soft to ~edgy~ makeup & outfit transformation!

soft to ~edgy~ makeup & outfit transformation!

now you’re probably wondering, Nina, how did we end up in this situation Well, I’ll show you it is so hard to talk with this Well, hello my friends, it’s Nina and I’m not going to look like this for this video Welcome to a soft to edgy transformation edgy was the best word that I could come up with besides egirl I didn’t really want to do an egirl transformation just because I feel like that’s such a 20-19 thing to do. I feel like I’m a little too late to do that in a sense this is sort of an e girl transformation, but I really wanted to focus on just trying to be the opposite of me I’m known, or at least on the internet I’m known to be a soft person It’s weird to describe myself as soft but basically people say I have soft energy and so today I just want to kind of change things up a little bit and become as edgy as possible It’s also going to be more on the lines of grungy I kind of want to go for that more grungy edgy aesthetic this video is not meant to be taken seriously or Not meant to prove a point and it’s not meant to change my personality or my appearance I mean I’m changing my appearance for this video, but I like who I am, I acknowledge that I am a pretty soft person but I just want to change things up a little bit and surprise myself But we’re going to say goodbye to normal regular Nina in the next clip it’s going to be the next day, no makeup We’re going to do the transformation okay bye! Okay, my friends it is transformation time Let’s get this done as you can see I have no makeup on I actually already straightened my hair because I’m not about to add that into the video although I do have some clips of me straightening my hair the hair is now straight and I actually have half of my outfit on I have not worn the bottom half of my outfit yet because I’m planning on wearing ripped skinny jeans for this whole edgy look right now I’m just wearing some comfy pants because we’re going to be here for a while but now we’re going to do our makeup I’m going to use the colourpop bare necessities palette. I also bought some falsies. I don’t wear falsies I thought for this video I should at least try to wear these. I’ve only worn falsies like three times in my life I don’t know how this is going to go But hopefully I can put these on and then I’m going to do a bold lip throw on accessories, it’ll be quite the transformation I hope but for now let’s get our face on I already got ready and moisturized I’m going to put on a makeup primer This is the peach c peach glow makeup base i’m going to put this on all over my face Just on my fingers, a good amount. This is going to help our makeup stay make sure your hands are clean My makeup is usually soft and pink or coral-y for today’s makeup. I’m going for a bold smokey look now I’m going to move on to my BB cream This is the only foundation that I have This is the one that I use all the time and I put it on with a Beauty Blender. We got one right here I’m just doing the same face makeup that I usually do we’re going to just blend it all over Yeah, this looks good So anyway, the whole point of this video is I get called soft a lot I’m known as a soft person a soft stan, soft-hearted, all that and the thing is I wasn’t always like this It’s just I guess as I got older and as I discovered more about myself I just naturally became this way but I would say that when I was younger, i was definitely not the same person Also the chair that I’m sitting on creaks a lot this was more of my style back in 2014, 2015 latest but k-beauty definitely had a big influence on me, which changed my style and my makeup style and all that a lot not saying that k-beauty isn’t edgy or whatever But anywho next I’m putting on concealer This is the saem ideal concealer duo in clear beige just putting this wherever I need to so now that we have our concealer on we’re going to blend Where’s my Beauty Blender gonna take the pointy tip and blend this all out So we’re looking a little too pale it’s okay that always happens I always go a little too heavy with the concealer But for now, I’m going to work on my eyebrows. I’m going to only use an eyebrow pencil Usually I use an eyebrow powder and then a pencil but for now I’m just going to focus on making my eyebrows sharp, not too sharp. I’m going to kind of elongate Elongate? you would think that I’m fluent in English, but sometimes I forget words I’m going to try to make my eyebrows longer and thinner here we have my eyebrow pencil It’s a NYX micro brow pencil. Maybe I should brush out my eyebrows first I’m going to just help my eyebrows a little bit give them a little shape then I’m going to draw them out I’m gonna start on the outside first Oh my contact lenses So I drew on my brows to the best of my abilities and we’re going to brush it out So there we have our brows I think they’re bolder than what I usually do so hopefully this should turn out okay but now we’re going to move on to the eyes which I’m terrified about just to be safe i am going to put on eyeshadow primer even though I think the concealer is doing a good job already Here is the colourpop bare necessities palette and look at all the colors I think first I’ll start with tease me It’s this color right here I’ll put this all over my lids just as a base Fall out I’m going to move on to hot gossip. It’s this brown color right here Gonna pile this on Yes. Oh, that’s nice Do not be afraid of the shadow heh, shadow Now I’m gonna take a blending brush and just blend it out so it’s seamless Now I’m going to move on to haute which is the orange brown color this is going to go strictly on my eyelid Ah, yes. Oh, oh, that’s a nice color Then we’re gonna softly blend it out again I’m going to move on to Velveteen. So we’re going basically down then we’re going to go this way. It’s a nice dark brown I’m going to put it on the outer corner of my eye I’m gonna put fuzzy on top of my lids just to brighten up my look a little bit ooh I really like that oh my goodness ooh next I’m going to go with genie which is this gold metallic color And then now I’m going to go with spy glass It’s the black shade right here And that’s going to go on the outer corner. I’m going to get my flat brush the wings actually match yay I’m gonna do my eyeliner first and then falsies This is the stila all day waterproof liquid eyeliner and we’re just going to basically follow the shadow that we created for ourselves Do I curl my lashes first I’m gonna curl them up just a tiny bit Okay, now I’m going to put on these falsies i literally just got them from Target. I’m assuming it’s like this I’m gonna put this one on my right eye this one on my left got some eyelash glue here and we’re going to do this I’m going to trim it just a tiny bit I only have fabric scissors Okay that should be good let’s put on our lash glue Is it on that should be good I’m scared scared that this will go wrong BRB you guys okay I need full focus Okay, I think I put one on I have one on so far I’m gonna put on the other one. this is hard but they stay on pretty nice and I could blink I’m gonna put on my other one. Oh my goodness. I am NOT adding eyelashes to my routine that took too long to do so my eyelashes are on we are moving on to I’m going to actually set my face first using the colourpop the no filter sheer pressed powder in fair I’m going to set my face We want a nice matte look Oh, I have an eyelash on my face Did you make a wish? I am going to put on mascara on my bottom lashes though After I set my face I’m going to put on a very light blush This is the 3ce face blush in nude peach in my regular makeup routine I like to put on a bold pink one for this look we’re going with a nude peach Now next we’re going to move on to the lips I’m gonna go in with the 3ce velvet lip tint in taupe This is a nice red brown color which will go well with our makeup gonna wipe off excess lip balm this is going to change everything, huh? just put it all over Oh my god The lips really make a difference first I’m going to blot it out so it’s nice and soft and then we’ll add more layers This is so strange to me. I’m gonna put on another layer whoa ok this is so new to me I’m gonna put on just the tiniest bit more blush just because all of my makeup’s so strong. This is a look Okay, so this is the finished makeup, I think now that we’ve done our makeup I’m going to do the fun part which is accessorize as you can see I haven’t worn anything yet first I’m going to start with earrings I have this little nice bar set I have three piercings on each ear gonna put this one in the middle piercing get in there there we have one here then I have a small bar I’m gonna put this on my first piercing So there we go. And then finally, I just have a stud I’m going to put it on my third piercing There we go And then for my other ear, I have a safety pin earring I’m going to put this on my first lobe piercing on to the next piercing I have this chain which i’ll put on the second. There we go That looks nice. Then I’m going to put on my last stud I have all of my earrings there they are just kinda adds to my look next is just for fun I have this little broken earring I’m going to use this as a fake lip piercing I don’t have lip piercings but I thought for this look it would just be fun to add it on. here we go There she is it’s not the easiest to talk with but it’s a fun little touch it’s falling out next I’m going to put on necklaces here is a silver rose necklace. I’ll have these necklaces linked down below then another I’m going to layer these necklaces and I have a final really small necklace Just got one little stud on it, gonna put it on I also have this chain you like this chain? three dollars I’m actually not sure how much it costed I think it came with some pants if you got my reference though 馃槈 I’m just for fun going to put this around my neck These are meant to be worn with pants But I don’t have a lot of fun necklaces for this look because clearly I don’t dress like this all the time But I’m just going to put it around my neck kind of like a choker and here is my necklace And this is the final look Well, actually it’s not the final look because I want to put on one colored contact lens should i do that right now? Let’s do it. I’m gonna put on one colored contact lens. I’ll be right back It’s a nice silver color it’s more gray but anyway, I’ll be right back Okay, so if you can tell the difference this lens is gray and then this eye is just my regular contact lens There is a slight color difference. It’s very subtle So if you can’t tell the difference, that’s fine but I can’t see out of this eye The reason why I put one colored classic lens on is because if I put both I can’t see out of both of my eyes This lens doesn’t have a prescription and so I’m only able to see out of this eye with my prescription lenses This has completely no use except for color So I can’t actually see the camera really well right here but we’re making it work But this is the final look I think it looks different from my usual look it kind of does look like an egirl look but I just wanted to go for basically the opposite of me I will also kind of show you my outfit So I have some ripped skinny jeans then I have a mock neck long-sleeve And then I also have an oversized denim jacket. ow this is honestly an outfit that I would still wear but I thought that it would go well with this look am i hardcore yet hArDcOrE I still feel the same :3 Also, I can only see clearly out of one eye so this is all just very difficult So that is it for this transformation This was my transformation from soft to edgy This doesn’t change anything This was all for fun. I like myself I like myself right now I’m not gonna change my personality or anything like that But I just love that you can be whoever you want to be and this is actually really fun to do I hope that this was a good time and that’s gonna be it You will probably see soft Nina back again in the next video But until then, let’s bring it in for a hug Thank you guys for watching and I will see you next time! Goodbye my friends 馃檪 I’m like worried I’m gonna get lipstick on my teeth i can’t even laugh I hope you had a good time and this is about to fall off freedom oh yes Wow the makeup still looks good without lashes too okay, bye-bye 馃檪

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  1. You look so pretty either way what!!!???? My favorite was when you were jungshook about the lipstick 馃ズ馃挅so cute!!!

  2. nina, one minute into the video: "people say i have a soft energy, so i'm doing this."
    me: "yeah no you still exude soft energy"

  3. me: nina still softy babie uwu

    ten seconds later

    nina: HArDcoRe

    me: more like 拾岬兪翅祱岫溼祾食岬 hehe

    also me @ my namjoon photocard: thIs Is ThIs PerSon U ShOulD Be WHiPpEd fOr

  4. I would recommend a good bronzer for ur forehead and cheeks!! I recommend itsallfluff, they have a really nice natural bronzer that u could use without foundation even and I thought it would be perfect for your 鈥榮oft鈥 aesthetic

  5. Seeing as you have a naturally curly/wavy hair, I hope you will try doing the curly girl method soon and share your thoughts with us 馃挄 x

  6. i am an egirl, and yes i can say that the trend has died especially in the u.k. everyone has gone back to being a chav lol

  7. i am straight i am straight i am straight i am straight i am straight i am straight i am straight i am straight i am straight i am straight

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