Strawberry Crepe Cake – Food Wishes

Strawberry Crepe Cake – Food Wishes

hello this is chef john from food wishes
comm with strawberry crepe cake that’s right it’s a proven scientific fact that
people love layers especially when it comes to dessert and they get pretty
excited if it’s just three or four layers so you can just imagine the
reaction when you hand up something that has like 36 layers i think i didn’t
actually count but anyway the point is people like layers and what we’re gonna
do to achieve a cake with that many is actually stack up crepes so with that
let’s go hang get started by making our batter which will begin with five whole
large eggs we are also going to need some all-purpose flour as well as a
little bit of sugar and a touch of salt of course and then I’m gonna add a
couple tablespoons of vegetable oil although a lot of people like to use
melted butter but I’m an oil guy plus we’re gonna be cooking these in a lot of
butter and then we’ll go ahead and finish this up with some whole milk and
by the way the next time I pour something now this measuring cup and it
doesn’t dribble all over will be the first time and then last but not least
we will add a little bit of real pure vanilla extract and that’s gonna be it
for this very very simple batter what we’ll do is take this over to the
blender and blend it until very very smooth starting off on low speed but
finishing down high and if everything goes according to plan once blended your
batter should look a little something like this
okay relatively thin but that’s exactly how we want it to make crepes oh and
this quarter cup measuring cup is a little bit of foreshadowing since that’s
exactly how much batter we’re gonna use for each crepe and then if it was a
matter of life and death you could use the batter now but this stuff works out
much better if you refrigerate it for at least thirty minutes so that’s exactly
what I’m gonna do and while that’s resting we can move on to prep our
strawberry jam and I’m going to be transferring one jar into this little
saucepan and I said jam but the label actually said strawberry preserves and
I’ve really never been that sure the difference but it doesn’t matter for
this any fruit jam or preserves will work and then what we’ll do is rinse out
the jar with a little splash of water and add that before heading to the stove
where we’re gonna bring this up to a simmer over medium heat and as soon as
we see that start to bubble around the edge
we’ll go ahead and give it a stir at which point we’re just gonna let that
simmer for one minute are no longer just one minute
at which point we’ll turn off the heat give it one last stir and simply let it
cool down to room temp before we use it and then once that set assuming our
batter has rested at least thirty minutes we can go ahead and butter a
skillet placed over medium heat and we can start cooking the first of many many
many crepes and as I mentioned we’re gonna pour in exactly a quarter cup of
batter and we will tilt that patent till it coats the bottom and then we’re gonna
cook that first side for about one and a half minutes which is by the way longer
than usual okay since we’re gonna stack these up and use them for a cake I do
want these well cooked and to have a decent amount of color so like I said
we’ll give that first side about 90 seconds or so and we’ll go ahead and
flip it over and we will give the other side about one and a half minutes and
that’s it once that second sized cooked we’ll go ahead and transfer that onto a
sheet pan to let it cool and that’s it we have one crepe done and we only have
like 19 to go and by the way that times I mentioned earlier about one and a half
minutes per side that is just an estimate so don’t worry so much about
time as you do getting them to look like this okay we’re not trying to get them
crispy but as you can see we do want a good amount of color on these and of
course crepes are like snowflakes and each one’s gonna look a little bit
different but that’s fine as long as they’re all about the same
diameter our cake is gonna look magnificent and if you think about it we
really only need one good-looking one for the top
having said that all mine we’re beautiful even the ones I hid underneath
so you couldn’t see them but anyway we’ll go ahead and cook as many as we
want or can and of course the more you make the taller your cake which I really
should put on a t-shirt but anyway give or take a mistake or two I think I ended
up with 20 and then very important we need to let these cool all the way down
before we start stacking them and of course if you want to make those ahead
you can just keep them in the fridge or even freeze them until you’re ready to
use and then once that set the last thing to make would be our whipped cream
mixture which for me is going to start with some mascarpone no relation to Al
Capone and then besides the mascarpone I’m also
gonna add some heavy cream and then we’ll also sweeten this up with a little
bit of sugar as well as a few drops of vanilla and that’s it we’ll take a whisk
and mix this until we have some nice stiff peaks and do yourself a favor and
start slowly otherwise you’re gonna splash us all over but once our
beautifully rich Italian cream cheese starts breaking up we can whisk a little
more aggressively and we will keep whisking until like I said we have stiff
peaks and by the way if your cream is nice and cold this is gonna happen very
quickly so don’t worry about pulling out your electric mixer just work that with
the whisk for a couple minutes until you have something that looks like this at
which point you definitely want to stop because if you keep whisking you will
literally make butter and if you don’t believe me go watch our how to make
homemade butter video and that’s it once all our components are prepped we can
start building our crepe cake so what we’ll do is take your crepe and spoon on
two or three tablespoons of our cream mixture and we’ll go ahead and spread
that almost all the way to the edge and then once that’s been accomplished we’ll
go ahead and drizzle on some of our strawberry mixture and we’ll kind of
swirl that in and if you’re wondering sure we probably could have just mixed
those together but I thought by keeping them separate we would have a little bit
of visual differentiation which in hindsight really was not that noticeable
in the end although it did look pretty cool as I was doing it so I’m fine with
my choice and then once our crepe was creamed and fruited we’ll go ahead and
transfer that onto a serving plate and we’ll repeat that entire process until
we’re done and the reason we want to build these on a separate plate is
because if you try to do this on your pile of crepes
you might smoosh and smash the ones underneath and sort of press out the
filling especially since we’re using one that’s very soft so I really think we
want to do these away from the pile and then once completed simply transfer them
on top which is exactly what I did and did and did and did and by the way if
you’re making something that’s stacked and the whole idea is to show off the
height which you don’t want to use as a plate with a rim that hides the bottom
edge so right about here I realized my rookie mistake I mean it is just not a
smart idea and visually annoying so despite the obvious danger I decided to
course-correct and I used a couple spatulas
transfer that into a nice flat plate which went pretty well since I really
could have been a disaster but anyway all’s well that ends well and by the way
if you’re gonna build this up nice and high like I did you really want to make
sure these are very well centered okay especially if you’re using a soft
slippery filling like this so please pay attention to that I mean you are for all
the Jack white making sure these are stacked right and if they’re not all
nice and centered this can eventually sort of tip over but anyway I went ahead
and continued stacking until I ran out of my strawberry mixture it would I
believe was crepe 18 and once we do get to the last one we’ll go ahead and place
our best-looking crepe on the top and give that a very gentle pressing and if
all you’re filling shoots out the sides you pressed way too hard and then finish
this off I’m going to go ahead and dust a solid powdered sugar and then I
finished off with a few fresh berries and that’s it are very visually
impressive strawberry crepe cake is done and at this point we really really
should refrigerate it until it’s very cold before we serve it which I’m not
going to do because I really wanted to taste this and the Sun was going down
so despite this being way way too soft I went ahead and cut a slice which
actually worked out way better than I thought it would even though I kind of
messed up the bottom layers with a spatula but no worries I just hit that
with a strawberry and then I just gave that side a little bit of a fork scrape
to clean it up so we could see all those gorgeous layers and that my friends is
one fascinating and quite provocative slice of dessert which by the way really
should be served on its side because as you’ll see especially in this soft state
it is not something we can very gracefully cut with a fork but one bite
and you’re probably not gonna care about that because even though not properly
chilled this was absolutely fantastic or a very reminiscent of strawberry
shortcake and believe it or not actually quite light on the palate so to
summarize I’m glad I cut it and ate it before it was ready oh and speaking of
chilling this before you eat it this crepe cake technique really works out
the best if you’re spreading on a filling like a buttercream or say a
chocolate ganache okay things that really firm up when they’re chilled that
way your crepes and filling have basically the same density and it will
look way better sliced and hold together much better when you eat it which is
something I’ll talk about in the blog post but anyway even
though it wasn’t cold this still worked out fairly well and I really did enjoy
it but not quite as much as this slice which I sliced the next day after being
fully chilled and as you can see we get a much more beautiful cleaner slice plus
we can serve it on its side which does make it significantly easier teams but
anyway that’s it but I’m calling strawberry crepe cake so with your gonna
make this for some special occasion like Mother’s Day brunch or you just enjoy
eating things that have a ridiculous number of layers either way I really do
hope you give this a try soon so head over to food wishes calm for all the
ingredient amounts and more info as usual and as always you

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  1. Lovely. Russians love crepe cakes, although here we usually make the filling with high-fat sour cream instead of mascarpone.

  2. Just a helpful tip.
    If you add some gelatin to the cream mix, and set overnight, it will set up magnificently.

  3. WARNING! This video contains the fab Chef John cooking without the use of cayenne pepper – shocking, I know

  4. Ugh. Just fold them over and serve crepes, as God intended. Crepes are unsuitable for assimilation. Pancakes yes, but only when stacked three high.

  5. I have followed your channel for over a year. I recently decided to move into a Keto lifestyle. So!! I challenge you to make this beautiful desert Keto friendly!!

  6. I can't wait to try making this cake. ^-^
    I've tried several of your recipes (most recent is the apple pie) and I really like that you use such simple ingredients and make the process so easy to follow. My family and relatives really love all of what I've cooked so far.

  7. My favorite videos of yours are those that use stainless steel bowls, because I can see your reflection. You are a painless distraction of stainless interaction.

  8. In SA we make these without the vanilla and sugar, cook it the same way, and once finished, sprinkle cinnamon sugar on top, roll it up with a fork and enjoy! We call it pancakes. Lovely in winter time when it is raining.

  9. Absolutely awesome it looks. I gonna try this in the weekend. Both strawberry and think pan cokes are my favorite. Hope i can make it.

  10. Wait why do you talk like that. I mean it’s fine but it’s weird for me. Something something something something……………….. something something something

  11. Chef John I’m inspired and will most definitely make with raspberry jam! Thanks for another outstanding recipe.

  12. Jam is the fruit smashed to a jell paste (like ones you see in a diner on table), a preserve is just like the name, they don't smash to a jelly, they just smash them preserving the seeds, skin of fruit, etc. The more you know.

  13. Crepe cakes are quite tedious to make, but the texture of the final product is really something special.

  14. I cant stand how this guys voice goes up and downnnn , up and dowwwwwwn, up and downnnnnn, every fucking sentence. First time here because I seen a article on facebook about how relaxing watching his youtube channel was… Turns out its annoying the FREAK out of me.

  15. I really like this chef he's very explanatory with everything he makes..thanks, i am going to try to make it.. Love all the food you make and create😊🥞🍓

  16. This looks amazing, except for the utter mistake that is putting cheese in a cake. Probably easy enough to substitute out though.

  17. A millicrepe cake with strawberries; irresistibly good. Delicious food as always. Happy eating! 🤗

  18. This whole thing looked super super good already, but then you mentioned chocolate ganache 😮

  19. Get a new pyrex measuring/mixing cup; we have 2 'exactly' the same and one dribbles and one does not. I bet you got a dribbler!

  20. I had one like this a while back that was a black and white crepe cake. It was soooo yummy >w< might have to try this with that variation.

  21. This looks amazing, it reminds me of my mother who used to make me blintzes almost every Sunday morning. Yummm!

  22. In Chile there's a very popular cake usually found in cafes called "Pancake cake". The idea is the same, but the crepes used are more simmilar to german pancakes… a little bit thicker and fluffier (but not as much as hotcakes). They usually put orange jam between the layers.

  23. Do your original Crepe video with your newly developed style.
    I just wanna make a great crepe but want to listen to your new tempo while doing it.
    The old video (disabled comments) is boring. …Jussayn.

    Gonna watch this one to see if its enough. But a plain crepe video for metta searches is nice.

  24. Oh how pretty they are at 3:35.. How come mine never turns out that attractive? Fetching! True masterpieces indeed, Chef John.. xx..

  25. I love to set my whipped cream with a little gelatin. I think that would work really well in this scenario. I’m definitely gonna have to try this one day.

  26. Why didn't I find this channel long ago. This is more entertaining than late night TV, and educational for those of us who love preparing and eating great food.

  27. This looks delicious and fun to make.. I’d make a sauce to top it with. Maybe a chocolate sauce …. nom nom. Thank you 👨‍🍳 John…

  28. Almond flour. Coconut oil and butter. Heavy cream pink salt free range organic eggs swerve for sugar… OK now it's healthy. No fat gut here!

  29. So every year I make my wife's birthday cake. This year I did raspberry crepe cake with dark chocolate ganache. I put a sprinkle of cayenne in the ganache. Thanks for the recipe
    Chef John. It turned out amazing

  30. thats just pancakes for me untill you began to stack them …¨afterwards you are just destroying the way how to eat it

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