“Stone Cold” Steve Austin pulled the curtain back on The Undertaker: WWE After the Bell

“Stone Cold” Steve Austin pulled the curtain back on The Undertaker: WWE After the Bell

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  1. Undertaker shall return ASAP. I really miss him. Today it is survivor series when he debuted. I want undertaker to return ASAP so wwe can be the same as before.

  2. The Undertaker is the only reason why im not 100% tna or aew currently cause undertaker was the reason i started watching wrestling :3

  3. If undertaker returns , I wonder who will he face now? I don't know why, but I think wwe will make him fued against seth Rollins, which will be boring TBH 🙄

  4. They did not just mention Austin calling Undertaker "Mark,' and I know that's his real name, but it's crazy to see that knowing Mark is more of a traditional, old-school guy who likes to maintain his gimmick.

  5. Words are no longer enough to describe how great Undertaker is

    29 years of Undertaker, 29 years of memories imagined in the mind of those who saw them, 29 years of a character that has arrived all over the world

    The biggest symbol in the world of wrestling.

  6. Gimmicks came….
    And many gone too….
    But one still remains and will always be…
    which is not a gimmick now…its the word to describe why almost 80% people know wwe

  7. I still remember Taker putting Austin on his Ministry symbol before their buried alive and he stood there looking evil with the eyes rolled back and his music playing as Raw went off the air. Great memories

  8. Just watched the full interview and its was fantastic. great to hear taker out of character. Stone Cold did a top job and you can feel the mutual respect between the two legends. Taker has earned all the respect he gets and long may his legacy reign!

  9. Im glad the undertaker reinvented himself in 1999-2003.The Deadman Character would not made it during the Attitude Era. Undertaker never showed any emotion or Attitude until he ditched the Deadman gimmick in 1999 I believe, and the wwe were alot crazier back around that time and it was too x rated.

  10. For me the undertaker is the greatest wrestler in the history of the wrestling industry , The Undertaker deserves the same respect and credibility as any professional athlete. In fact, he’s more than just a sportsman – he’s a true sports hero.

  11. Words are no longer enough to describe how old the Undertaker is.

    Should have done us all a favor and retired 10 years ago.

  12. Many wrestlers don't have gimmicks that's just who they are so for the undertaker to have a gimmick the same gimmick for over 25 years is amazing. No one has done that so yes I would say that he has the best gimmick ever.

  13. For Me , It will be the END of WWE and was lucky enough to meet him and talk to him for a day . Big Fan , but Now it will end , because he is Leaving … Have A Wonderful Life Mark , YOU are the Best .

  14. I was hoping these questions were gonna be asked in the interview he had with stone cold.

    The undertaker:
    1. Will we ever u see u wear your old school attires from 1990 to 1999 with the theme songs that came with it before you retire?
    2. How come u stopped walking slow during your matches u had in 1991 till 1996?
    3. Why did u say no to Vince asking u to end the streak in 2014?
    4. How come your rare red attire u had that was never released in 1996 u didn't use that?
    5. Were there gonna be other color attires that u had from 1990 to 1996?

    These types of questions need to be answered in interviews for undertaker and kane that would be the holly grail of questions.

    I wonder what the wwe warehouse looks like showing all kane attires and the undertakers attires wwe needs to make a video on this and even show the undertakers unreleased red attire he had in 1996 and the mask kane used in his 2012 return promo that was never used it was the same type of his 1997 debut mask but without the mouth cover and the rumours of KANE DX GREEN ATTIRE IN 1999?

    When the undertaker and kane when opponents use to hit them they didn't flench at all from 1991 to 1996 and 1997 to 1999. These days undertaker and kane do flinch. 

    If I was Vince the final match for undertaker and kane should be undertaker 1994 purple attire and the grim reaper theme song vs kane 1997 attire book it Vince.

    once the undertaker retires his induction into the hall of fame will be the biggest event. 

    If I was Vince the final match for undertaker and kane should be undertaker debut attire and debut theme  vs kane 1997 debut attire with his burned debut theme.

    What a better way for both to retire together with there debut attires. This match could be a tribute to Paul bearer.

    Have brother love come out with undertaker final match as his original manager and have one of Paul bearer family members come out as kane manager.

    I can see future wresrlemania appearances for undertaker to come out in any of his 1990 to 2004 attire 😃

    book it Vince.

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