Split Cake Tutorial / Pretty Pink Valentine Cake with Buttercream Tulips

Split Cake Tutorial / Pretty Pink Valentine Cake with Buttercream Tulips

In this video you’ll see how to make
this beautiful valentine cake with buttercream tulips spilling out of the
center. It’s my yummy coconut cake with lemon
and coconut filling from my book on Amazon. Hi it’s Lorelie welcome back to
my channel, if it’s your first time welcome to wedding cakes for you cake
tutorials and if you want to build your skills and confidence to create the most
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I teamed up with Rosie from Rosie’s Dessert Spot for this very special
Valentine collaboration. Check out Rosie’s cake. This cake starts with a
pink platter and lots of pink buttercream. This is my Italian meringue
buttercream recipe and you can download a copy of My Top 5 Buttercream Recipes
at weddingcakesforyou.com any time. And the recipe is also here on YouYube Click
the cards at the end of the videos to check out the corresponding tutorials. Cut a giant slice out of your cake and
then enjoy that later. I cut through to the other side because
I thought I wanted to make more room to work in but then I realized it would
leave a gap so I went ahead and pushed it back together again. You could just
cut straight through and then separate the cakes. I’ve seen people do it that
way but I wanted the cake to look like a regular normal cake but with the flowers
cascading out of the slice. Buttercream the insides and then smooth your cake as
much as you can. The border is a double reverse scroll with another layer piped
over it which I will link to at the end of the video, Swiss dots are very pretty
for a valentine cake design.Use a small round tip. I think this is the number 3
or 5 I’m not sure but you can use any round tip that you want to use for this. This is a Russian tip which makes a very
pretty little tulip. Fill it with yellow and pink buttercream. Try to get the
yellow in the center and the pink around so you can have the yellow centers which
looks really cool. Then fill in the gaps and the bottom of the platter here
with a where the slice was taken out with regular buttercream then start to
fill with the tulips. You can add quite a bit of plain butter
cream before piping the flowers in fact I should have added more but what I did
instead was I just layered the tulips on top of each other, but you’d be better
off just putting more buttercream in there first and then putting the tulips
on top of it. With the Russian tips you need to wipe them occasionally because
they get really messy and it results in a very mushy flower. So just give that a
wipe once in a while and then you’ll have much better luck getting a nice
clean tulip. Touch the tip to the buttercream then squeeze and then pull
up and release. I do have a very detailed tutorial on using the Russian tips. Links
at the end of the video for you and also in the box below. Once you’re happy with
a cascade you can pipe the leaves around the flowers. Sprinkles add a nice little extra
festive look I just happen to have some pink and green ones that matched
perfectly. Enjoy your cake with a glass of champagne for a perfect ending to
your Valentine celebration. Check out Rosie’s golden heart cake and
my new dance channel dance with Lorelie If you want to learn how to belly dance
then join me for a weekly lesson. Thanks for watching and see you in the next
video 🙂

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  1. I absolutely LOVE this cake!! What a wonderful idea! I think this idea could work really well for a special Mother's Day cake also!

  2. This is such a beautiful cake design and I love the way the Russian icing tips make the flowers. However I bought a large set of Russian piping tips and I've never had much success with them, But after seeing this cake design I'm going to have to get them out again and do more practicing. Still poring over the pages of your book I think this weekend I'm going to try out the coconut cake recipe it just sounds so delicious. Happy caking!

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