Soul Cake Recipe for Halloween & More (2019) RockinRaffi Ep. 62

Soul Cake Recipe for Halloween & More (2019) RockinRaffi Ep. 62

Oh welcome my precious feasts you are
watching another year in episode of Count Raffulas home cooking and I
promise you today’s episode will be filled with soul
ah last Halloween if you weren’t around then you must have not seen my previous
episode of the Halloween special last year which was the pumpkin oak box and
if you have not seen it yet I advise you at the end of this video to go watch
that we are still in fall which is my favorite season of the year well why
because the Sun Goes Down a lot sooner I can come out and play a lot earlier than
before I had a chance to fly around the entire world and I was able to go to
Britain and there I found the most delicious little thing called so cake so
cakes are little small round cakes that the British like to call soul cakes but
for me I think it’s more of a cookie but hey I do not want to make any enemies
today so we will stick with what they have so okay the history of these little
soul cakes are phenomenal and if you don’t mind I’m gonna tell you a little
story about them these delicate trees are made during the All Hallows tide
which includes Hallows Eve All Saints Day and All Souls Day it’s to
commemorate the death may be me but I’m alive so the world is commemorating
Count Dracula but it is also to commemorate the Saints
in the martyrs and the faithful departed Christians traditionally these cakes are
referred to as souls and given to the children and the poor who go from door
to door knocking with prayer songs and soul cakes in exchange the children
promised to pray for the souls of the deceased relatives of
giver of that song cake during the month of November in the Philippines and
Portugal they practice this tradition up to today they drape themselves in white
clothing to represent a soul and that’s how the trick-or-treat was originated
see these treats are made for 31st of October through the 2nd of November it
all started when I can remember when I was a young little boy
the year was 1565 what a good year that was I remember my mummy took me in threw
me out the window and said lie like an truffula and I did and I enjoyed it
ah the memory you might be wondering what on earth is a small cake because
you probably have never heard of it before imagine this if you hear and you
take a score and you take a biscuit and you put them together and you end up
with some soul this is lots of so Kiki’s parents allow your children to
participate in making these scrumptious spiced tasty treats in the kitchen with
you which brings me to having to talk to my assistant
I have Igor to help me prepare and get all the ingredients for me let me see
even Igor where are you going miss ah you are back there you are you got all
the ingredients that we need oh but they do not have raisins why not we could
what well we could take great did they have grapes because we could take grapes
and drive under the Sun oh yeah we can try them under the Sun because I get a
skin rash it’s ok we don’t want to do that
but you did get something else we are going to substitute the raisins with
something that cannot wait to see without further ado if you’re ready I’m
ready it’s time we make some folks pre-heat
your oven to 375 degrees use an electric mixer and clean 12 tablespoons of butter
and 3/4 cup of sugar together until smooth fluffy and pale like me ah beat
in three egg yolks but only one at a time sift on top of the butter mixture 2 and
a quarter cups of all-purpose flour 1 teaspoon of nutmeg 1 teaspoon of
allspice and 1 teaspoon of cinnamon now all the ingredients we are using is all
organic because the doctor did the physical on me and said I’m getting too
old so I need to start eating healthy and so again now stir in enough milk we
used about three tablespoons to make the dough little softer similar to scones
soul cakes are originally made with currants but I am going to change this
recipe because Igor could not find any dried raisins but evils idea was to use
something that resembles my favorite color which is red so we will be using
dried cranberries to resemble red and now I’m getting thirsty Oh back to the
shop knead the dough well together you roll it out on a flat surface using
a rolling pin and then using biscuit or cookie cutter and place on top of a
baking tray with parchment paper before placing this in the other go ahead and
use a sharp knife and mark each cake with a cross going from edge to edge now
place it in the oven for about 15 minutes or until golden brown cool on wire rack and you can eat these
delicious souls for up to five days ah and here they are finally I get to feast
on one of these delicious you can make a simple and lovely tree for afternoon tea
time and no stalling is required for this one to enjoy
leave the sowing to me instead the smell of the soul cake is like nothing I’ve
ever smelled before it has infused my entire cast I can’t
wait to take a bite of this soul cake the suspense is killing me
ah ah ah ah because there are no preservatives you can store this in a
tight container for up to 5 days let’s go ahead and dive in because I’m ready
to sink my fangs and here is to solve it the cinnamon and spices that we used
very well together it is exactly as described like a score that meets a
biscuit stop get a little bit crunchy and I am so glad we use cranberries
because it’s not between my teeth I don’t like that when I go to my victims
they say you smell like raisin bran it was me a little bit sweeter that was so
good but but now yegor yegor every year you interrupt me while I’m you see that
I’m doing a show you interrupt me Oh Frankie oh we go just informed me that
Frankie just woke up he’s my new pet I know nickname maybe never heard of it
his name is Frankenstein but I must go attend him maybe we can introduce him to
the new term solving and we’ll go door to door and move cattle scare other
people ah I must attend Frankie right now but for those of you who are here do
not forget to like subscribe comment down below share with your friends and
family and that little bell that you see click on that fail and you will be
notified when my next scrumptious treats will be available for you to watch that
goes way back at my childhood it’s called soul cake it goes something like
this a soul cake a song cake please good miss
just as a soul cake an apple a pear a plum or cherry anything good to make us
all marry a soul cake a soul cake miss Yusa soul cake one for Peter and two for
Paul and three for him that made us all and until next time

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  1. Haha. This was great Raffi . Count Raffula . 😂 .those soul cakes look yummy. Never had them before. Would like to try them. Happy Halloween to you sir. Very fun episode. Big like

  2. I loved everything about this: informative, fun, very cool Halloween decor, delicious looking soul cakes, and one sexy looking Count Raffula! 😍😛 And Happy Halloween to you! 🧛‍♂️💀😁

  3. WOOOOOOOOWWWWW very entertaining! Very funny! Loved watching it I will definitely share your video and try to make it myself for Halloween this year. Looks scrumptious! I have never heard about Soul Cake before. Thank you so much for the history.

  4. Awesome Halloween 🎃 episode Raffi I can tell you definitely go all out for Halloween 👻 it shows in your excitement
    The soul cakes or cookies are amazing love the slow mo of the sifting flour great video my friend
    I think these soul cakes will go perfect with a good cappuccino

  5. Wow now that's Soul…cool. I never knew thanks for the history lesson and bringing back Count Rafulla that is an awesome character you have I watched lasts years episode as well and it was great. You should have been picked up by Food Network. You'll be amazing for them. None the less great job on an award winning episode.

  6. I love when you become a vampire. It's my annual treat from your channel. I love that you tied in the history lesson with Vamps age and the recipe I will have to try this recipe. You are a natural at what you do and entertaining everyone. It shows you have a passion for baking and want to make people laugh. Thank you for another excellent episode.

  7. LOL!! count rafula is entertaining!! you remember 1565 ahhaha!! that was a good year!! nice history on this soul cake!! Looks good! great video brother!

  8. Count Rafulla's back. What a performance I love these soul cakes makes me wanna make them. it looks simple enough. I will get my wife to make them so I can eat them. Great job again on another year. Happy Halloween.

  9. Another great video. I cant wait for my kids to get home. I know they will love this video and enjoy making it with me. Thank you for the entertainment and history lesson.

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