Steve Austin Tries Fancy Cocktails For The First Time

– Have you ever tried to
have sex on the beach? With all that sand gettin’
in all the crevices, all that other bullshit, sex on the beach sucks. Cut. Next drink. See, this is like one of those
bullshit drinks right here. I’m not sure what the (bleep) this is, I’m about to find out. Oh boy. Is that vodka and Kahlua? I have no idea. It tastes like sugary dog shit. A birthday-tini, that’s appropriate. Happy birthday to whoever
the hell made this drink, but it’s not my birthday
so I will not finish it. Please bring me my next beverage. Is this, would this be a cosmopolitan? It’s not a bad drink, I’m quite enjoying it and I’m gonna finish it off. I’m gonna give it a thumbs up. I love alcohol. I’m gonna give it a taste. That’s gotta be a green appletini. (sighing) Apples are good for ya, so an appletini a day probably
would keep the doctor away and that’s taken from an
alcoholic stand point of view. I’m done with this drink, I would like another please. Thank you. This is finally the sex on the beach. This is finally the sex on the beach. I’ve always heard about
this illustrious cocktail. Not a fan. Next drink. God damn, you might as
well pour the rest of it. I would call this give me one
of those red piles of shit. Oh a Jolly Rancher shot. These are the kinda drinks
that just piss you off. A little son of a bitch like this you could put it in a frilly glass and put a couple umbrellas in there, probably set you back 10 bucks. For what? A case of sugar diabetes and no buzz? (bleep) that drink. Now if ya’ll ain’t got
nothing else for me to drink, I’m a haul ass. No I’m serious, I’m about to haul ass, If ya’ll don’t have no better
shit than this to drink. Oh he does. Please bartender. Now that’s a tasty beverage.

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