Student Life – Josephine Chairisty (Indonesia) Bachelor and Pastry Diploma | Le Cordon Bleu Paris

my name is Josephine I’m 20 years old and I’m from Jakarta Indonesia I was searching for a cooking school since I want to be a pastry chef so I chose the corn only because it is a worldwide known school for culinary arts and Paris because it is a gastronomical city where the school itself was founded in the first place pastry diploma is really built for the people even when they don’t have any professional experience before because we really start from the basic level even me and my friends we didn’t have any professional experience the chef really helped me out and motivated me to succeed okay I won’t touch let’s see feel electro do come on I choose to continue in the bachelor program after my pastry diploma because I wanted to open my own pastry shop and technical skill is not enough I also need management skill and that’s why the bachelor program is built for is to become the future managers in the first year at the first semester we have both theoretical and practical class for example in finance class we learn how to manage our revenue how we can manage our expenses in kitchen management class we learn how to create our own kitchen so in the future we don’t make any mistakes we also have the chance to travel around the world because the Columbia is the school there is really international so for the second year we can choose whether we want to stay in Paris or somewhere else outside Paris during my bachelor program I also did an internship for one month in Anamosa Hawaii it’s a restaurant and also a pastry shop at the same time I did an internship in the service team a thing there’s a really good atmosphere in the school especially in my class because I think as my class as my family we always have lunch together in the lunch room and we always share about our culture after my Bachelor diploma I want to go back home to Indonesia to make my own pastry shop which will be serving French pastry [Music] you

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