Spider-Man 2: The Importance of Chocolate Cake (Video Essay)

Spider-Man 2: The Importance of Chocolate Cake (Video Essay)

Hey Everyone! My voice sounds like a depressed asshole,
so I’m gonna get my girlfriend Nathalie to do the voice over for this video. So please enjoy, rate, comment, subscribe
and donate to the patreon because I’m poor. So when you think Spider-Man 2, what do you
think of? This? This? Probably This. Yeah thought so, but every time I sit down
and go into the deep dark place we call Alex’s brain, I think chocolate cake. Come in. Hi. Hi. Um, would you like a piece of chocolate cake? So you’re probably thinking “What? Why should I give a damn?” NOOOOOO
I saw somebody, on some message forum, somewhere on the internet ask. And that’s fucking it. Well Zelda_Fan19, I’m here to explain it. Pete, no, it can’t be. The entire movie up until this point Peter
gets shit on, literally, well not literally, but kinda, just watch. I’m not paying for those. I need this job! You’re Fired. Look just give me another chance! Parker, hello, you’re fired! Why? Here kiddo, Happy Birthday, you need it more
than I do. You know all I got is the 20 for the rest
of the week. Sorry doesn’t pay the rent. Isn’t that right? Huh Brother?! AHHHHH
See you get it, Peter Parker life sucks, that’s the stable on any good Spider-Man story. Peter is at his lowest here, his character
has lost his last lifeline by attempting to be noble and tell Aunt May the truth. I’ve tried to tell you so many times. So at his lowest point he gives the audience
a bit of the typical Parker, tell the audience how he’s feeling kinda dialogue. Wait Wait Stop! When I say expository dialogue, I don’t mean
that in a bad way, but that doesn’t mean it can’t be terrible sometimes, it definitely
can be. Just look at this. This is Katana, she’s got my back. She can cut all you in half with one sword
stroke, just like mowing the lawn. I would advise not getting killed by her,
her sword traps the souls of it’s victims. Throughout most, if not all, Spidey comics,
we see Pete’s thoughts. And the line… “Am I not supposed to have what I want? What I need?” Sounds like it’s straight from the comics,
another wonderful touch for Sargent, or Chabon, Sorry, or Gough and Millar. Sargent wrote the screenplay so we will stick
with him. So at his lowest point Peter questions… Am I not supposed to have what I want? What I need? What am I supposed to do? And then almost as the answer to his question,
Ursla comes in. I shouldn’t have without knocking. Come in. Hi. Hi. Um, would you like a piece of chocolate cake? Ok. And a glass of Milk? Remember when I said pretty much everyone
and everything shits on Peter? You could even say life is pretty MEAN to
him. It’s almost like Peter hasn’t experience something,
what’s the word I’m looking for? That would be nice. Yeah, nice. Thank You.

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  1. Wait… are we supposed to believe $20 goes anywhere toward paying Peter's rent? He does live in Manhattan, right?

  2. I don’t like Aunt May’s reaction to Peter’s confession. I feel like she would have said something more uplifting or comfort her nephew in his lowest state. Not do what she did in this film. It felt off for me.

  3. I don’t like Aunt May’s reaction to Peter’s confession. I feel like she would have said something more uplifting or comfort her nephew in his lowest state. Not do what she did in this film. It felt off for me.

  4. At first I thought the Title was a Joke but then looking deeper it makes the Chocolate Cake scene all the more important to the Story

  5. Maybe i'm late but that could also relate to the fact that all of the things that is shitting on Peter is about being an adult more or less. So having a sweet little desert kinda brings the innocence and kind world of the child back. Just for a moment,to take a little break. That's one of the reason i found that scene was pretty good.

  6. I always thought about that scene as Peter asking what am I suppose to do and the answer being he CAN have his cake and eat it too.
    He can be both Peter and Spider-Man.

  7. I don’t think peter knows what he’s in for with MJ. She was a narcissist who only cared about herself. She’s got father issues. I mean Jesus, what did John Jameson do to her to deserve being left at the alter without so much as a goodbye in person? I kind of liked her character in SM1 when they had some chemistry in the back yard scenes, but after that it was a train wreck. Plus she led on Harry, and rejected Flash after he proposed to her on graduation. Bruh she’s a piece of work . One of those “girl/guy falls in love with person for thing that makes them stand out (being a superhero for Pete/being a macho bully for Flash/being rich and successful for Harry) immediately wants person to stop doing said thing as soon as they are in a relationship.” That’s some toxic shit. As gross as he was Norman had some good points about her at that Thanksgiving scene.

  8. She's always giving Peter cookies and cake instead of Manipulative toying and selfish behaviour from MJ (Mary Jane, Not Michael Jackson)

  9. I feel like everything works out in the end for no reason whatsoever after the whole movie being bad to peter the movie is just like "hey no never mind everything just worked out yay"

  10. This scene makes me well up every single time and no McU movie has done that, and I love those but they don’t have simple scenes like this

  11. Exactly. You can see that at first, she only wanted to give him the message she had in hand, but she saw that Peter was kinda down/sad/depressed, so for her, what was more important was to comfort him. That's why she's offering him a piece of chocolate cake and a glass of milk, just something human that could comfort and make feel good anybody (she didn't even ask him to tell her what's wrong), actions are often more important than words. She even, towards the end, almost forgot to hand him the message she first wanted to give him, cuz making him feel better took all the importance. That was really sweet, a good and simple moment (it allowed Peter to catch a break, and us too as an audience) and it proved him that there are still good people out there and reminded him why he has to be Spider-Man.
    Raimi really gave importance to small details like this, Props.

  12. "When I think of Spider-Man 2, I think of?…"

    "The Greatest Superhero Movie of All time."

    That's my opinion and a lot of other people's opinions too. Have a nice night, or day.

  13. When I think of Spider-Man 2 the first thing I think of is that scene where the extras on the New York train pull Peter back into the car and set him down

  14. Spiderman 2- chocolate cake
    The amazing spiderman- chocolate milk
    Both films very different yet has the same heroes and one is superior to the other but if there is one thing clear

    Spidey loves his chocolates

  15. 2:15 in the vid it's 4:18 in the morning got up for a glass of water and watched this and I swore you said Ant-Man he decides to tell antman

  16. Then in the scene right after this we get Aunt May’s positive message about heroes. That’s what I think about in Spider-Man 2

  17. I thought that was a lovely scene. It broke up some of the dreariness. Seemingly small acts of thoughtfulness can be potent tonics.

  18. I am thinking imagine if ursula know Peter is actualy spider man and the hi is só Nice to Peter because of that remenber that his clothes is Always in a wardrobe so imagine if one time hes enter is hes room and see the spider man suit

  19. Aunt May's speech about what it means to be a hero in Spider-Man 2 is the best scene i've ever watched in any film period. It's stuck with me every day and has helped me to be a selfless and better man in general. It's everything I love about superheros and superhero movies. I wish people would appreciate that scene more

  20. Basing on this logic, I would love to see fight between Joker and Spider-Man, as the Joker says all it takes for someone to go mad is to have one bad day, BUT, Spider-Man’s everyday life is full of bad days so why doesn’t he goes nuts?

  21. Spider-Man 2 is a masterclass in storytelling and is the spiritual successor to the critically acclaimed First person shooter papas pizzería for the ground breaking technology that was the virtual boy.

  22. When I think of Spider-Man 2, I think of the characters, the villain, the web-slinging, the action, the score by Danny Elfman and…..https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=TRgdA9_FsXM

  23. even just the snippets thrown in between commentary make me feel more than any current superhero movie does

  24. I dont know if you know this Hi-Top films, but I come here every other week or so and watch this. It reminds me that my life isn't so full of shit and keeps me living and hoping that things will get better for me, no matter how much shit gets thrown my way. Eventhough everything has been taken from me from my phone, wallet,my girl and the passing of my best friend, this vid makes me believe there's still hope. And for that I thank you.

  25. Duuude, i just couldnt forget this scene since i seen this movie as a child, and since them i never understood why. Thanks for this awsome simple explanation!

  26. I low key as a kid was hoping Peter would be with Ursula. She’s such a sweet person and is a reminder that good people do exist in what us humans think is a cynical shitty world. All it takes is one small warm light to brighten up a dark cold room. Ursula is that light. Who would have thought a very small side almost extra character could leave such a big Impact on a film so grand as this. But that’s what makes it a Spider-Man film, it’s about Peter and the people of New York and his interactions with those people, not Spider-Man himself. Spider-Man is a beacon of hope, Peter is the one who Operates that beacon.

  27. the little scene is so important to the story and I'm kind of surprised there are people like Zelda_Fan who, despite the slow pace of the scene which gives you, you know, AMPLE TIME TO THINK ABOUT WHY IT'S THERE, get irritated at its presence, like it's an interruption instead of part of the arc. ("Nice" was a good word but all I could think of, that no one gave him until Ursla, was "kindness.") Great vid and thanks for posting.

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