we’re having a makeout section guys
makeout session don’t you wish you can have some of this what did you discover
girl it’s freezing out there Road conditions
I’ve discovered that Minnesota has some kid with a crayon doing their math North
Dakota and Wyoming Montana they’re good this is some kid with crayons look like they’re all partially covered and
there’s I think there’s a travel modded travel a lot advice but then it said it
expired but then it’s going to search sleep later too and once they’ve changed
it I think we should eat breakfast a little bit and get the flock out of here
down the road that one turned it down and I’ve heard someone open the window
three o’clock this morning somebody open a window and now it’s cold in here
because it’s 12 degrees outside yeah we got a block here the Indians
Tyson cows day okay guys here we go she’s being very cantankerous today look
at that face desire for his face I said move over is the king the camera went
flying off the tripod the wind’s 100 miles an iron to road your clothes and
an ain’t don’t look that bad debate court there’s mice on the road we’re
going to let’s get it get it alright we’re going to do backroads Oh No yes the Qualcomm may say I came in to
sleep in here yes you did drive in here and I gave you Direction all the way in
encouragement look that I just punky here I just got
out of shower guys showered in the park let’s go like a bad man why are you doing over there Hey ain’t nobody down here but there ain’t
nowhere just done up like dirt roads of way
they ain’t been there if they’re out they are totally ice there
they’re still above tragic I think she won’t be stuck back there
the LTI mocktail first time unknown right are you making that thanks idiots
it’s a tradition you had a kiss but she’s got big ladies
don’t know yeah
why wouldn’t a kid throws a big lift yeah if you night
yeah we’re still getting down the road though
you guys don’t fear I’m finding somewhere to park at and drink some beer
hang it round the background because we still got seven twenty seven hundred
miles like three four hours that ain’t nice too much is that worth
placing my clock seven degrees outside wind chills
lurking below – tire pain salad stuff sounds – market 14 degrees
30 degrees damnit we’re not gonna find it if I started
meeting we will do that’s with some farmers handle separately stop a genius we parked last night guys we did it
yeah yeah y’all probably think oh they never stop they go through all the ice
and snow we didn’t do it last night guys wait what begin a hundred fifty miles
and it took almost all day that’s just not how we’re gonna roll a little bed it
was so – with the windchill is – 26 26 – that’s really terrible cold and the
doubt when the dogs are like no I’ll hold my pee pee I don’t want to go I
don’t wanna go up is it yeah but what was symmetry now one one with the
windchill is like – yeah the roads probably ain’t no better basalts but
we’re gonna head back out at least right I can truck during the daylight maybe
I’ll get another two miles down the road two miles it really wears you out when
twin your truck we were all back roads so it’s not
I’m during the day you can see good but at night there’s no point in being out
and being her skin anyway no an hour before the Sun Goes Down we need to just
part hey no gonna be no warmer today or
tomorrow so ain’t gonna get no clearer because it’s packed down and I see snow
they you know or even work it’s gonna take us a week to get to Memphis a week
maybe only five days yeah we’re going bro that’s right we’ll be fine hey oh
there’s a Schneider driver heading out ain’t you head out I can head out there’s traffic moving today than there
was yesterday yesterday we we were still under the blizzard warning today the
wind was really bad yesterday today we’re not sure you were getting total
white outs from the blowing snow it wasn’t snowing that bad but it’s blowing
so bad you couldn’t see anything it’s just morning here it’s not I mean I
guess it over there it looks like there’s about to pile that but it’s not
that bad later those guys clothes on as you can see he don’t he don’t want
nothing to do was going out he didn’t take his medicine this morning I don’t
feel good but good boy you like his little outfit he’ll feel better later he’s already
feeling better I don’t think he’s a morning person I don’t think he’s a
cold-blooded person either hey yeah I noticed sometimes he has a
crooked Paul but he holds up every now and then it’s a triple call in the
winter he really holds it cuz you know it’s like when you break something get
arthritis yeah on the bright side we’re gonna go now I need clean my house I
have to myself you ever catch me off guard and come up to the truck and say
hi and I had a chance to take Berlin myself off because I wouldn’t plan
you’ll be a hair UMass just know my favorite color is dog no hair bomb
look look at this little guy ain’t thank you
it’s a little sign beside with it the plow like a gator thingy with a plow and
a rental flag he’s out there having a good time and making a dollar let’s go
to work guys and girls yeah you too look look you see that I give up
we can’t in the driver’s seat I didn’t think I’m attracted
we were the day actually the day after the blizzard
no -26° last night so I certainly thank the roads we’re gonna be clear
enough to drive but they are
earlier I got a brush my teeth
just made my fresh coffee to anyone inside we’re on the back roads in Iowa
but anyone inside and they have Bellinis so I was hoping for like a double bacon
cheeseburger or something so we’ll see what he comes up with when
he said I don’t want these burgers Oh actual pervert tastes good
so I better it’s real feats I remember the Whitney’s commercial
where’s Aviva I’m
muffler ring in the memory the beat

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  1. Girls with big lips oh look the creek down there 😂 hilarious 😜 your gonna get your self in trouble oh boy wrong thing to say you slid past that one barley

  2. Have no fear! We're gonna find a place to park and have some beer. That's what I'd be doing in that cold! Be careful out there!!

  3. No tell motel…for unknown reasons… LMAO… something tells me she knows …and kiss girls with big lips…hell yeah…kiss all girls 10-4👍 Woooooo….🐓🍭…that's funny…

  4. All day to go 150 miles? You need to unfreeze those trailer brakes.
    The dingoes are cute. If you're on camera and they're not featured, they bark.
    By the way, is it true that your dogs were named curly and larry when you got them but moe changed their names?

  5. Hi how are you doing hope you are staying warm this is Dennis we meet in Tucson you the guy with the decked out dodge 1ton with side by side and boat truck safe you too Dennis

  6. Just saw your truck outside 711 in Irving. It's the coolest rig I have ever seen. You guys are living the life. Hope me and my wife will have a rig together one day too. We would love to see all of America together. I was the security guard btw. I was too shy to say anything.

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