STAND MIXER CAKE How To Cook That Ann Reardon 3d cake

STAND MIXER CAKE How To Cook That Ann Reardon 3d cake

Welcome To How To Cook That I’m Ann Reardon
and today we are making a 3D stand mixer cake! And yes we are giving away some Breville mixers
too. Breville actually has some new mixers called the Bakery Boss and I’ll tell you more
about how you can enter to win a mixer at the end of the video. First of all, to make this cake you’re going
to need one and a half batches of my chocolate cake baked in two trays. And I’ve got a video
explaining how to make that cake and I’ll put that on the website
and I’ll link to that below for you. You will also need a caramel mudcake, made
from white chocolate, maragrine, vanilla, milk,
eggs, baking powder, brown sugar and flour. The first thing we are going to do is add
the margarine to the white chocolate … and then you want to melt that in the microwave. Once it is melted turn the mixer on low and
add in the brown sugar, eggs and vanilla. Once that is all mixed add the milk, flour
and the baking powder. And then you want to pour that into an 18cm
round cake tin and a heat proof bowl, the one that I have here is 15 1/2 cm at the top. For frosting I’m making 1 batch of my chocolate
buttercream and mixing that with chocolate ganache. And for the mudcake I am going to
use white chocolate ganache frosting and all those recipes are on the website as well as
the template for the cake. Once you cakes have cooled cut around the
base shape on one of the tray cakes. Then put some frosting onto the cake board
and add the first layer of cake into place. Now out of that same tray cake, cut two of
the top of the mixer shapes and set them aside. And from the second tray of chocolate cake
cut the remaining pieces of cake, using the template and keep the off cuts because we
are going to use them later. Spread frosting all over the base to cover
it. Then add the next layer of cake, more frosting and then the third layer of cake.
Cover that in frosting then add the fourth layer and then a fifth. Now at this stage we need to add support because
it is a tall cake. Push a cake pop stick down to the base. Mark
where it comes to at the top of the cake there. Pull it out and use that level that you’ve
drawn to cut three cake pop sticks to that same height.
Push them down into the cake and then place a cake board over the top. See now when you
push down on it, the cake doesn’t squash. We need that because the top of the cake is
heavy and it would just squash it down if we didn’t have it. Add two dowels down through
the cake board to the base and cut these to the height shown on the template.
Continue to stack the remaining layers to cake up to the top of the dowel. Then place your template in front and carve
the cake to cut it to the right shape of your mixer.
Take a small amount off each corner edge to slightly round it so it doesn’t look quite
so box-like. Add some of those off cuts across the front
bit here to round it out at the base. Cover that in buttercream and then use a piece
of acetate to smooth it out. Acetate is just thin plastic and you can get it from office
supply stores. Then place that whole thing in the fridge. For the bowl cut the caramel mud cake in half. Add simple syrup, then white chocolate ganache.
Add a central dowel down the middle and four cake pop sticks, then add a cake board over
the top. A little frosting
And then the round cake on top of that. Cover that in frosting, now you could make
the whole cake just out of chocolate cake or any cake but because it is quite big I
thought I’d use a couple of flavours so you have a bit of variety. Once it’s done place
that in the fridge. Cut a cake board in the size of the top of
the cake and add a little frosting, the first layer of cake, simple syrup and then more
frosting. Then use scraps of cake to make up the middle layer, it’s a bit like doing
a jigsaw. Then add simple syrup, more frosting and finally the top layer of cake.
Place the template in front and carve down the cake to make it the right shape for your
mixer. Slice off the corners so it is not quite so
square. And then cover that whole thing in buttercream. For the underneath of the top part you’ll
need some marshmallows and rice bubbles. Just melt the marshmallows in the microwave and
then mix in the rice bubbles. Scoop some of that mixture into a small rounded bowl that
has been greased or you won’t be able to get it out. And use wet hands to push it down
and pack it in. Place that in the fridge to firm up. Once it is firm you should be just
able to take it out of the bowl and cover the whole thing in frosting. Grab the bowl part of the cake out of the
fridge and smooth it out even more. Add a cake board to the top and flip it upside
down and place it over a bowl so the dowel isn’t bumped.
Put some buttercream on the base part there to cover that over, then drape black fondant
over the top. Just lift it and lower it using your hand to smooth it down on the sides.
Trim off the excess around the base then flip it back over, take off the cake board and
fold over that extra bit in so it makes like a lip or a border of the fondant around the
top. Take a dry paint brush and put it in some
edible silver luster dust and then dust and brush all over the bowl with silver so it
turns nice and silver there. The Bakery Boss mixers do come with a glass bowl and a silver
one but for the cake I’m just going to go with the silver bowl because it’s much easier. Cover the base in the colour of your mixer.
I am using a different brand of fondant today for the blue and it is tricky to work with,
it is pulling and tearing easily. I don’t know if you can see that on the video. But
if you are having trouble with your fondant try using a different brand and see if you
can find one that is better than the others because they are definitely different.
Use you hand to smooth it out as best as you can. To make the details, cut a thick circle of
black fondant for the dial in the size shown and a thin circle for the button on top of
the mixer. Cut a strip of fondant in medium thickness
as shown on the template and now bend that around to make the handle shape.
Trim off each side so it is angled in where it will join on the mixer.
And now because this is quite heave it will not stay on by itself so you’re going to need
to add either a cake pop stick or pieces of spaghetti into the handle so we can push those
into the cake to give it the support it needs. Now brush all of those details with silver
luster dust and leave them to one side. For the indicator band, cut a thin strip,
trim it to length and then round out the corners using a knife.
For the digital display cut a rectangle and round off two of the corners.
Add that to a piece of blue. Then add two little dots of blue to one side.
Cut a tiny triangle of black and add that on top for the up and down controls. The easiest way to make an indented logo is
to use some re-useable food grade molding gel. Just melt it in the microwave pour it
on the logo and leave it to set. Now to assemble our cake. Place the bowl onto
the base and push the dowel through to the bottom of the cake. Add the marshmallow rice bubble shape to the
top of the dowel. And then add the top of the cake on top there. To keep the head of the mixer off the bowl
while we decorate you can add some more bits of rice bubbles if you like. Now add the blue fondant over the top
and squeeze the excess together and cut the excess off using scissors. Carefully trim it around the join there and
then tuck the extra fondant underneath the cake board using a little bit of water to
make it stick. Cut a strip of back and dust it with silver
luster dust and wrap it around the mixer. Then use a ruler to make sure it is straight. Then add the handle into place, I am really
not happy with the blue fondant here, you can see that it’s not very good but it is
too late to swap brands now. Take your mold and push it onto the side of
the mixer just above the strip there, just pushing in and then peel it off. And there
you have your logo. Draw a straight line around the blue fondant
and then add a layer of black. Then brush that with silver luster dust too. Time to add the controls. Use a little water
to add the indicator band. Then carefully cut out a circle the size of the dial and
remove that bit of fondant there. Add the speed control dial into the hole.
Then add the LCD timer down the bottom. And then next to the indicator band just add
some lines, now you can try and write on the words on here but they are very small and
I think it’s just going to look messy so I’m just going to leave those off. To the top of the cake add the tilt release
button. Add then some fondant around the base to cover
the cake board and then just trim off the excess to make it neat. Then make a batch of your favourite frosting,
I am using Italian meringue because that’s my favourite … I have a taste test video
that compares all the vanilla frosting recipes and all the different chocolate frosting recipes
for you and I’ll link to that at the end. Pipe it around the top of the bowl to make
it look like it is full and overflowing. To make that just sort of tip over there, pipe
some more from the top and let it just drip over the top of the bowl there. Add some frosting on the board and a broken
easter egg. And then sprinkle a little flour onto the board too. And there you have it a cute 3D mixer cake! As I said, yes we are giving away some mixers.
Now the Bakery Boss is being launched here in Australia before the rest of the world.
So I have got two of these for Australia and then I’ve got 3 of the Breville Scraper Mixer
Pros for everyone else. Now the main difference between the two mixers
is that this one has a more powerful motor. It also has two bowls. It has the glass bowl
which is really handy for microwaving things in when you have to mix them as well, then
it’s got a second stainless steel bowl. It’s of course got the scraper beater which I like
because it scrapes the bowl as you beat so no need to stop and scrape it down and all
your other attachments. Now all you have to do to enter is click on
the link below, go through to the entry form and write the correct answers to the questions
plus your entry on that form and you’ll be entered in for your chance to win and the
best answer wins so put some time into thinking what you’re going to write on your entry. Subscribe to How To Cook That for more cakes,
chocolates and desserts. Click here for more of my cake videos, here
for my YouTube channel and here for the recipe. Make it a great week and I’ll see you on Friday.

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