agave because I’m always 50/50 on whether pregnancy it’s really good to
have honey or not. A nice tea, obviously a decaf tea. I don’t do any caffeine when
I’m pregnant so I’ve been drinking decaf tea anyway
and if you like juice I’d say just a little orange juice. Take hot baths. I
love hot baths just soaking in the tub. First you should be taking our baths
right now anyway. If you’re in your third trimester like me
ya need them. Ya need them. Taking a nice hot bath and putting like a cold
compress on your forehead is perfect. Hopefully you have the help and
hopefully if you have other children your husband kind of step up
that work because it’s hard. It’s really hard when you’re a pregnant to be sick
and then it’s hard when you have other children. My husband swears by a humidifier. I’m not the biggest fan of them, but honestly when we were on the East
Coast and he wasn’t feeling well he borrowed one from his parents and he did
say it really really helped him. I like setting my essential oils to like a
eucalyptus and really like sitting kind of close and all of that because that
always feels like it clears me out and that always feels like it makes me calm.
So I like that approach. It’s hard and you all have lives and we’re all busy
and if this isn’t your first child then you have so many more responsibilities,
but you’ve got to take that time for you. Hopefully you have a partner, yo ya gotta
handle the babe. You gotta handle the kids. So I can get some sleep and I can
rest. I had to do that. My baby’s so cute she was like mommy are you not feeling
well? Oh lie the couch. So it was super nice,
but you have to rest and you have to take care of yourself. That means putting
aside some things that you might normally do. If you need to get things
done, it means calling out of work so you can relax and get better because having
cold stinks, but having cold while pregnant is the worst. I’m Mandi. Subscribe to
Mommy and Me for more of our pregnancy journey and share with me what is your
fail-proof way to survive a cold while pregnant yeah kids yeah. Thanks
for watching BuzzChomp. Subscribe and share. Subscribe and Share. Subscribe and Share.

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