Starbucks Hot Chocolate Review & Taste Test | Starbucks Coffee Drinks

Hello everyone welcome back to my channel you
guys I hope you’re all doing super super super well so you guys first of all it is very
sunny as you can see outside right now the footage
first of all seems pretty well lit so I think it’s gonna be okay so you guys for
this week’s video I’m gonna be reviewing Starbucks hot chocolate usually you guys
when I do Starbucks food reviews drink reviews the names are just like that
long but today it’s just basic hot chocolate I never had a hot chocolate
from Starbucks so I was like let’s try this out
so you guys the price of this drink is three dollars and 45 cents Canadian dollars
and I did not added any whipped cream because I wanted to taste just the hot
chocolate alone I’m just going to oh my gosh that’s so cute you guys they did a
little like pattern on the hot chocolate I’m gonna film it right now and show you
guys somewhere in the screen so there’s like a little heart oh my gosh that is
so so so cute so oh my gosh I’m so cold I’m going to take a sip of this right
now I hope this is good honestly you guys if you clicked on this video you’re
probably curious to know what this tastes like if it’s worth it honestly I
will make it short and sweet in my opinion this is not worth three dollars
and forty-five cents um this tastes like a hot chocolate
I could make at home with like I mean hot cocoa powder and stuff I’m kind of
disappointed I thought Starbucks would maybe up their hot chocolate game so you
know that we could feel that if we buy this hot chocolate we get something like
special in it so overall you guys it’s not bad but it’s not like oh my god
delicious you guys go pick this up like no this is to me this tastes like a
regular hot chocolate it’s not worth three dollars and forty-five cents this
is my personal opinion you have your own if you want to pick this up to try it by
yourself please do that was pretty much it for this week’s video I hope you
enjoyed it and yeah I hope that was helpful if you
guys were maybe wondering what this tastes like and if it’s worth getting at
Starbucks the next time you’re there if you want to follow me on my social media
as always my links are gonna be in the description box thank you all so much
for watching and I will talk to you guys very very soon bye guys

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